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tion of the determination of a short title for the various acts. The Secretary has noticed, and the fact has been called to his attention from various sources, that there is a lack of uniformity in the references to the different acts approved by this Conference, by the officers and committees of the Conference. In the language of one communication, referring to the Proceedings of 1913, the writer says: "I note the following variations in the report of the last proceedings (President's Address, page 77; Secretary's Report, page 111), The Sales of Goods Act,'The Sales Act'; 'The Certificate of Stock Act,' 'The Stock Transfer Act'; 'The Probate of Foreign Wills Act,' 'Act Relating to Wills Executed Without the State.""

Some of the acts approved and recommended by the Conference do not provide a short title by which they are to be cited. The acts which do not provide in the act for a short title are: "An Act Regulating Annulment of Marriage and Divorce." "An Act Relative to Wills Executed Without this State, and to Promote Uniformity among the States in that Respect."

"An Act Relating to Desertion and Non-Support of Wife by Husband, or of Children by Either Father or Mother, and Providing Punishment Therefor; and to Promote Uniformity Between the States in Reference Thereto."

"An Act Relating to and Regulating Marriage and Marriage Licenses; and to Promote Uniformity Between the States in Reference Thereto."

"An Act on the Subject of Marriages in Another State or Country in Evasion or Violation of the Laws of the State of Domicile."

"An Act to Make Uniform the Law of Acknowledgments to Deeds or Other Instruments Taken Outside the United States."

In passing it may be proper to suggest that uniformity in citation, by the Conference, of acts approved by the Conference is very much to be desired. It would also facilitate reference if we could adopt some uniform short title for the acts just mentioned, the titles to some of which are very long.

Uniform Negotiable Instruments Act........

Uniform Sales Act......

The following acts have been approved by the Conference and recommended for adoption to the different states on the dates and to be cited under the titles hereinafter stated respectively:

.Approved August, 1896.

.Approved August, 1906.

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.Approved August, 1909.
.Approved August, 1909.

Uniform Stock Transfer Act.

An Act Relating to Desertion and Non-Support of Wife by Husband, or of Children by Either Father or Mother, and Providing Punishment Therefor; and to Promote Uniformity Between the States in Reference Thereto

.Approved August, 1910.

An Act Relative to Wills Executed Without the State and to Promote Uniformity Among the States in that Respect.........Approved August, 1911. An Act Relating to and Regulating Marriage and Marriage Licenses; and to Promote Uniformity Between the States in Reference Thereto

Uniform Child Labor Law....

An Act On the Subject of Marriages in
Another State or Country in Evasion or
Violation of the Laws of the State of Domi-

An Act to Make Uniform the Law of Acknowl-
ments to Deeds or Other Instruments

.Approved August, 1911.
.Approved August, 1911.

.Approved August, 1912.

Taken Outside the United States........ Approved October, 1914. Uniform Partnership Act.....

Uniform Cold Storage Act..

Uniform Workmen's Compensation Act..

.Approved October, 1914.

.Approved October, 1914.

. Approved October, 1914.

This makes fifteen acts approved by the Conference and recommended for adoption. The Secretary has prepared the following table to show the jurisdictions which have adopted the various acts approved and recommended by the Conference.

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The following table summarizes the foregoing table and shows how many jurisdictions have adopted and how many have not adopted the various acts approved and recommended by this Conference:

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Uniform Workmen's Compensation Act.... 1

An examination of this table shows that no act approved by this Conference and recommended by it for adoption has been adopted by all the jurisdictions of the United States; that some of the acts which were approved some years ago have been adopted in none of the states; that there are sufficient acts approved and jurisdictions which have not adopted them to afford a broad field for the work of this Conference; that no state has adopted every act approved by the Conference, so that the commissioners from every state may have something to work on at home.

A successful campaign for the adoption by all jurisdictions of the acts already approved would do more to promote uniformity than the continued approval by this Conference of acts, even on important subjects, with no following campaign to secure their enactment into law in the different jurisdictions.

The acts approved by this Conference are unquestionably prepared with greater skill, care and ability than most acts ordinarily introduced into state legislatures. The acts which this Conference has approved are the result of careful study and consideration by the committees of this Conference, supplemented by the discussion and consideration of the Conference itself at several sessions during a period of years. To this consideration and discussion is brought the experience of lawyers of ability from all over the country, having in mind the needs and conditions of their respective sections. Acts prepared with such care ought to command the very careful consideration of all fegislators who stop

to consider what is necessary to make good law on the subjects which the Conference have treated. With the record which the Conference now has of acts approved in this manner, and recommended for adoption, we should be able to conduct a campaign that would result in the enactment of a large part of these acts in practically every state, territory and possession of the United States.

During the year Illinois, Wyoming and Maine have passed acts making appropriations to the Conference. Minnesota failed to renew its heretofore very liberal contribution. Wyoming and Nevada passed acts creating a Board of Commissioners for the Promotion of Uniformity of Legislation in the United States. The Governor of Nevada has appointed as one of the commisioners from that state the first woman to be a member of this Conference, Mrs. W. K. Freudenberger, of Carson City.

The National League for the Protection of the Family, in its annual report of the current year, has made some quotations from the reports of the Conference and expresses a desire to co-operate with the Conference in work along the lines in which it is especially interested.

The last printed report shows that the following states, territories and federal districts have appointed commissioners:

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