Reports of Cases at Law and in Chancery Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Illinois, 26. sējums

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22. lappuse - Massachusetts,, of the second part, witnesseth : That the said party of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar, lawful money of the United States of America, to him in hand paid by the said party of the second part at or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged...
69. lappuse - America, for the payment of which well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.
402. lappuse - Every such action shall be brought by and in the names of the personal representatives of such deceased person, and the amount recovered in every such action shall be for the exclusive benefit of the widow and next of kin of such deceased person, and shall be distributed to such widow and next of kin in the proportion provided by law in relation to the distribution of personal property left by persons dying intestate...
403. lappuse - The measure of damage is not the loss or suffering of the deceased, but the injury resulting from his death to his family.
117. lappuse - A widow shall be endowed of the third part of all the lands whereof her husband was seized of an estate of inheritance, at any time during the marriage, unless the same shall have been relinquished in legal form.
402. lappuse - ... the jury may give such damages as they shall deem a fair and just compensation with reference to the pecuniary injuries, resulting from such death, to the wife and next of kin of such deceased person, not exceeding the sum of five thousand dollars; Provided, That every such action shall be commenced within two years after the death of such person.
403. lappuse - That every such action shall be for the benefit of the wife, husband, parent, and child of the person whose death shall have been so caused...
152. lappuse - In testimony whereof, the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.
361. lappuse - Persons sustaining loss or damage by fire, shall forthwith give notice thereof in writing, to the company. And as soon after as possible, they shall deliver as particular an account of their loss and damage as the nature of the case will admit, signed with their own hands.
79. lappuse - On this.... day of July, AD, 1917, personally appeared before me, a Notary Public, in and for the County of State of Texas, John Jones, known to me to be the person described in and who executed the foregoing instrument and who acknowledged to me that he executed the same freely and voluntarily and for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.

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