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Sec. 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight). Selection, preparation, inspection General regulations: Freight

of car and certificate 80.1 Purpose and application.

80.49 Certified cars. 80.2 Restrictions.

80.50 Loading in car. 80.3 Specification containers pre

80.51 Mixed loading and storage for.

bidden. scribed. 80.4 Canadian shipments.

80.52 Placard for dangerous explo

sives. 80.5 Import shipments. 80.6 Intermediate shippers and car

80.53 Removal of placards and certifi.

cates after unloading. riers. 80.7 Violations and accidents to be Less dangerous explosives, reported.

Class B 80.8 Car floats, ferries, and like ves- 80.54 Smokeless powder. sels.

80.55 Smokeless powder for cannon. Explosives by freight

80.56 Smokeless powder for small

arms, 80.19 Explosives with other articles.

80.57 Ammunition for cannon without 80.20 Samples of explosives. 80.21 New explosives.

explosive projectiles, or without 80.22 Government shipments.


80.58 Fireworks defined. 80.23 Consignee's name and address on

80.59 Forbidden fireworks. L.C.L. shipments of explosives. 80.24 "Order-notify" and "stop-off”

80.60 Acceptable fireworks. shipments.

80.61 Shipping order and bill of lading 80.25 Shipping days for explosives.

description and certificate for 80.26 Routing of explosives.

less dangerous explosives. 80.27 Damaged, condemned, and leak. 80.62 Car for less dangerous explos

ives; placards. ing shipments of explosives. 80.28 Reused containers.

Relatively safe explosives, Class 80.29 Removal and disposition at des

C, and nonexplosive materials tination.

80.63 Small-arms ammunition. 80.30 Classification of forbidden and 80.64 Primers, percussion caps, fuzes, acceptable explosives.

cordeau detonant, instantaneDangerous explosives, Class A

ous fuse, squibs, igniters, and S0.31 High explosives.

lighters. 80.32 Black powder and low explo- 80.65 Shipping order and bill of lading sives.

description for relatively safe 80.33 Fulminate.

explosives. 80.34 Lead azide.

80.66 Car for relatively safe explo80.35 Diazodinitrophenol.

sives. 80.36 Lead styphnate.

80.67 Nonexplosive material, no 80.37 Tetrazene.

strictions. 80.38 Guanyl nitrosamino guanylidene

Dangerous articles other than hydrazine.

explosives by freight 80.39 Nitrosoguanidine.

80.90 Forbidden and acceptable dan80.40 Nitro mannite:

gerous articles other than ex80.41 Pentaerythrite tetranitrate.

plosives. 80.42 Ammunition for cannon,

80.91 Marking containers for ship80.43 Ammunition for small arms with

ment. explosive bullets.

80.92 Shipping order and bill of lad. 80.44 Chemical ammunition.

ing description. 80.45 Explosive projectiles, bombs, gre 80.93 Shipping orders, label and planades, mines, torpedoes.

card notations. 80.46 Blasting caps.

80.94 Switching ticket. 80.47 Detonating fuzes and boosters. 80.95 Shipping order certificate. 80.48 Shipping orders and bills of lad- 80.96 Empty containers. ing.

80.97 Reused containers



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Sec. 80.98 Specification containers in out

Compressed gases side boxes, barrels, or crates.

80.170 Definition and list. 80.99 Specification containers pre 80.171 Exemptions. scribed.

80.172 General packing requirements 80.100 Tank cars.

for compressed gases. 80.101 Loading. 80.102 Inflammable vapors.

80.173 Special packing requirements 80.103 Report of defective packages and

for compressed gases in cylin

conditions of transportation;

80.174 Qualification and maintenance 80.104 Removal and disposition at des

of cylinders. tination.

80.175 Compressed gases in tank cars. 80.105 Removal of placards after un

80.176 Labels on packages. loading.

80.177 Placards. Inflammable liquids

80.178 Loading. 80.106 Definition and list.

Poisonous articles 80.107 Exemptions.

80.190 Classification. 80.108 General packing requirements, 80.191 Poisonous articles : list. inflammable liquids.

80.192 Exemptions. 80.109 Special packing index,

80.193 General packing requirements 80.110 Containers.

for poisonous gases and liquids, 80.111 Special packing requirements for

Class A. inflammable liquids.

80.194 Containers, poisons Class A. 80.112 Labels on packages.

80.195 Special packing requirements 80.113 Exceptions from labels.

for poisonous gases and liquids, 80.114 Placards.

Class A. 80.115 Unloading tank cars.

80.196 General packing requirements 80.116 Loading.

for poisonous liquids, Class B. Inflammable solids and oxidizing 80.197 Containers, poisonous liquids materials

Class B. 80.130 Definitions and list.

80.198 Special packing requirements 80.131 Exemptions.

for poisonous liquids, Class B. 80.132 General packing requirements 80.199 General packing requirements for inflammable solids and oxi

for poisonous solids, Class B. dizing materials.

80.200 Containers, poisonous solids 80.133 Containers.

Class B. 80.134 Special packing requirements for 80.201 Special packing requirements for inflammable solids and oxidiz

poisonous solids, Class B. ing materials.

80.202 General packing requirements 80.135 Special packing requirements for

for poisonous liquids and solids, inflammable solids and oxidiz

Class C. ing materials, (continued). 80.203 Containers, poisons Class C. 80.136 Labels on packages.

80.204 Special packing requirements for 80.137 Exceptions from labels.

poisonous liquids and solids, 80.138 Placards.

Class C. 80.139 Loading.

80.205 Labels on packages. 80.140 Semihazardous articles.

80.206 Placards. Corrosive liquids

80.207 Cleaning cars of poisons. 80.150 Definition and list.

Regulations applying more par80.151 Exemptions.

ticularly to the carriers of ex80.152 General packing requirements

plosives and other dangerous for corrosive liquids.

articles by freight 80.153 Containers.

80.250 Forbidden explosives. 80.154 Special packing requirements for 80.251 Forbidden articles other than corrosive liquids.

explosives. 80.155 Labels on packages.

80.252 Containers. 80.156 Exceptions from labels.

80.253 Company material. 80.157 Loading.

80.254 Restrictions. 80.158 Placards.

80.255 Shipping days.

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Sec. 80.256 Marking containers for ship. 80.284 Mixed loading and storage for. ment.

bidden. 80.257 Specification containers in out- 80.285 Explosives loaded to prevent inside containers.

jury and avoid transfer. 80.258 Violations.

80.286 Nonagency loading and unload80.259 Canadian shipments.

ing of explosives. 80.260 "Order-Notify" and "Stop-Ofr 80.287 Loading of dangerous articles shipments.

other than explosives.

80.288 Loading matches. 80.261 Routing shipments.

80.289 Loading acids and other corro80.262 Movement to be expedited.

sive liquids and materials. 80.263 Removal and disposition at des- 80.290 Loading cylinders of compressed tination.

gases. 80.264 Shipping orders and bills of lad- 80.291 Loading semihazardous mateing.

rials. 80.265 Shipper's certificate.

80.292 Empty containers. 80.266 Label and placard notations. 80.293 Lights used in handling explo80.267 Switching ticket for explosives.

sives. 80.268 Shipping names for explosives. 80.294 Precautions against inflammable 80.269 Examination of shipping orders

vapors. and packages.

80.295 Handling loaded cars. 80.270 Labels.

80.296 Leaking tank cars. 80.271 Waybills.

80.297 Repairs to tank cars; inflam80.272 Switching ticket for other than

mable vapors. explosives.

80.298 Tank car unloading precautions. 80.273 Cars for dangerous explosives. 80.299 Examination of tank cars with 80.274 Certified car placarded "Explo- lighted lanterns. sives".

80.300 Empty tank cars closed for 80.275 Car magazines.

transportation. 80.276 Cars for less dangerous explo- 80.301 Charcoal fires in transit. sives.

80.302 Leaking packages of acid or poi80.277 Cars for relatively safe explo

son, precautions. sives.

80.303 Inspection of cars at interchange 80.278 Placards.

points. 80.279 Placards must be standard. 80.304 Inspection of loaded tank cars. 80.280 Application of placards.

80.305 In case of a wreck. 80.281 Handling explosives and other 80.306 Removal of placards after undangerous articles.

loading. 80.282 Disposition of damaged or astray 80.307 "Dangerous-Empty" placard. shipments.

80.308 Handling by electric railways 80.283 Loading in car.

and motor cars.


Customs regulation prohibiting the warehousing of explosives: See Customs

Duties, 19 CFR 6.30. Examination of explosives in the appraisement procedure of the Bureau of

Customs : See Customs Duties, 19 CFR 122. Exportation of foreign merchandise of explosive substance, its transportation

in bond and forwarding procedure: See Customs Duties, 19 CFR 16.34. National Munitions Control Board regulations relating to international traffic

in arms and ammunition: See National Defense, 32 CFR Part 1. Regulations of the Bureau of Mines relating to the enforcement of the law

regulating the manufacture, distribution, storage, use or ossessid of ex

plosives and their ingredients: See National Defense, 32 CFR Part 301. Requirements of the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation to be met by

tank vessels carrying inflammable liquids: See Shipping, 46 CFR Part 31. Special sale by customs officials of unclaimed explosives imported into the

United States : See Customs Duties, 19 CFR 18.8.

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Section 80.0 Dangerous articles list (freight).

Name of article

Classed as

Beginning at section

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Inflammable liquid.. Acetaldehyde. Acetyl chloride

Corrosive liquid. Acetylene..

Compressed gasAcid carboy8, empty, as described..

Forbidden article.. Acid, chlorosulphonic.

Corrosive liquid. Acid, electrolyte - Acid, formic.. Acid, hydrocyanic (prussic).

Poison. Acid, hydrocyanic, solutions.

do. Acid, hydriodic.

Corrosive liquid. Acid, hydrobromic.


180. 90 Acid, hydrochloric (muriatic).

do... Acid, hydrofluoric.

do.. Acid, hydrofluosilicic..

.do.. Acid, nitrating (mixed acid).

.do... Acid, nitrio..

--do--Acid, sludge.-

--do.... Acid, spent sulphuric.

--do.... Acid, spent mixed.

do... Acid, sulphuric (oil of vitriol)

--do...ed Acid sulphuric, in fire extinguishers.

Aeroplane bombs. (See Bombs.)
Aeroplane flares..

Less dangerous explosive-/ 80. 19 Air, compressed.

Compressed gas. Alcohol...

Inflammable liquid. Alcohol, denatured.. Alcohol, wood (methanol). Semihazardous.

80. 90 Alfalfa feed.. Alkaline corrosive liquids.

Corrosive liquid.. Ammonium nitrate...

Oxidizing material. Ammonium perchlorate. Ammonium picrate.

Dangerous explosive Ammunition for cannon.

do... Ammunition for cannon with chemical pro- -doc

jectiles. Ammunition for cannon with empty projec- Less dangerous explosive.

tiles. Ammunition for cannon with explosive pro- Dangerous explosive.---

jectiles. Ammunition for cannon with incendiary pro-

80. 19 jectiles. Ammunition for cannon with gas projectiles.- do.-.-. Ammunition for cannon with sand-loaded Less dangerous explosive.

Ammunition for cannon with smoke projec- Dangerous explosive---

Ammunition for cannon with solid projectiles. Less dangerous explosive.
Ammunition for cannon without projectiles.- do.
Ammunition for small arms with explosive

bullets. (See Small-arms ammunition.)

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