State Programs for Delivering Title XX Social Services to Supplemental Security Income Beneficiaries Can be Improved: Report to the Congress

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General Accounting Office, 1979 - 62 lappuses

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3. lappuse - ... (1) secure and maintain maximum independence and dignity in a home environment for older persons capable of self-care with appropriate supportive services; and "(2) remove individual and social barriers to economic and personal independence for older persons. "DEFINITIONS "SEC. 302. For purposes of this title — "(1) The term 'social services...
2. lappuse - XX must be directed to at least one of these five goals: to help people become or remain economically self-supporting; to help people become or remain selfsufficient (able to take care of themselves); to protect children and adults who cannot protect themselves from abuse, neglect, and exploitation and to help families stay together; to prevent and reduce Inappropriate Institutional care as much as possible by making home and community services available...
59. lappuse - Services to meet health needs. Services to meet health needs mean services provided for the purpose of assisting eligible persons to attain and retain as favorable a condition of health as possible by helping them to identify and understand their health needs and to secure and utilize necessary medical treatment as well as preventive and health maintenance services including services in medical emergencies.
31. lappuse - Titles III and VII of the Older Americans Act and Title XX of the Social Security Act provide clear evidence of the inequities inherent in these in-kind programs.
32. lappuse - Commissioner may prescribe by regulation and which — "(1) provides that the State agency will evaluate the need for social services within the State and determine the extent to which existing public or private programs meet such need ; "(2) provides for the use of such methods of administration...
59. lappuse - ... setting for purposes of personal care and to promote social, health and emotional wellbeing through opportunities for companionship, self-education, satisfying leisure time activities and other educational, health support or rehabilitative services.
59. lappuse - Day care services. Day care services means services provided during the day to eligible persons in a protective setting approved by the State agency for purposes of personal care and to promote their social, health, and emotional wellbeing through opportunities for companionship, self-education and other satisfying leisure time activities. § 222.69 Education services related to consumer protection and money management.
iii. lappuse - ... high-cost hospital services where lower cost alternatives would meet the patient's needs just as well. 1. The Federal Government should encourage group practice prepayment plans by amending title XIX of the Social Security Act to require States to allow medical beneficiaries to use such plans. 2. The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare should encourage the States to use title XIX funds to foster and extend the group practice of medicine. 3. The National Center for Health Services Research...
2. lappuse - Income programs, and to persons whose income does not exceed 115 percent of the State's median income adjusted for family size.
31. lappuse - TITLE III OF THE OLDER AMERICANS ACT Title III of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended, authorizes grants for State and community programs on aging.

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