Hannah Thurston: A Story of American Life

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G.P. Putnam, 1863 - 464 lappuses
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363. lappuse - Ask me no more. Ask me no more: what answer should I give? I love not hollow cheek or faded eye : Yet, O my friend, I will not have thee die ! Ask me no more, lest I should bid thee live; Ask me no more.
68. lappuse - Independence that all governments derive 'their just powers from the consent of the governed...
200. lappuse - Gathering THE moon's on the lake, and the mist's on the brae, And the clan has a name that is nameless by day, Then gather, gather, gather, Grigalach!
4. lappuse - I perceived peculiarities of development in American life which have escaped the notice of novelists, yet which are strikingly adapted to the purposes of fiction, both in the originality and occasional grotesqueness of their external manifestation, and the deeper questions which lie beneath the surface. I do not, therefore, rest the interest of the book on its slender plot, but on the fidelity with which it represents certain types of character and phases of society (p.
251. lappuse - ... ought to have taught you how to go about these affairs, and not beat you so. Teag. Arra dear honey, I had too much wit of my own to be teached by him, or any body else ; he began to instruct me after that how I should serve the table, and such nasty things as those : one night I took ben a roasted fish in one hand, and a piece of bread in the other; the old gentleman was so saucy he would not take it, and told me 1 should bring nothing to him without a trencher below it.
243. lappuse - Then fill to-night, with hearts as light, To loves as gay and fleeting As bubbles that swim on the beaker's brim, And break on the lips while meeting.
2. lappuse - NEW YORK: D. APPLETON & COMPANY, 200 BROADWAY. MDCCCXLH. V ENTERED, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1842, BY D. APPLETON & COMPANY, in the Clerk's Office of the District Conrt of the United States, for the Southern District of New York.
176. lappuse - His congregation, however, was very slowly brought to view the matter in the same light, and he was too sincerely attached to its members to give up his charge of them while any prospect of success remained. On this occasion, nevertheless — thanks to the zeal of some of hia flock, rather than his own power of wielding the thunderbolts of Terror — Mr.
175. lappuse - The churches in the village undertook their periodical ' revivals ' which absorbed the interest of the community while they lasted. It was not the usual season in Ptolemy for such agitations of the religious atmosphere, but the Methodist clergyman, a very zealous and impassioned speaker, having initiated the movement with great success, the other sects became alarmed lest he should sweep all the repentant sinners of the place into his own fold. As soon as they could obtain help from Tiberius, the...
176. lappuse - Course of Time,' at the litUa bookstore. Two feathers disappeared from the Sunday bonnet of Mrs. Hamilton Bue, and the Misses Smith exchanged, their red ribbons for slate-colored. Still, it was not the habit of the little place to be sombre ; its gayety was never excessive, and hence its serious moods never assumed a penitential character, and soon wore off. In this respect it presented a strong contrast to Mulligansville and Anacreon, both of which communities retained a severe and mournful expression...

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