Annual Report of the New Hampsire State Tax Commission, 7. sējums

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16. lappuse - Gross income" includes gains, profits, and income derived from salaries, wages, or compensation for personal service, of whatever kind and in whatever form paid, or from professions, vocations, trades, businesses, commerce, or sales, or dealings in property, whether real or personal, growing out of the ownership or use of or interest in such property ; also from interest, rent, dividends, securities, or the transaction of any business carried on for gain or profit, or gains or profits and income...
22. lappuse - Gentlemen, it did not happen to me to be born in a log cabin ; but my elder brothers and sisters were born in a log cabin, raised amid the snow-drifts of New Hampshire, at a period so early that, when the smoke first rose from its rude chimney, and curled over the frozen hills, there was no similar evidence of a white man's habitation between it and the settlements on the rivers of Canada.
21. lappuse - If anyone attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot.
7. lappuse - ... incur debts for temporary loans in anticipation of the taxes of the municipal year in which such debts are incurred, and expressly made payable therefrom by such vote, such loans shall be payable within one year after the date of incurrence and shall not be reckoned in determining the authorized limit of indebtedness.
13. lappuse - Art. 6. The public charges of government or any part thereof may be raised by taxation upon polls, estates, and other classes of property, including franchises and property when passing by will or inheritance; and there shall be a valuation of the estates within the state taken anew once in every five years, at least, and as much oftener as the general court shall order.
11. lappuse - A chief justice of the supreme court at one time declared it to be "an anomaly, resting on peculiar grounds of public policy, and is universally understood to have acquired the position of an exception to the constitutional rule of equality.
42. lappuse - I" comprises the States of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and the District of Columbia; (c) "Districts II-IV" means all of the States of the United States except those States within District I and District V; (d) "Districts I-IV...
53. lappuse - SECT. 7. All deposits in savings banks shall be made in the name of the city or town which holds the same in trust, and it shall appear upon the book thereof that the same is a trust fund.
15. lappuse - But the said General Court shall have full power and authority to specially assess, rate and tax growing wood, timber and money at interest including money in savings banks, and to impose and levy taxes on incomes from stock of foreign corporations and money at interest...
52. lappuse - Laws of 1901, shall upon the passage of this act and the election of said board of. trustees immediately pay over to said board the full amount of the trust funds which have been used by it under said law, or deliver to said board of trustees the note of...

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