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Section 202. Licenses to and ownership of certain vessels by certain Indians

not citizens__

Section 203. "Home port" of vessel of United States: Place of documen-

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Section 224. Cancellation of invalid certificate of registry.

Section 225. Endorsement of change of master on certificate of registry-

Section 226. Oath as requisite to obtain record of vessel owned by alien__
Section 227. Form of certificate of record__.

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of owners or consignees to be given

Section 250. Prosecution and recovery of penalties and forfeitures and

discretionary destruction of forfeited vessels...

Section 251. Wrecked vessels may be registered or enrolled in certain


Section 252. Vessels purchased, chartered, or leased from the Secretary of


Section 253. Documentation to be denied vessels not complying with
inspection laws__

Section 254. Vessels exempt from documentation__

Section 255. Documentation of vessels owned by corporations; documenta-
tion anew on death of president or secretary-

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Section 525. Property wrecked on Florida coast-

Section 526. Licenses for wrecking on Florida coast__

Section 604. Fishing in territorial waters and taking of Continental Shelf
fishery resources by foreign vessels prohibited; exceptions_.

Section 605. Same: Penalties for violation....

Section 606. Same: Enforcement..

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Section 711. Same: Inspection and examination of vessels; reports___.
Section 712. Vessels carrying steerage passengers from U.S. ports; denial
of clearance__

Section 713. Fines and penalties as liens on vessel; recovery-


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