Developments in Aging

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103. lappuse - Act to promote employment of older persons based on their ability rather than age; to prohibit arbitrary age discrimination in employment; to help employers and workers find ways of meeting problems arising from the impact of age on employment.
402. lappuse - Act" means Title V, Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, as amended. "ACYF" means the Administration for Children, Youth and Families in the Department of Health and Human Services, and includes regional staff. "Commissioner" means the Commissioner for Children, Youth and Families.
93. lappuse - A benefit plan will be considered in compliance with the statute where the actual amount of payment made, or cost incurred, in behalf of an older worker is equal to that made or incurred in behalf of a younger worker, even though the older worker may thereby receive a lesser amount of benefits or insurance coverage.
101. lappuse - It shall not be unlawful for an employer, employment agency, or labor organization — ( 1 ) to take any action otherwise prohibited under subsections (a), (b), (c), or (e) of this section where age is a bona fide occupational qualification reasonably necessary to the normal operation of the particular business, or where the differentiation is based on reasonable factors other than age...
228. lappuse - ... (1) part-time or intermittent nursing care provided by or under the supervision of a registered professional nurse...
iv. lappuse - Senate; (2) to employ personnel; and 29 (3) with the prior consent of the Government department or agency concerned and the Committee on Rules and Administration, to use on a reimbursable, or nonreimbursable, basis the services of personnel of any such department or agency.
313. lappuse - Commissioner which shall not be less than a per annum rate that is one-quarter of 1 percentage point above the average annual interest rate on all interest-bearing obligations of the United States forming a part of the public debt as computed at the end of the preceding fiscal year...
418. lappuse - It Is hereby declared to be the national policy that elderly and handicapped persons have the same right as other persons to utilize mass transportation facilities and services ; that special efforts shall be made in the planning and design of mass transportation facilities and services so that the availability to elderly and handicapped persons of mass transportation, which they can effectively utilize, will be assured...
169. lappuse - August 21, 1996, under Federal or State law, in connection with the delivery of a health care item or service or...

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