Public Documents of Massachusetts, 35-45. izdevums

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Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1892

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38. lappuse - Said directors shall hold office one-third for one year, one-third for two years, and one-third for three years, from the...
61. lappuse - The difference in the rate of compensation shall be based both on the pecuniary value of the work performed, and also on the willingness, industry and good conduct of such prisoner...
54. lappuse - That eight hours shall constitute a day's work for all laborers, workmen, and mechanics now employed, or who may hereafter be employed, by or on behalf of the Government of the United States ; and that all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act be, and the same are hereby, repealed.
227. lappuse - Straw and Palm Leaf Goods. Tallow, Candles, Soap, and Grease. Tobacco, Snuff, and Cigars. Toys and Games (Children's). Trunks and Valises. Whips, Lashes, and Stocks. Wooden Goods.
80. lappuse - When the gas of any company is found on three consecutive inspections to give less light than fifteen standard English candles, or to contain more than twenty grains of sulphur or ten grains of ammonia per hundred cubic feet of gas, or...
221. lappuse - ... city or town shall, if such person, firm or corporation shall elect to sell and shall comply with the provisions of this act, purchase of such person, firm or corporation before establishing a public plant such portion of his, their or its gas or electric plant and property suitable and used for such business in connection therewith as lies within the limits of such city or town.
24. lappuse - Any city or town may, under the limitations of this act, construct, purchase, lease or establish, and maintain within its limits one or more plants for the manufacture or distribution of gas or electricity for furnishing light for municipal use, and for the use of such of its inhabitants as may require and pay for the same as herein provided.
17. lappuse - ... it advisable, investigate the cause or causes of such controversy and ascertain which party thereto is mainly responsible or blameworthy for the existence or continuance of the same, and may make and publish a report finding such cause or causes and assigning such responsibility or blame. The board shall have the same powers for the foregoing purposes as are given it by section three of this act.
38. lappuse - ... declines further service, or, from change of residence or otherwise, becomes unable to attend to the duties of the Board, the remaining members shall, in writing, give notice of the fact to the selectmen of the town, or to the Mayor and Aldermen of the city, and the two Boards shall thereupon, after giving public notice of at least one week, proceed to fill such vacancy ; and a majority of the ballots of persons entitled to vote shall be necessary to an election.
222. lappuse - Such value shall be estimated without enhancement on account of future earning capacity, or good jvill, or of exclusive privileges derived from rights in the public streets.

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