A Compendium of Papers Honoring the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Older Americans Act: A Background Paper

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1990 - 152 lappuses

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103. lappuse - CRS assists committees in analyzing legislative proposals and issues, and in assessing the possible effects of these proposals and their alternatives. The Service's senior specialists and subject analysts are also available for personal consultations in their respective fields of expertise.
46. lappuse - American Association of Retired Persons 1909 K Street, NW Washington, DC 20049 (202) 728-11729 American Association of Retired Persons 1909 K.
111. lappuse - ... Commissioner, Office of Family Services, Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Within the last 15 months two United States Presidents and both Houses of Congress have called for a White House Conference on Aging to be held in 1971. The Joint Resolution of the Congress authorized the President to call a White House Conference on Aging in 1971 ". . . in order to develop recommendations for further research and action in the field of aging, which will further the policies...
54. lappuse - ... secure and maintain maximum independence and dignity in a home environment for older persons capable of self-care with appropriate supportive services; and "(2) remove individual and social barriers to economic and personal independence for older persons.
103. lappuse - The Congressional Research Service works exclusively for the Congress, conducting research, analyzing legislation, and providing information at the request of committees, Members, and their staffs.
48. lappuse - Nation are entitled to. and it is the joint and several duty and responsibility of the governments of the United States and of the several States and their political subdivisions to assist our older people to secure equal opportunity to the full and free enjoyment of the following objectives : (1) An adequate income in retirement in accordance with the American standard of living.
30. lappuse - Defense, because their history with respect to human subjects research policy is less well known than that of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (now the Department of Health and Human Services).

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