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Enebrad, Leonard, warehouseman, general, WB-6907-05, $1.66 per hour.
Massone, Lawrence W., warehouseman, general, WB-6907-05, $1.66 per hour.
Aguilera, Atanasio G., warehouseman, general, WB-6907-05, $1.65 per hour.
Salindo, Iniego V., warehouseman, general, WB_6907–05, $1.66 per hour.
Sequeira, Edward J., warehouseman, general, WB-6907-05, $1.66 per hour.
Bishop, Zeno D., laborer, WB_3502-03, $1.66 per hour.
Bonilla, Adolpho F., laborer, WB-3502–03, $1.74 per hour.
Contillo, Felix B., laborer, WB-3502–03, $1.58 per hour.
Mack, Roy, laborer, WB_3502–03, $1.66 per hour.


Ivan M. deGarmo, Captain, QMC (01591087), Chief, Salvage Branch Date of birth: 1 December 1918. Education : High-school graduate, 1935. Background: 3 years, farmer; 2 years, apprentice machinist. Military Record :

Drafted in Army 24 February 1941; Fort Snelling, Minnesota.

Promoted PFC, August 1941, Stock Record Clerk, Post QM, Ft. Ord, California.

Promoted Cpl, September 1941, Automotive Stock Record Clerk, Co. E, 58th QM Bn, Stockton Ord Depot.

Promoted to Sgt. T/Sgt and 1st Sgt between 1 September 1941 and 1 May 1942, Co. E, 58th QM Bn, Stockton Ord Depot, California.

1st Sgt to 1 February 1943.

Attended Officers Candidate School, QM, Camp Lee, Virginia, 1 February 1943 to 30 April 1943.

Commissioned 2nd Lt. QMC 30 April 1943.

1 May-1 July 1943, attended Officers Ord Maintenance School, Ft. Crook, Nebraska.

15 July-15 August 1943, served w/377 QM Truck Bn, Ft. Devens, Mass. as a Company truck maintenance officer.

August 1943-June 1945, served as Salvage and Contracting Officer, Sales Officer (Officers Clothing Store), Assistant Depot QM at Boston QM Depot, Boston, Mass.

Promoted to 1st Lt, June 1944.

July and August 1945, attended QM Officer Refresher Course, Camp Lee, Virginia.

Served as Bn Labor Officer (in charge of Philippine civilian labor) and PX Officer for 32nd QM Bn, Batangos, P. I., September-December 1945.

Released from service January 1946, and on terminal leave to 26 March 1946.

Reenlisted at permanent grade M/Sgt 29 March 1946.

Served as First Sgt. at Camp Kilmer, N. J.; Ft. Lawton, Wn; Camp Stoneman, Calif; Ft. Sheridan, Ill; 2nd Logistical Command, Pusan, Korea, between April 1948 to 28 February 1951.

Recommissioned as 1st Lt, 1 March 1951 and assigned as Chief, Movements and Statistics Branch.

(QM Statistician) 8th Army Qm Division, Taegu, Korea, to 1 November 1961.

December 1951 to December 1952 served as QM Supply and Petroleum Officer, 2nd Transportation Major Port, Yokohama, Japan,

February 1953 to May 1953 attended QM Maintenance School, Utah General Depot, Ogden, Utah.

Promoted to Captain 19 May 1953.

Assigned as Salvage Officer (Property Disposal and Contracting Officer) 1 June 1953 to present date.

J. Carl Tremain, Surplus Property Disposal Officer (GS-2080-8) Born 21 August 1880, in Salina, Kansas. Graduated from High School and entered military service, 25 November 1898. Served in Company A, 20th Infantry, honorably and discharged 24 November 1901. Is a disabled veteran, C2517383, and receives $50 per month.

Following military service: Mr. Tremain moved to Stockton, Calif., and began a period of employment with the Holt Manufacturing Company that lasted for 24 years. He became their General Storekeeper and supervised the disposal of all salvage material and the shipping, receiving, and outside selling departments,

In 1923 he was elected Councilman for the City of Stockton, and in 1928 he left his employment with Holt Manufacturing Company to become Stockton's mayor and election officer.

In 1933 he returned to private industry and became Cargo Solicitor and publicity man for the Port of Stockton until 1941. In 1941 he was employed by the Southern Pacific Company in bridge construction work. He left this position to accept employment with the U. S. Government in June 1942.

Mr. Tremain's work assignments in the Federal service have been progressively responsible. Beginning as a Checker CAF-3 he quickly rose to become the Chief, Administrative Assistant (CAF-130–8, $3,310) of the 3986th SCU, 98VC Detachment, Salvage Unit, in November 1945. He has held equivalent positions continuously with the Stockton Subdepot of Benicia Arsenal and currently with Sharpe General Depot.

In April 10, 1947, Mr. Tremain was converted to competitive classified Civil Service Status under Executive Order 9644. Recognition at that time of Mr. Tremain's qualification for the job has been supported by his commendable service to date.

Experience: 14 November 1945 through 7 May 1947, Administrative Assistant CAF-8, Salvage Branch, Benicia Ordnance Depot, Stockton Annex; 8 May 1947 to 10 July 1949, Salvage Officer, CAF-7; 11 July 1949 to 8 June 1952, Salvage Foreman, Grade 13; 9 June 1952 to 5 July 1953, Surplus Property Disposal Assistant, GS–7; 6 July 1953 to date, Surplus Disposal Assistant, GS-8, Salvage Branch, Sharpe General Depot.

Background: WSI Appointment, 4 June 1942 as Senior Checker, CAF-3, Benicia Ordnance Depot, Stockton Annex, through Administrative Assistant, CAF, and General Foreman, Grade 14, from date of appointment 4 June 1942 through 13 November 1945. 14 November 1945 to date, Salvage Officer and Surplus Property Disposal Assistant, Sharpe General Depot. Total Creditable Service (Military and Civilian) 14 years, 5 months.

Claude L. Ivie, Property Disposal Assistant (GS-6) Experience: 22 June 1953 to date, Property Disposal Assistant, GS-6, Salvage Branch, Sharpe General Depot. 3 March 1944 to 16 September 1945, Civilian Chief, Property and Supply Officer, CAF-9, Salvage Branch, McClellan Air Force Base, Sacramento, California. 16 December 1946 to 27 June 1948, Civilian Chief, Property and Supply Officer, CAF-9, McClellan Air Force Base, Sacramento, California.

Background: 9 June 1930 to 4 March 1940 Benicia Arsenal, Benicia, Callfornia ; 5 March 1940 to 10 October 1951, Property and Supply Clerk to Property and Supply Officer, CAF-9, McClellan Air Force Base, Sacramento, California, 12 April 1952 to date, Security Guard and Property Disposal Assistant, GS-6, Sharpe General Depot. Total creditable service (Military and Civilian) 28 years, 7 months.

We have one more question at the other bases we have requested the list of bidders. They tell me that is difficult to get because it is not on addressograph plates. How do you address your bids ?

Captain DEGARMO. It is all done with typewriter. We have a plan formulated to go on addressograph before December 15, 1953. At one time they were on addressograph here, and it was discontinued.

Mr. Balwan. Please provide us with a bidders' list after December 15.

Mr. RIEHLMAN. We appreciate the courtesies extended, and we realize the handicap under which you operated trying to give us this information in the matter of 2 or 3 hours that we had hoped to get in 1 day.

We understand your problem, and our aim is to come up with constructive help.

We are delighted to have the Assistant Secretary of Defense with us on this trip.

We also wish to extend our appreciation to the representative from General Services Administration while on this visit to the west coast.

Secretary Thomas. I found this very interesting and found out a lot of things since surplus disposal is part of our responsibility.

This has been very constructive, and this committee is an expert in the field and has gone a long way to figure out this surplus disposal problem.

I feel that we have a lot of good points. We may be back to see you.

Colonel CLEARWATER. Thank you, gentlemen. We have endeavored to be as helpful as possible, but should you desire any further information please feel free to command me. We will now adjourn for a short tour through the area.

The cars are waiting outside.

In conclusion, let me say that your visit was a welcome, and, I am sure, constructive one, the end result of which will enable us to proceed more surely and effectively upon a most important phase of the Army's business.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

C-18-2. J30-P20. J31. T31-GE3. J31-GE. J31-GE. J34-WE7. J34-WE11. J34W E22 J35-0E717C/9. J35-A25. J47-GEI J47-GES. 0-170-377. 0-170-8. 0-200-1. 0-200-5. EO-225-8. 0-300-11. 0-335-2. 0-425-5. 0-435-1 0-435-C2. 0-435-5. 0-435-7 0-435-15. L-440-1. R-670-5/5A R680-9. R680-11. R680-13. R680-17. R975-15 R985-12B R985-14B. R1340-AN3. R1340-S3H R1340-1. R1340-1A R1310-49. V1650-23. V1650-25. V 1650-3/7/9A V1650-9. V1710-35 V1710-85. V1710-93 V1710-97. V1710-109 V1710-111 V1710–113. V1710-115. V1710-117 V1710-119. V1710-121. V1710-129.

XB-48, XB-47.
XF-96 A.
B-45G, F-86A.
B-45A, F-86A
L-7, L-9, PQ-8.
PQ-14A, B.
L-5A, B, C, E.
T-13, T-31
T-13, T-31
T-13, T-31.
T-13, T-31
AT-6, BC-1A, UC-36B.
F-51, P-60.
P-39, P-400
H-6, 0-20.


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2 64 20 170

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0 64

2 64 20 170


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