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Section 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight)-Continued.

Name of article

Classed as

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i i iiii!

Compressed gas--
Less dangerous explosive.
Dangerous explosive...

80. 19 Inflammable liquid. Inflammable solid. Poison..

>80. 90 .do... Inflammable liquid.-Relatively safe explosive.-80. 19 Forbidden article. Semihazardous.. Inflammable liquid.

>80. 90 do... Inflammable solid. Inflammable liquid..

High wines (alcohol).
Hydrocarbon gas, liquefied...
Hydrocarbon gas non liquefied.-
Hydrocyanic acid (prussic). (See Acid, hy-

drocyanic.) Hydrogen... Hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen dioxide) con

taining over 7.41 percent (25-volume)

H,02. Hydrogen sulphide... Illuminating projectiles.. Incendiary bombs.. Incendiary grenades.. Incendiary projectiles. Inflammable liquid n. 0. S.Inflammable solid n. 0. S.. Insecticide, dryInsecticide, liquid.. Insecticide, liquid (vermin exterminator) Instantaneous fuse... Iron sponge, as described. Jute... Lacquer.. Lacquer base, liquid. Lacquer base, or lacquer chips, dry--Lacquer base, or lacquer chips, plastic (wet

with alcohol or solvent). Lead azide, as described.Lead azide, wetLead dross, untreated. Lead nitrate.. Lead styphnate, as described.. Lead styphnate, wet... Lead trinitroresorcinate. (See Lead styph

nate.) Leather bleach.. Lime, hot... Lime, unslacked. Liquefied carbon dioxide. Liquefied petroleum gas. Liquefied hydrocarbon gas.Livens projector drums... Low explosives.Magnesium, metallic, powdered. Matches, as described. Matches, book, with other articles Matches, strike-anywhere... Matches, strike-on-box, with other articles.-Match-tipped (self-lighting) cigarettes.-Matches. (See Drugs)

Mercury bichloride.

N. 0. S.-Not otherwise specified.

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Section 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight)-Continued.

Name of article

Classed as

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>80. 19

$80. 90

Dangerous explosive.
Forbidden explosive..
Inflammable liquid.-

Compressed gas.
Corrosive liquid.
Inflammable liquid.
Compressed gas.
Inflammable liquid.
Inflammable solid.

do... doc. See $ 80.107 Poison. Inflammable liquid. Poison... Inflammable liquid. -do.

do... Dangerous explosive. Oxidizing material.

_do.. Poison.. Oxidizing material. Dangerous explosive.. Inflammable liquid.. Inflammable solid. Poison... Compressed gas. Forbidden explosive.. Inflammable solid.. Forbidden article.-Dangerous explosive. Forbidden article.. Dangerous explosive.-. Dangerous explosive. Inflammable liquid Inflammable solid. Compressed gas Semihazardous.. Inflammable liquid.-

80. 19

Mercury fulminate, wet..
Mercury fulminate, dry, as described..
Methanol (wood alcohol)
Methyl acetate.
Methyl chloride..
Mines, explosive. (See Explosive mines.)
Mixed acid..
Mortar stain.
Motion-picture film.
Motion-picture film scrap--
Motion-picture film, old and worn out..
Motion-picture film, toy----
Motion-picture film, unexposed..
Motor-fuel antiknock compound.
Motor fuel n. 0. 8.-
Mustard gas.
Naphtha distillate-
Natural gasoline..
Nickel carbonyl.-
Nitrate of ammonia powders.
Nitrate of soda..
Nitrate of strontia.
Nitro carbo nitrate.
Nitrocellulose, dry-
Nitrocellulose, wet with alcohol or solvent.
Nitrocellulose, wet with water...
Nitroglycerin, liquid..
Nitroguanidine, wet with water..
Nitro mannite, as described.
Nitro mannite, wet...
Nitrosoguanidine, as described.
Nitrosoguanidine, wet..
Nitrostarch, wet with alcohol or solvent-
Nitrostarch, wet with water....
Nitrous oxide.
Oil, described as oil, oil n. 0. 8., petroleum

Oil of vitriol. (See Acid, sulphuric.)
Oil-well cables...
Oxidizing material n. 0. s.
Paint, aluminum, bronzing, or gold.
Paint drier.
Paint, liquid...

N. 0. 8.—Not otherwise specified.

>80. 90

80. 19

>80. 90

80. 19

>80. 90

Semihazardous.. Oxidizing material. Compressed gas.Inflammable liquid.


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Section 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight)--Continued.

Classed as

Beginning at section

Less dangerous explosive- }80. 19 Poison.

80. 90

Forbidden article..

180. 19 Dangerous explosive Inflammable liquid. Oxidizing material. 80. 90


Name of article

Relatively safe explosive - 180. 19

Oxidizing material.
Inflammable liquid.


>80. 90


Paper caps---
Paper cap ammunition.
Paris green.
Pellet powder. (See Black powder.)
Pentaerythrite tetranitrate, as described..
Pentaerythrite tetranitrate, wet..
Perchlorate of ammonia.
Perchlorate of potash..
Percussion caps---
Percussion fuzes.
Permanganate of potash...
Petroleum, crude (crude oil)
Petroleum naphtha.
Phenol. (See Carbolic acid.)
Phosphoric anhydride...
Phosphorus, amorphorus, red.
Phosphorus oxychloride---
Phosphorus pentachloride..
Phosphorus tribromide.
Phosphorus trichloride..
Phosphorus, white or yellow-
Photographic film scrap-
Picric acid.
Picric acid, wet with not less than 10-percent

Pin wheels.
Pistol ammunition, toy-
Poisonous gas n. 0. 8.
Poisonous liquid or gas, D. 0. 8., class A.
Poisonous liquid n. 0. 8., class B.
Poisonous liquid n. 0. 8., class C.
Poisonous solid n. 0. 8., class A..
Poisonous solid n. 0. 8., class B-
Poisonous solid n. 0. 8., class C..
Police grenades, class A.
Police grenades, class C..
Polish, furniture..
Polish, metal, liquid.
Polish, stove, liquid.
Potash, caustic, solution..
Potassium bromate----
Potassium chlorate.....
Potassium, metallic.
Potassium nitrate.
Potassium sulphide----
Projectiles, chemical..
Projectiles, explosive.

N. 0. 8.-Not otherwise specified.

Inflammable solid..

Corrosive liquid...
Inflammable solid.
Corrosive liquid.-

Inflammable solid.

Dangerous explosive.

Inflammable solid..

180. 19

80. 90

!! iii iii


Less dangerous explosive. 80. 19
Compressed gas.

80. 90 Less dangerous explosive. 80. 19 Poison..

docdocdoc.. ..doc--do... -docdo.. do.

$80. 90 Inflammable liquid.

Corrosive liquid.
Oxidizing material.
Inflammable solid
Oxidizing material.
Inflammable solid.
Relatively safe explosive.. 80. 19

80. 90 Dangerous explosive.... 80. 19



Page 915 Relatively safe explosive. Saltpeter..

Section 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight)-Continued.

Name of article

Classed as

Beginning at section

i i

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Compressed gas..---
Prussic acid. (See Acid, hydrocyanic.)
Pyralin scrap-

Inflammable solid.

Inflammable liquid. Pyro sulphuryl chloride.

Corrosive liquid Pyroxylin, nonfibrous, granular, wet with Inflammable liquid. alcohol or solvent.

80.90 Pyroxylin plastic scrap

Inflammable solid. Pyroxylin solution..

Inflammable liquid. Pyroxylin solvent, n. 0.8.

-do... Radio battery chargers..

Corrosive liquid. Radio current supply devices.


Semihazardous Rags, oily or wet, as described.

Forbidden article... Railway fusees, fireworks.

Less dangerous explosive. Railway torpedoes.


$80. 19 Refrigerating machines.

See $ 80.107 Do...

See Š 80.171.

>80. 90 Resinate of cobalt, precipitated..

Inflammable solid. Rifle ammunition..

Relatively safe explosive. 80. 19 Rifle grenades. (See Grenades.) Rifle powder. (See Blackorsmokeless powder.) Road asphalt, liquid.

Inflammable liquid... 80. 90 Roman candles...

Less dangerous explosive. 80. 19 Rough ammoniate tankages, as described.. Forbidden article. Rubber buffings.

Inflammable solid. Rubber cement. (See Cement, rubber.)

>80. 90 Rubber scrap, rubber shoddy, regenerated or ----do--

reclaimed. Rum, denatured.

Inflammable liquid., Safety fuse...

Nonexplosive (See $80,67) 180. 19 Safety squibs...

Oxidizing material.--- 80. 90 Saltpeter, Chili. (See Sodium nitrate.) Salutes...

Less dangerous explosive. Samples, explosives.

80. 19 Sand-loaded bombs...

NonexplosiveSand-loaded projectiles-


Semihazardous. Self-propelled vehicles

See $ 80.107.

80. 90 Shellac, liquid.-

Inflammable liquid. Shells, chemical.

Poison. Shot-gun shells.

Relatively safe explosive. 80. 19 Shrapnel. (See Explosive projectiles.) Silicon chloride..

Corrosive liquid.. Silicon tetrachloride.

- do...

80. 90 Sludge acid.

--do. Small-arms ammunition..

Relatively safe explosive. Small-arms ammunition with explosive bullets. Dangerous explosive... Small-arms primers.

Relatively safe explosive. Smoke bombs...

Dangerous explosive..

80. 19 Smoke generators-

-do--Smoke grenades..

-do... Smoke projectiles...

.-do--Smokeless powder for cannon..

Less dangerous explosive. Smokeless powder for small arms.

docN. 0. S.-Not otherwise specified. Page 916


Section 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight)-Continued.

Name of article

Classed as

Beginning at section

[blocks in formation]

Soda, caustic, solution..
Soda, chlorate of..
Soda, nitrate of.
Soda, nitrite of.
Sodium chlorite..
Sodium hydrosulphite.
Sodium, metallic.
Sodium nitrate.
Sodium peroxide..
Sodium picramate.--
Sodium sulphide.--
Solid projectiles...
Solvent n. 0. 8.--
Spent iron mass, as described.
Spent mixed acid..
Spent oxide, as described.
Spent sulphuric acid..
Spirits of nitroglycerin.-
Sporting ammunition,
Sporting powder. (See Black or smokeless

Squibs, safety or electric...
Stokes mortar projectiles.
Strontium nitrate.
Styphnic acid, wet. (See Trinitroresorcinol,

wet.) Sulphate of lead. Sulphur.. Sulphur chloride.. Sulphur dioxide. Sulphuric acid scrap or waste. Sulphur trioxide... Tankage fertilizers, as described. Tear gas candles.. Tear-gas cartridges Tear gas grenades (see Police grenades, class

C). Tetrazene. (See Guanyl nitrosamino guanyl

Tetryl, dry..
Thallium sulphate.
Time fuzes
Tin bichloride (tetrachloride).
Titanium tetrachloride
Toluol (toluene) -
Torpedoes, explosive. (See Explosive tor-

Toy caps.,
Toy torpedoes.
Tracer fuzes.

N. 0. S.-Not otherwise specified.

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Semihazardous.. Corrosive liquid. Compressed gas

>80. 90 Semihazardous. Corrosive liquid. Forbidden article. Poison.Relatively safe explosive- 80. 19 Poison.


Dangerous explosive.-- 80. 19 Poison.

80. 90 Relatively safe explosive- 80. 19 Corrosive liquid. Inflammable liquid..

>80. 90


Less dangerous explosive.

80. 19 Relatively safe explosive. See $ 80.107.-

80. 90

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