A Classical Tour Through Italy: An. MDCCCII

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J. Mawman, 1817

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366. lappuse - Mantua me genuit : Calabri rapuere : tenet nunc Parthenope : cecini pascua, rura, duces.
40. lappuse - Classic dress, and the work is rather to be attributed to the end of the fifth, or the beginning of the sixth, century.
35. lappuse - ... pontiff at the expense of the Church and country. The palaces of these fortunate nephews are the most costly monuments of elegance and servitude: the perfect arts of architecture, painting, and sculpture have been prostituted in their service; and their galleries and gardens are decorated with the most precious works of antiquity which taste or vanity has prompted them to collect.
217. lappuse - Lucus erat, quem medium ex opaco specu fons perenni rigabat aqua. Quo quia se persaepe Numa sine arbitris velut ad congressum deae inferebat, Camenis eum lucum sacravit, quod earum ibi concilia cum coniuge sua Egeria essent.
78. lappuse - Zozimus, &c.) and is justly considered as one of the best models that now exist of the original form of Christian churches. It has frequently been repaired and decorated, but always with a religious respect for its primitive shape and fashion. In front of it is a court with galleries, supported by eighteen granite pillars and paved with pieces of shattered marbles, among which I observed, several fragments of beautiful Verde antico.
29. lappuse - Juli jugera pauca Martialis, Hortis Hesperidum beatiora, Longo Janiculi jugo recumbunt. Lati collibus imminent recessus ; Et planus modico tumore vertex Coelo perfruitur sereniore : Et, curvas nebula tegente valles, Solus luce nitet peculiari: Puris leniter admoventur astris Celsae culmina delicata villae. Hinc septem dominos videre monies, Et totam licet aestimare Romam.
136. lappuse - The high altar stands under the dome, and thus as it is the most important, so it becomes the most striking object. In order to add to its relief and give it all its majesty, according to the ancient custom still retained in the patriarchal churches at Rome, and in most of the cathedrals in Italy, a lofty canopy rises above it, and forms «n intermediate break or repose for the eye between it and the immensity of the dome above.
132. lappuse - obelisk, of one solid piece of granite, ascends to the height of one hundred and thirty feet ; two perpetual fountains, one on each side, play in the air, and fall in sheets round the basins of porphyry that receive them. — Before him, raised on three successive flights of marble steps, extending four hundred feet in length, and towering to the elevation of one hundred and eighty, he beholds the majestic front of the Basilica itself. This front is supported by a single row of Corinthian pillars...
170. lappuse - Lord be always with you," and returns to his throne, while the choir sing thrice the devout address to the Saviour, taken from the gospel, " Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.
69. lappuse - Rome two sets of antiquities, the Christian and the heathen. The former, though of a fresher date, are so embroiled with fable and legend, that one receives but little satisfaction from searching into them. The other give a great deal of pleasure to such as have met with them before in ancient authors; for a man who is in Rome can scarce see an object that does not call to mind a piece of a Latin poet or historian. Among the remains of old Rome, the grandeur of the commonwealth shows itself chiefly...

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