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This is not one particular class of equipment. It includes such items as 4 deep-fat fryers, a coffee urn, 1 computing machine, 400 feather pillows of one type and 100 of another type.

It also includes four forklift trucks.
They had an acquisition cost of approximately $1,889,
The bids ranged from $26.17 to $205.
Mr. COTTER. Did it give the year and the model ?

Mr. Morris. They are marked as used, but there is no year given on them.

They are of 2,000-pound capacity forklift trucks. We will see those.

Then there are also some electric ranges on the sale, approximately 105.

Mr. KASTER. I would like to say a few words on electric ranges. They are of no value, that is a range that is incomplete or cannibalized. They are of no value as a scrap item in their present state. To reclaim the scrap


you would have to burn the enamel and also take off the insulation. It is contaminated and it would cut down the price of this regular scrap:

Some of the prices you may think are rather low, but to handle them and burn them and put them on the scrap pile, it would cost quite a bit of money.

Mr. Morris. On three lots of ranges the only bid was $1.02.

Mr. KASTER. And the scrap value is less than one-half cent per pond under present market conditions.

Mr. COTTER. You will undoubtedly accept that bid? ?

Mr. KASTER. I don't know, sir. I reinspect practically every item before it is let out, and it is inspected a second time.

Mr. MORRIS. On sale No. 15, it was mailed out on September 9, 1953, to 319 potential bidders. The bids were opened on September 24. There were 35 bids.

This sale covered a miscellaneous group of scrap, textiles, clothing, athletic goods, canvas bags, and so forth.

Do you have any documents on that? We took no bid figures on that one.

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Sealed bids, istic Flyshimeting Prol subject to the General Sale Terms and Conditions on the reverse hereof, and any special conditions, set forth herein, will be received Bro. Disp. Office, JD, Juffrs nvill., in in until 1:00 o'clock P m..CUST 24 Suptreibur 103

. for purchase and removal of Government-owned property listed below and on continuation sheets numbered pa #KIIKAH 5 thru. 10 iaclusive PLACE WHERE BIDS WILL BE PUBLICLY OPENED Pr spurty Dispos 1 Orrico



OF BIO OPENING Juffroynyilly 1 Dop-t, Juff-rsonvilly, Inainis

P.H. COST 24 1953







Ndry of Units)





This pr purty h..s been scrouno! 06.inst thu kan men dcfensc rcquirchants r tho
Fcrl Gurnunt and is surplus tj 11 kn own roquirom.nts


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CACTION, INSPECT THE PROPERTY The property described herein may be inspected between the hours of 9:00 h.M. and 3:05 P.!!. CUST Mys_thru FrinysBeptu bur thru 23 Steibur

1953, by contacting Pr purty Dispuistic-rJuff-rs will be ut, Jcffurs invilly, Ini.n'.

specil Cin-itions, Pi EN. 3 A bid deposit of 20 percent of the total amount bid, in the form of postal or express money order, or cashier's or certified check, or such cther form of security as may be acceptable to the contracting officer, made payable to the Treasurer of the United States, must accompany the bid.

Property must be removed by the successful bidder within 20 calendar days after notice of award, unless otherwise specified in the description or in any special condition, time to be computed from the date of mailing or otherwise furnishing said notice. BID

DATE OF BID In compliance with the above invitation, and subject to all the General Sal: Terms and Conditions and any special conditions, the undersigned offers and agrees, is this bid be accepted within.

calendar days (60 calendar days if no period be specified by the bidder) after date of the opening to purchase any or all of the items described herein upon which prices are quoted. at the price set opposite each item. Bid deposit in the amount of $

is enclosed BIDDER REPRESENTS: XXO XXOOLIDE amoxadewotwenderadexx yaxtar X

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Urmator that you mitte rorunch poteger cantor -tis, Pr. 19 Tatiere Shots on the contritt XUXXXXX NAME AND ADDRESS OF BIDDER / Street and sexy ed State)


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1. INSPECTION -- Bidders are invited and urged to inspect the prop. etty to-te sold prior to submitting bids Property will be available for Inspection at the places and times specified in the Invitation. The Gov. ernment will not be obliged to furnish any labor for such purpose In no case will failure to inspect constitute grounds for a claim or for the withdrawal of a bld after opening

2. CONDITION OF PROPERTY,-All property listed herein is offered for sale 'as is" and "where is," and without recourse against the Gov. ernment If it is provided here that the Government shall load, then *where is" mang 10 conveyance at the point ipecified in the Invitation,


description is based on the best available information, but the Government makes no guaranty. warranty, or representation, expressed or implied. As 10 quantity kind, character. quality, weight. bite or description of any of the property or its fitness for any use or purpose and no claim will be considered for allowance or adjustment or for rescission of the sale ta ed upon failure of the property to correspond with the standard expected, this is not a sale by sample,

3. CONSIDERATION OF BIDS -The Government reserves the right to reject any or ali bids, to waive any technical defects in bids, and unlous otherwis.pesified by the Government or by the bidder to accept any one Ilem or group of items in the bid, as my be in the best interest of the Government Unless otherwise specified. hits must be submitted on the basis of the unit specified for the item in the invitation, and bids may be submitted on any or all items. In case of error in the extension of prices in the bid, the unit prices will govern

4. BID GUARANTEE -The bidder agrees that (1) the bid will not be withdrawn within the time specified for acceptance after the opening of bids 160 calendar day fro period be stresined by the bidder), and will during that time remain firm and irrevocable, and that (2) the bidder will pay to the Government the purchase price of the property in accordance with the bid if accepted If a bid deposit is required. the bid must be accomanied by a bid deposit In the event of any default by the

or any failure the bis to comply with all terms and conditions of this contrart, Any deposit mede by the bidder may be applied by the Government to any loss, cost and expense Occasioned to the Government thereby, incluin any loss, CO And expense incurred in selling the property and including any difference between the amount specified in the bitant the amunt for which the Government may well the properly. If the latter acount be less than the former. Deposits accompanyin kids which are not accepted will be returned. Deposits of successful bidders may be applied against the eontract price end upon completion of the contract, any excess of the deposit will be returned to the bidder

& PAYMENT.-Payment of the balance of the purchase price, if a deposit has been made or otherwise of the full purchase price. shall be made by cash, or by certified Check. Clisher's cherk, bank draft, postal or exprea money order payable to the Treasurer of the United

Unless otherwise specified by the Government, payment of the full purchase price, subject to any adjustment for variation in quantity or veight pursuant to Condition No. 8 must be made prior to the date special for removal and prior to delivery of any property If any such adjustment is necessary, the payment must be completed, unless other. Wise perified by the Government, immediately subsequent to adjustment 11 the succesful butler Snits to make full and final payment as herein provided the Government reserves the right upon written notice to the successful biddet. to set or otherwise dispose of any or all of quch property in the Government's Dossession and to charge the loss, if any, to the account of the defaulting bidder The original Purchaser will in no way be released from full compliance with the terms and conditions of the sale by his resale of the property.

& TITLE. -Title to the items of property sold hereunder shall vest in the Purchaset as and when fun and final syment 13 made, unless otherwise specified by the Government, and except that if the contrart provides the loadink will be performed by the Government, title shali not veut until such londing and such DAsment are completer. On all motor vehics and motor-propelled or motor drawn equipment requiring licensing certificate of release, Standard Form 97 for A State certin. cate of title. If such a certificate of title hae been issued to the Governie ment). will be furnished for each such vebicle and piece of equipment.

7. DELIVERY AND REMOVAL OF PROPERTY- The Purchaser shall be entitled to obtain the property upon vesting of title of the property in him unless otherwise specified in the Invitation to Bid. Delivery sha! be at the designated location, and the Purchaser shall remove the property at his experie. The Purchaser shall reimburse the Government for any damar to Government property caused by the removal operations of the Purchaser If the Purchaser fails to repove the property within the specified time, the Government shall have the TIRht to change the Purchaser and colleet upon demand reasonable storage charge if the property is stored on premises owned or controlled by the Government, or store the property elsewhere for the Purchase account, and all costs incident to such storing including handling and moving charges shall be borne and paid by the Purchaser: in Jallion to the forekoin riches the Government may, after the expiration of thirty (30) days after the inte specified for removal, and upon ten (10) days' written notice (calculated from the date of mailing to the Pur chamer (which ten (10) days' written notice may, at the option of the

contracting otheer, be included either partly or wholly in the thirty (36) daya epee.fed above or may be in addition thereto), resell the property, Apply ng the proceeds therefror against the storage and any other costs incurred for purchaser's account. Any details regarding removal of the property as may not be provided for herein, shall be arranged with the contracting officer, which arrangement shall be reduced to writing

. ADJUSTMENT FOR VARIATION IN QUANTITY OR WEIGHT - Any variation between the quantity or wegbe listed for any item and the quantity or weight of such item tendered or delivered to the Purchaser will be adjusted on the basis of the unit price quoted for such item, but no adjustment for such variation will be made where an award jo made on a "price for the lot" basis.

9. WEIGHING. - Where weighing is necessary to determine price here. under the purchaser, unless otherwise provided, shall arrange for, and pay all expenses of weighing material, including all watching charges incurred in case of removal by truck, weighing shall be under the supervision of the Government and, at its option, or (a) Government #cales, or (b) certific sales in the vicinity of the location of the property, or (c) certifiet sales in the vicinity of the Purchaser's establishment or id) other scales scceptable to both parties. When removal is by rail. weighing shall be on railroad track scale, or by other means acceptable to the railroad for freight charge purposes. Government-approved weighing shall govern payment.

10. RISK OF LOSS.-(1) After mailing notice of award, and prior to passage of title to the Purchaser, the Government will be responsible for the care and protection of the property and any 10% damage, or destruction occurring during such period will be adjusted by the con. tracting offeer. (2) After passage of title to the Purchaser, and prior to the date specited for removal, the Government's responsibility will be limited to the exercise of reasonable care for the protection of the proferty (3) After the date specified for removal of the property. all risk of loss, dansage, or destruction from any cause whatsoever shall be borne by the Purchaser.

11. LIMITATION ON GOVERNMENTS LIABILITY.-In any case where liability or the Government to the Purchaape has been established the extreme measure of the Government's liablity shall not in any event. exceed refund of the purchase price of such portion thereof as the Government may have received

12. VERBAL MODIFICATIONS. - Any oral statement by any representative of the Government, modifying or changing any conditions of this contract, is an expression of opinion only and confers no right upon the Purchaser.

13. COVENANT AGAINST CONTINGENT FEES.-Purchaser war. rants that no person or selling egency has been employed or retained to splicit or secure this contract upon an arrement or understanding for

commission, percentage brokerage, or contingent fee, cicepting bona fide employees or bona fide established commercial or selling Agencies maintained by the Purchaser for the purpose of doing business

For breach of this warranty. the Government shall have the right to and this contract without liability or at its option to recover from the Pur. choser the amount of such commission. percentage. brokerage, or contingent fee, in addition to the consideration herein set forth.

14. OFFICIALS NOT TO BENEFIT --No Member of or Delegate to Congress or Resident Commissioner shall be admitted to any sbare or part of this contract or to any benefit that may arise therefrom, unless it be made with a corporation for its general benefit

16. DISPUTES.-Except as otherwise specifcally provided in this contract. all questions of fact Involved in disputes arising under this contract shall be decide by the contracting officer, whose decision upon said facts shall be final and conclusive upon the parties, subject to written appeal by the Purchaser within thirty (30) days to the head o! the department or his duly authorized representative, whose decision on said fasts shall be final and conclusive upon the parties hereto. In the meantime, the Purchaser shall diligently proceed with performance.

16. DEFINITIONS.- (a) The term "head o! the department" as used herein shall mean the head or any assistant herd of the executive departe ment or independent establishment involved, and the term "hin duly authorized representative shall mean any person or persona, other than the contracting officer, Authorised to act for bin, or any board set up in accordance with regulations.

(b) The term "contracting offeer" as used herein hall inclode ble duly appointed successor and his duly authorized representative.

INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS Envelopes containing bids must be sealed and marked in the upper left-hand corner with the name and addren of the bidder, identidcation of the invitation, and the date and hour of opening

Bids should be filled out in ink, indelible penell, or typewriter.

Bidder must abov total amount bid on last sheet on which .bid be entered


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1. Two (2) copies of this invitation are being forwarded to you. If you are interested, mail one (1) copy of your bid completely filled out to this office; retain one (1) copy for your information. Before mailing your bid, check both copies against each other so that you are certain you have an accurate record of your bid. Additional copies will be forwarded to successful bidders for execution in accordance with the original copy.

2. Particular attention is directed to the General Sale Terms and Conditions listed in paragraphs 1 through 16 on page 2, and Special Conditions lettered “A” through “N” on pages 3 and 4. All bids submitted under this invitation must conform in all respects to the terms and conditions specified therein, and any deviation therefrom will be cause for rejection of such bid.

3. Your bid must be made in ink, indelible pencil or typed, and each bid sheet on which a bid is inserted must be signed by the bidder in ink.

4. Initial all corrections or erasures appearing on the bid before mailing to this office.

5. Bid section of page one (1) must be completely filled out. If the bidder is a corporation or partnership, the full name of the firm, the signature of the person authorized to sign, and his full title must be shown. The signature of the person authorized to sign must be written in ink.

6. Submit your bid on the basis of the unit specified in the invitation. If the unit column lists the unit of each submit your bid by each, and if the unit is indicated as lot, bid accordingly.

7. Make certain that the required 20 percent deposit is inclosed in cash, certified check or postal money order. Make your check or money order payable to the "Treasurer of the United States”. The amount of the deposit should appear in the Bid Section of page one.

8. Receipt of bids. Bids must be received in the Property Disposal Office prior to the time and date of opening as shown on page one of the Invitation to Bid. Allow amply time for mail transmittal. Bidders are urged to secure a postal cancellation stamp on envelopes containing their bids indicating the date and hour of mailing thereof. Mail scheduled through the Louisville, Kentucky, Post Office is forwarded to Jeffersonville, Indiana, twice daily.

9. All bidders will be informed of the results of their bids at the earliest possible date.

10. A sample of a properly prepared envelope for mailing your bid is shown on the reverse side of this instruction sheet. Invitations returned to the Property Disposal Officer marked “NO BID” should not be mailed in envelope prepared in accordance with this sample. All correspondents in connection with the Invitation to Bid and resultant sale should be addressed to “Property Disposal Officer, Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot, Jeffersonville, Indiana".

11. Bidders who do not respond to Invitation to Bid mailed to them within three (3) consecutive sales will have their name automatically withdrawn from the mailing list unless they specifically request that their names be retained.

12. Bidders are requested not to remove the sheets attached hereto on which bids are not made, as an Invitation to Bid wherein one or more of the bid sheets are removed will not constitute a complete responsive bid. Address of Bidder

Bidders are cautioned to insure that
sufficient postage has been affixed to bids
transmitted by mail. Since the Govern.
ment is without authority to pay all or
any part of the postage required for
transmission of letters, any bids offered
for delivery by the Post Office Depart-
ment on a "postage due” basis cannot be

Property Disposal Officer
U.S. Army
Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot

Jeffersonville, Indiana
Bid for Sale of Government Material
Invitation No. 12-036-5-54-15
Opening Date

SPECIAL CONDITIONS A. Special Conditions. Special provisions made by the bidder will not be acceptable and will be cause for rejection of bid.

B. Shipping Arrangements. Full arrangements must be made by the successful bidder for all labor involved in the packaging, handling, loading, and for transportation of all material awarded as a result of bids submitted on this Invitation. In cases where shipment of property is to be made via common carrier or is to be released to an agent other than the bidder, the bidder must furnish the Prop erty Disposal Office written authorization to release the property to a common carrier or other agent.

C. Removal of Property. All work connected with the removal of the property awarded on this Invitation will be performed in an orderly manner. The bidder

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