Nomination of Norman P. Mason: Hearing, Eighty-third Congress, Second Session, on the Nomination of Norman P. Mason to be Federal Housing Commissioner, July 21, 1954

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32. lappuse - Defense, the Secretary of the Army, the Secretary of the Navy, and the Secretary of the Air Force...
34. lappuse - CHANGES IN EXISTING LAW In compliance with subsection (4) of rule XXIX of the Standing Rules of the Senate, changes in existing law made by the bill, as reported, are shown as follows (existing law proposed to be omitted is enclosed in black brackets, new matter is printed in italic, existing law in which no change is proposed is shown in roman...
30. lappuse - Administrator, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, at the time the mortgage was offered for insurance, but not to exceed 3 per centum per annum...
30. lappuse - They shall be paid out of the fund, which shall be primarily liable therefor, and they shall be fully and unconditionally guaranteed as to principal and interest by the United States, and such guaranty shall be expressed on the face of the debentures.
29. lappuse - ... all claims thereunder; (4) any balance of the mortgage loan not advanced to the mortgagor; (5) any cash or property held by the mortgagee, or to which it is entitled, as deposits made for the account of the mortgagor and which have not been applied in reduction of the principal of the mortgage indebtedness; and (6) all records, documents, books, papers, and accounts relating to the mortgage transaction.
30. lappuse - Administrator with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, and may be in coupon or registered form. Any difference between the value of the mortgage determined as herein provided and the aggregate face value of the debentures issued, not to exceed $50, shall be adjusted by the payment of cash by the Administrator to the mortgagee from the Defense Fund.
30. lappuse - That in any contract made and entered into by any executive department, independent establishment, or other agency or instrumentality of the United States, or by the District of Columbia...
28. lappuse - ... (c) The Administrator is authorized to fix a premium charge for the insurance of mortgages under this title but in the case of any mortgage such charge shall not be less than an amount equivalent to one-half of 1 per centum per annum nor more than an amount equivalent to 1 per centum per annum of the amount of the principal obligation of the mortgage outstanding at any time, without taking into account delinquent payments or prepayments.
39. lappuse - mortgage' means a first mortgage on real estate, In fee simple, or on a leasehold (1) under a lease for not less than ninety-nine years which is renewable; or (2) under a lease having a period of not less than fifty years to run from the date the mortgage was executed; and the term 'first mortgage...
31. lappuse - Nothing herein shall be construed to exempt the real property of associations from taxation in any state or in any sub-division thereof to the same extent, according to its value, as other real property is taxed.

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