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An Essay on the Law of Patents for New Inventions, to which are prefixed two chapters on the General History of Monopolies, and on their introduction and progress in England to the time of the interregnum, with an Appendix containing copies of the Caveat, Petition, Oath, and other Formula, with an Arranged Catalogue of all the Patents granted from January 1800 to the present time. Second Edition. By John Dyer Collier. London: 1803. This work consists of 200 pages, large 8vo., with an Appendix of 116 pages.

The Law and Practice of Patents for Inventions. By William Hands, Gent., one of the Solicitors of the Court of Chancery. London : 1808. This is a small volume of 148 pages,

8vo. A Collection of the most Important Cases respecting Patents of Invention, and the Rights of Patentees which have been decided since the Statute for the restriction of Monopolies, followed by some Practical Observations. By John Davies. 1816. This is a work in high estimation, and is often cited in the following trea

tise. It is a volume of 452 pages, large 8vo, 415 of which are occupied by reports of cases, and the remainder by the practical observations of the author.

A Practical Treatise on the Law of Patents for Inventions and of copyright. By Richard Godson. London : 1823. Mr. Godson was the first English author who arranged the Patent Laws

in the form of a methodical digested treatise. His work consists of 452 pages 8vo., 201 of which are occupied by his introduction on the subject of monopolies, and his digest of the jurisprudence on patents. The remainder is occupied with the law of copyright, legal proceedings in patent and copyright cases, and an appendix containing forms, and the


act of 21 James I., c. 3, (1623,) commonly called the Statute of Monopolies.

A Supplement to a Practical Treatise on the Law of Patents for Inventions, with Suggestions of many Alterations in that law, and an Abstract of the Laws in force in America, Spain, Austria, Netherlands and France. By Richard Godson, M. P. Barrister at Law. London : 1832. This publication brings the digest of cases to 1832, and contains some cases not reported elsewhere.

An Analysis of the Law of Patents. By Robert Richard Rankin. London : 1824. This is a small but valuable treatise of 117 pages, 12mo.

A Practical Treatise of the Law of Patents for Inventions. By Edward Holroyd, Esq. Barrister at Law, Commissioner of Bankrupts. London : 1830. This work consists of 219 pages, large 8vo, 188 being text, and 31 of Ap


Repertory of the Arts. London. This periodical gives a list of patents granted, and publishes some of the

Specifications, with occasional reports of patent cases. It will be found to be cited for reports of some of the cases mentioned in the following work.

An Essay on the Law of Patents for New Inventions. By Thomas Green Fessenden, Counsellor at Law. Second Edition. Boston : 1822. This work consists of 425 pages, 8vo., and embraces the English and Amer.

ican decisions down to the time of its publication ; arranged and digested in the order of the Sections of the act of Congress of Feb. 21, 1793. Mr. Fessenden has an interesting introduction of some length on the progress and importance of the useful arts.

Letter to the Secretary of State transmitting a list of all Patents granted by the United States; the Acts of Congress relating thereto, and the decisions of the Courts of the United States under the same. January 13, 1831. This is a report by Doct. Thomas P. Jones, made to the Secretary of State

in pursuance of a resolution of the House of Representatives, April 2, 1830. The author of this report was formerly Superintendant of the Patent Office, and is scientifically and practically skilled in the subject of useful arts and inventions, and familiar with the law and practice on the subject of patents.

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