The Golem, Methuselah, and Shylock: Plays

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Theater 61 Press, 2005 - 196 lappuses
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Edward Einhorn blends absurdist humor with philosophy in these critically acclaimed plays about legendary Jewish figures. Golem Stories retells an old Kabalistic legend. It's a ghost story and a love story, about a childlike clay man who may be a demon inside. In The Living Methuselah, the oldest living man survives every disaster is human history, with the help of his wife Serach, the oldest living woman. But when a doctor tells him he will only live until the end of the play, will this be his final curtain? To find the title character of A Shylock, Jacob Levy interrogates every character in The Merchant of Venice, but oddly Hamlet may know the most-although this Hamlet is a woman. And in One-Eyed Moses and the Churning Red Sea, Rabbi Tzipporah Finestein dreams Moses is a pirate captain, but what do the dreams mean? Two congregants hold the key.

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Par autoru (2005)

Edward Einhorn is the author of Paradox in Oz and The Living House of Oz (Hungry Tiger Press), the upcoming picture book A Very Improbable Story (Charlesbridge) and numerous plays produced in New York. He also serves as the Artistic Director of Untitled Theater Company #61. He was the curator of Untitled Theater's 24/7 Festival and their Ionesco Festival (the first-ever complete festival of Ionescos plays). He recently directed and co-wrote the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway play Fairy Tales of the Absurd, which the New York Times called "almost unbearably funny." Information about his theater and his other publications is available at

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