If You Don't Write Fiction

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R. M. McBride, 1920 - 85 lappuses
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26. lappuse - People think I can teach them style. What stuff it all is ! Have something to say, and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret of style.
81. lappuse - The first duty in this world is for a man to pay his way; when that is quite accomplished, he may plunge into what eccentricity he likes; but emphatically not till then. Till then, he must pay assiduous court to the bourgeois who carries the purse. And if in the course of these capitulations he shall falsify his talent, it can never have been a strong one, and he will have preserved a better thing than talent — character. Or if he be of a mind so independent that he can not stoop to this necessity,...
4. lappuse - Seldom-readers are slow readers, and, without this expedient no one in the company would probably ever travel through the contents of a whole paper. Newspapers always excite curiosity.
9. lappuse - On some men's dures it hammers till it breaks down th' dure an' thin it goes in an' wakes him up if he 's asleep, an' iver aftherward it wurruks fr him as a night-watchman. On other men's dures it knocks an' runs away, an' on th' dures iv some men it knocks an' whin they come out it hits thim over th
67. lappuse - Examine any popular magazine which has a circulation of general readers, speaking to a forum of anywhere from a quarter of a million to ten million assorted readers, and you will find that the non-fiction material which it is most eager to buy may easily be classified into half a dozen types of articles, all concerned with the ruling passions of the average American, as: 1. His job. 2. His hearthstone. 3. His politics. 4. His recreations. ( 5. His health. \ 6. Happenings of national interest.
27. lappuse - The Independent. They all use articles of more or less timeliness, but beyond this one similarity they are no more alike in character than an American, an Irishman, an Englishman, a Welshman and a Scot. Your burning hot news "story" which The Saturday Evening Post turned down may have been rejected because the huge circulation of the Post necessitates that its "copy" go to press six or seven weeks before it appears upon the newsstands.
76. lappuse - Existence to-day without literature would be a failure and a despair; and if we cannot satisfactorily define our art, we at least are aware how it enriches and ennobles the life of every human being who comes within the sphere of its gracious influence.
15. lappuse - The magazine insists that the first paragraph of a manuscript not only catch attention but also sound the keynote of many words to follow, for the "punch" of the magazine story is more often near the end of the article than the beginning.

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