Consultant - Market Yourself: Raise Your Profile and Attract New Business

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Kogan Page Publishers, 2002 - 188 lappuses
Most consultants waste their energy chasing new business instead of building a market profile, which would encourage new business to come to them.

This book will teach consultants to solve that most pressing of problems: how to bring in new business through sound marketing and PR strategies. Expert advice in an approachable, punchy format from experienced consultant Robert Gentle covers every conceivable issue including getting listed in national directories, establishing a media presence, lecturing, writing books and research reports, issuing a newsletter and advertising. Full of tried-and-tested ideas and techniques, this is essential reading for any consultant, whether aspiring or established.


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Par autoru (2002)

Robert Gentle has worked as a communications consultant to blue-chip corporations for over 10 years, specializing in public relations, the rewriting of complex corporate documentation and business writing training (he has run over 100 business writing workshops). An author and conference-speaker with an international profile, he has also appeared on television and radio, and has written regularly for the national press.

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