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1, 2005) to provisions of law in this publication, see the United States Code Classification Tables published by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the House of Representatives at


Table of Contents

Part I. Common Carrier Regulation

201 Service and Charges

202 Discrimination and Preferences

203 Schedules of Charges

204 Hearing as to Lawfulness of New Charges; Suspension

205 Commission Authorized To Prescribe Just and Reasonable Charges

206 Liability of Carriers for Damages

207 Recovery of Damages

208 Complaints to the Commission

209 Orders for Payment of Money

210 Franks and Passes

211 Copies of Contracts To Be Filed

212 Interlocking Directorates—Officials Dealing in Securities

213 Valuation of Carrier Property

214 Extension of Lines

215 Transactions Relating to Services, Equipment, and So Forth

216 Application of Act to Receivers and Trustees

217 Liability of Carrier for Acts and Omissions of Agents

218 Inquiries Into Management

219 Annual and Other Reports

220 Accounts, Records, and Memoranda; Depreciation Charges

221 Special Provisions Relating to Telephone Companies

222 Privacy of Customer Information

223 Obscene or Harassing Telephone Calls in the District of Columbia or

in Interstate or Foreign Communications

224 Regulation of Pole Attachments

225 Telecommunications Services for Hearing-Impaired an Speech-

Impaired Individuals

226 Telephone Operator Services

227 Restrictions on the Use of Telephone Equipment

228 Regulation of Carrier Offering of Pay-Per-Call Services

229 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act Compliance

230 Protection for Private Blocking and Screening of Offensive Material

231 Restriction of Access by Minors to Materials Commercially Distrib-

uted by Means of World Wide Web That Are Harmful to Minors

Title III—Special Provisions Relating to Radio

Part I. General Provisions

301 License for Radio Communication or Transmission of Energy

302 Devices Which Interfere with Radio Reception

303 General Powers of Commission

304 Waiver by Licensee

305 Government-Owned Stations

306 Foreign Ships

307 Allocation of Facilities; Term of Licenses

308 Applications for Licenses; Conditions in License for Foreign

Communication .....

309 Action upon Applications; Form of and Conditions Attached to


310 Limitation on Holding and Transfer of Licenses

311 Special Requirements with Respect to Certain Applications in the

Broadcasting Service

312 Administrative Sanctions

313 Application of Antitrust Laws; Refusal of Licenses and Permits in

Certain Cases

314 Preservation of Competition in Commerce

315 Facilities for Candidates for Public Office

316 Modification by Commission of Construction Permits or Licenses

317 Announcement with Respect to Certain Matter Broadcast

318 Operation of Transmitting Apparatus

319 Construction Permits ...

320 Designation of Stations Liable to Interfere with Distress Signals

321 Distress Signals and Communications

322 Intercommunication in Mobile Service

323 Interference between Government and Commercial Stations

324 Use of Minimum Power

325 False Distress Signals; Rebroadcasting; Studios of Foreign Stations

326 Censorship; Indecent Language

327 Use of Naval Stations for Commercial Messages

329 Administration of Radio Laws in Territories and Possessions

330 Prohibition against Shipment of Certain Television Receivers

331 Very High Frequency Stations and AM Radio Stations

332 Mobile Services

333 Willful or Malicious Interference

334 Limitation on Revision of Equal Employment Opportunity



Assistance for Demonstration Projects

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