Lapas attēli

American English American English modeled modelled paynim painim modeler modeller pedler pedlar modeling modelling penciled pencilled mold mould

percarbu- percarbumolt moult


retted mustache moustache perdue perdu mythopeic mythopæic perineum perinæum

peroxid peroxide neighbor neighbour petrolin petroline nephelite nephelin

phagedæna phagedena nilgau nylghau

Phenician Phnician niter nitre

phenix phenix nitery nitry

phosphur- phosphurnitroglycerin nitroglycerine eted.

etted nozle nozzle

piccadilly piccadil

piccaninny pickaninny obi obeah

pickax pickaxe

pilau ocher ochre


Pleiades odor

Pleiads odour offense offence plow

plough omber ombre

poleax poleaxe

polverine orang-utan orang-outang

polverin orcin orcine

pommeled pommelled Orientalize orientalize

porcelanite porcellanite orthopedic orthopædic

postiler postiller ouzel ousel praam

pram oxid oxide

precipe præcipe preeminence pre-eminence

preemption pre-emption pachak putchock

preengage pre-engage paleography palæography preestablish pre-establish paleontology palæontology preexist pre-exist pandour pandoor pretense pretence paneled panelled pretor

prætor paneling panelling program programme paraleipsis paralepsis pronuncia

pronunciaparalyze paralyse mento

miento parceled parcelled propretor proprætor parceling parcelling prothalamion prothalamium parlor parlour protoxid protoxide partizan partisan Puritanize puritanize

American English American English pyroxylin pyroxyline

saltpeter saltpetre

Samson'squadrumane quadruman

post quarreled quarrelled sandaled sandalled quarreling quarrelling Sanhedrin sanhedrim quarterfoil quatrefoil saponin saponine quipu quipo sarlak


sarsenet Sarcenet ragule raguly savior

saviour raja rajah savor

savour rancor

rancour scepter sceptre raveled ravelled

sceptered sceptred raya rayah scurril

scurrile reconnoiter reconnoitre seleniureted seleniuretted reecho

re-echo sentineled sentinelled reelect

re-elect sepulcher sepulchre reenforce reinforce sesquioxid sesquioxide reestablish re-establish sesquisulfid sesquisulreferable referrible

phide régime regime Shakespear. Shakesperregrator regrater


ian remold remould shastra

shaster reremouse rere-mouse sheldapple sheldafle reveled revelied shellac

shell-lac reynard renard


shereef rigor

rigour shinny shinty rime

rhyme shoveled shovelled rivaled rivalled shoveler shoveller rivaling rivalling shriveled shrivelled riveled

rivelled signaled signalled rondo

rondeau signaling signalling roweled rowelled silicious siliceous roweling rowelling sillibub sillabub ruble rouble

simitar scimitar rumor rumour sirup


skeptic sceptic saber sabre

Slavonian Slavonic sabered sabred

smolder smouider salable

saleable sniveler sniveller salmon-peal salmon-peel sobole

soboles saltier saltire somber



American sombering sorbin souslik spahi spanceled specter spicknel splendor spulye spurry squinny stadholder staniel stenciler stoop stoor strokle strychnin styracin subbass succor sufi sulfid sulfureted surquedry sweetbrier swingletree syneresis

English American English sombring terreplein terre-plein sorbine tessellate tesselate suslik

theater theatre spahee Thomism Thomaism spancelled tiffing

tiffin spectre tigerish tigrish spignel timbal

tymbal splendour timbreled timbrelled spuilzie tinseled tinselled spurrey tinseling tinselling squiny titbit

tidbit stadtholder tom-tom tam-tam stannel toweling towelling stenciller trammeled trammelled stoup

tranquilize tranquillize stour

transship tranship strocal traveled travelled strychnia traveler traveller styracine traveling travelling sub-base tribunicial tribunician succour

tricolor tricolour sofi

tridactyl tridactyle sulphide trioxid trioxide sulphuretted trompe tromp surquedrie troweled trowelled sweet-brier tumor

tumour swing-tree tunneled tunnelled synæresis tunneling tunnelling tuyère

tuyere tachylite tweeze

talookdar twibil


udaller taurocoll unappareled unapparelled teasel

unbiased unbiassed teasel

unburden unburthen teaseled unharbor unharbour tegument unmold unmould telluretted unraveler unraveller tellurion uremia



tachylyte talukdar tasseled Tatar taurocol teazel, v. teazel, n. teazeled tegmen tellureted tellurian tercel

American English American English valor

valour werwolf werewolf vapor

vapour whimsy whimsey victualer victualler wivern wyvern vigor vigour woful

woeful vise vice

woolen woollen visualize visualise worshiped worshipped vizor visor

worshiper worshipper voltzite voltzine Wyclifite Wickliffite voweled vowelled wadi wady

xanthophyl xanthophyll Wahabi Wahabee

xyloidin xyloidine wainscoting wainscotting weeviled weevilled zaffer

zaffre welsher welcher zinkiferous zinciferous



A HOMONYM is a word that agrees with another in sound, but differs from it in spelling and meaning. When dictating, care should be taken to distinguish the word required, so as to save correction in manuscript or typewritten matter. Of this class of words the following are typical examples: ail, ale

brake, break corse, coarse, air, ere, heir bread, bred

course aisle, isle

breach, breech coarser, courser all, awl

brows, browze cold, coaled altar, alter calendar, calender coin, coign ante, anti call, caul

compliment, comcanon, cannon plement ascent, assent canvas, canvass core, corps bail, bale cask, casque

coward, cowered baize, bays (pl.), cede, seed crews,cruise,cruse

beys (pl.) ceiling, sealing cue, queue ball, bawl cellar, seller

currants, currents bait, bate

cent, scent, sent dear, deer beach, beech

cere, seer, sere deviser, divisor beau, bow

cereal, serial dew, due beer, bier cession, session

die, dye bight, bite

chagrin, shagreen doe, dough blew, blue choir, quire draft, draught boarder, border choose, chews dust, dost boll, bowl

chord, cord dying, dyeing bough, bow cite, sight, site eaves, eves boy, buoy

clause, claws ewes, yews borough, burrow climb, clime fain, feign

arc, ark

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