Advances in Data Mining - Theoretical Aspects and Applications: 7th Industrial Conference, ICDM 2007, Leipzig, Germany, July 14-18, 2007, Proceedings

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Petra Perner
Springer, 2007. gada 18. aug. - 356 lappuses
ICDM / MLDM Medaillie (limited edition) Meissner Porcellan, the “White Gold” of King August the Strongest of Saxonia ICDM 2007 was the seventh event in the Industrial Conference on Data Mining series and was held in Leipzig ( For this edition the Program Committee received 96 submissions from 24 countries (see Fig. 1). After the peer-review process, we accepted 25 high-quality papers for oral presentation that are included in this proceedings book. The topics range from aspects of classification and prediction, clustering, Web mining, data mining in medicine, applications of data mining, time series and frequent pattern mining, and association rule mining. Germany 9,30% 4,17% China 9,30% 1,04% 6,98% 3,13% South Korea Czech Republic 6,98% 3,13% USA 6,98% 2,08% 4,65% 2,08% UK Portugal 4,65% 2,08% Iran 4,65% 2,08% India 4,65% 2,08% Brazil 4,65% 1,04% Hungary 4,65% 1,04% Mexico 4,65% 1,04% Finland 2,33% 1,04% Ireland 2,33% 1,04% Slovenia 2,33% 1,04% France 2,33% 1,04% Israel 2,33% 1,04% Spain 2,33% 1,04% Greece 2,33% 1,04% Italy 2,33% 1,04% Sweden 2,33% 1,04% Netherlands 2,33% 1,04% Malaysia 2,33% 1,04% Turkey 2,33% 1,04% Fig. 1. Distribution of papers among countries Twelve papers were selected for poster presentations that are published in the ICDM Poster Proceedings Volume.

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Case Based Reasoning and the Search for Knowledge
Subsets More Representative Than Random Ones
Concepts for Novelty Detection and Handling Based on a CaseBased Reasoning Process Scheme
An Efficient Algorithm for InstanceBased Learning on Data Streams
Softening the Margin in Discrete SVM
A New Method and Comparative Study in the Application of Face Recognition System
Outlier Detection with Streaming Dyadic Decomposition
VISRED Numerical Data Mining with Linear and Nonlinear Techniques
A Case Study
Combining Traditional and NeuralBased Techniques for Ink Feed Control in a Newspaper Printing Press
A Case Study for Detection of Emotions in Speech
Neural Business Control System
A Framework for Discovering and Analyzing Changing Customer Segments
Collaborative Filtering Using Electrical Resistance Network Models
Visual Query and Exploration System for Temporal Relational Database
Towards an Online ImageBased Tree Taxonomy

Clustering by Random Projections
Lightweight Clustering Technique for Distributed Data Mining Applications
Statistical and RuleBased Approach
Improved IR in Cohesion Model for Link Detection System
Improving a StateoftheArt Named Entity Recognition System Using the World Wide Web
A CaseBased Reasoning System to Explain Exceptional Dialysis Patients
The Role of Prototypical Cases in Biomedical CaseBased Reasoning
Distributed Generative Data Mining
PrivacyPreserving Discovery of Frequent Patterns in Time Series
Efficient Non Linear Time Series Prediction Using Non Linear Signal Analysis and Neural Networks in Chaotic Diode Resonator Circuits
Using Disjunctions in Association Mining
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