Manual of the Labor Laws Enforced by the Department of Labor and Industries: November, 1921

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Wright & Potter, printing Company, state printers, 1921 - 110 lappuses

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71. lappuse - No person shall be excused from attending and testifying or from producing documentary evidence before the commission or in obedience to the subpoena of the commission on the ground or for the reason that the testimony or evidence, documentary or otherwise, required of him may tend to criminate him or subject him to a penalty or forfeiture.
24. lappuse - Every such employment certificate shall be signed, in the presence of the officer issuing the same, by the child in whose name it is issued.
80. lappuse - Before operating on Sunday, every employer shall post in a conspicuous place on the premises a schedule containing a list of his employees who are required or allowed to work on Sunday and designating the day of rest for each, and shall file a copy of such schedule with the commissioner of labor.
38. lappuse - Every employer shall post in a conspicuous place, in every room where such persons are employed, a printed notice stating the number of hours...
22. lappuse - A duly attested transcript of the birth certificate filed according to law with a registrar of vital statistics, or other officer charged with the duty of recording births, which certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the age of such child.
21. lappuse - An age and schooling certificate shall be approved only by the superintendent of schools or by a person authorized by him in writing...
24. lappuse - English grammar and geography and is familiar with the fundamental operations of arithmetic up to and including fractions. Such school record shall also give the age and residence of the child as shown on the records of the school and the name of its parent or guardian or custodian.
46. lappuse - ... gases, vapors, dust or other impurities generated in the course of the manufacturing process or handicraft carried on therein that may be injurious to health.
30. lappuse - ... or upon any vessel or boat engaged in navigation or commerce within the jurisdiction of this state.
83. lappuse - Commonwealth, involving an employer and his present or past employees, if at the time he is employing, or up to the occurrence of the strike or lockout was employing, not less than twenty-five persons in the same general line of business in any city or town in...

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