International High Commission: Message from the President of the United States Transmitting a Report of the United States Section of the International High Commission on the First General Meeting of the Commission, Held at Buenos Aires, April 3-12, 1916 ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1916 - 41 lappuses

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149. lappuse - States at the time of the first publication of his work; or (b) When the foreign state or nation of which such author or proprietor is a citizen or subject grants, either by treaty, convention, agreement, or law, to citizens of the United States the benefit of copyright on substantially the same basis as to its own citizens...
149. lappuse - State or nation is a party to an international agreement which provides for reciprocity in the granting of copyright, by the terms of which agreement the United States may, at its pleasure, become a party thereto...
141. lappuse - An unconditional promise in writing to accept a bill before it is drawn is deemed an actual acceptance in favor of every person who upon the faith thereof, receives the bill for value.
176. lappuse - ... Samples having commercial value shall be provisionally admitted upon giving bond for the payment of lawful duties if they shall not have been withdrawn from the country within a period of six (6) months.
155. lappuse - That the provisions of this title, so far as they secure copyright controlling the parts of instruments serving to reproduce mechanically the musical work, shall include only compositions published and copyrighted after July 1, 1909, and shall not include the works of a foreign Author or composer unless the foreign state or nation of which such author or composer is a citizen or subject grants, either by treaty, convention, agreement, or...
178. lappuse - Washington, who, having mutually exhibited their full powers, which were found to be in due form, have agreed upon the following articles : ARTICLE 1.
155. lappuse - ... to make any arrangement or setting of it or of the melody of it in any system of notation or any form of record in which the thought of an author may be recorded and from which it may be read or reproduced...
153. lappuse - The acknowledgment of a copyright obtained in one State, in conformity with its laws, shall produce its effects of full right in all the other States without the necessity of complying with any other formality, provided always there shall appear in the work a statement that indicates the reservation of the property right.
178. lappuse - ... Japan, The Netherlands and Portugal: Desiring to adopt a policy designed to stabilize conditions in the Far East, to safeguard the rights and interests of China, and to promote intercourse between China and the other Powers upon the basis of equality of opportunity; Have resolved to conclude a treaty for that purpose and to that end have appointed as their respective Plenipotentiaries: The President of the United States of America: Charles Evans Hughes, Henry Cabot Lodge, Oscar W.
117. lappuse - The deposit of a trade-mark in one of the signatory States produces in favor of the depositor a right of priority for the period of six months, so as to enable the depositor to make the deposit in the other States. Therefore the deposit made subsequently and prior to the expiration of this period...

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