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A. Bill to Regulate the Immigration of Aliens to, and the residence of Aliens in the United States, passed by Congress, February 5, 1917.

B. A Comprehensive Immigration Policy and Program by Dr. Sidney L. Gulick.

C. Mann Law for Regulating the Harboring and Importation of Women for Immoral Purposes.

D. Webb Law.


I. Present political condition of foreign-born male employees.

2. Ability to speak English.

3. Literacy of workers.

4. Visits abroad made by foreign-born male employees.

5. Occupations abroad of foreign-born male employees.

6. Congestion in industrial localities.

7. Congestion in large cities.

8. Location of wives of foreign-born husbands. 9. Industrial distribution of immigrant wage


10. Weekly earnings of workers according to sex, age, race, and industry.

11. Weekly and daily earnings of industrial workers according to race and age.

12. Family income of industrial workers.

13. Sources of family income of industrial work


14. Period of residence in the United States of foreign-born industrial workers.

15. Affiliation with trade-unions of foreign-born workmen.

16. Contract laborers debarred and deported.

17. Statistical review of immigration.

18. Sex, age, and length of residence of emigrant aliens departed. Fiscal year, 1912.

19. Aliens debarred and deported, 1892-1917.

20. Sex, age, literacy, and financial condition of non-immigrant aliens admitted during the fiscal year 1912.

21. Immigration to Canada.

22. Distribution of aliens by Federal Bureau of Immigration.

23. Oriental immigration.

24. Nativity and country of birth of farmers in the United States by geographical divisions.

25. Nativity of the white population of the United States, 1850-1910.

26. Per cent. distribution of the population in 1910 by class and by geographic division.

27. Nativity and parentage of population of cities of 100,000 or more in the United States, 1900 and 1910.

28. Number and per cent. of foreign-born population of the United States, according to geographical origin and country of birth, 1910. 29. Foreign-born population of the United States by principal countries of birth, 1900 and 1910 (Diagram).

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