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25 F.(2d)

Hon. PAUL J. McCORMICK, District Judge, S. D. California

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Boise, Idaho.

Los Angeles, Cal. Hon. EDWARD J. HENNING, District Judge, S. D. California Los Angeles, Cal. Hon. ADOLPHUS F. ST. SURE, District Judge, N. D. California. San Francisco, Cal. Hon. FRANK H. KERRIGAN, District Judge, N. D. California. San Francisco, Cal. Hon. HAROLD LOUDERBACK, District Judge, N. D. California15 San Francisco, Cal. Hon. CHARLES C. CAVANAH, District Judge, Idaho. Hon. GEORGE M. BOURQUIN, District Judge, Montana Hon. CHARLES N. PRAY, District Judge, Montana Hon. EDWARD S. FARRINGTON, District Judge, Nevada1 Hon. FRANK H. NORCROSS, District Judge, Nevada1 Hon. ROBERT S. BEAN, District Judge, Oregon Hon. JOHN H. McNARY, District Judge, Oregon

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Butte, Mont.

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Great Falls, Mont.

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Carson City, Nev.

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Hon. J. STANLEY WEBSTER, District Judge, E. D. Washington. Spokane, Wash. Hon. EDWARD E. CUSHMAN, District Judge, W. D. Washington. Tacoma, Wash. Hon. JEREMIAH NETERER, District Judge, W. D. Washington

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1 Retired under Act Feb. 25, 1919 (28 USCA § 375). 10 Appointed April 17, 1928.

15 Appointed April 17, 1928.

17 Judges of the United States Court of Customs Appeals temporarily assigned to service in this court under act of Congress approved September 14, 1922.

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Bronstein Bros. & Co. v. Societa Anonima Co-op. Fra Lavoratori Del Mare Per L'Esercizio Della Navigazione Con Navigilio Nationale Garibaldi (D. C. N. Y.).. 122 Brotherhood of Ry. & S. S. Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees, Southern Pac. Lines in Texas and Louisiana v. Texas & N. O. R. Co. (D. C. Tex.) Brotherhood of Ry. & S. S. Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees, Southern Pac. Lines in Texas and Louisiana v. Texas & N. O. R. Co. (D. C. Tex.)

Citizenship Status of Minor Children Where Mother Alone Becomes Citizen Through Naturalization, In re (D. C. N. J.)


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Clifton Mfg. Co., Crawford-Austin Mfg.

Co. v. (D. C. Tex.)


Close, Brictson Mfg. Co. v., three cases (C. C. A. Neb.).


Coats v. Barton (C. C. A. Ark.).



Brown v. Rudolph (App. D. C.)


Budzinski, Sun Life Assur. Co. of Canada v. (C. C. A. N. J.).

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Buffalo & Grand Island Ferry Co. v. Williams (C. C. A. N. Y.).

Colgate & Co. v. Procter & Gamble Mfg. Co. (D. C. N. Y.)...



Burch, Watkins v. (C. C. A. Ark.) ..1023
Bures v. Havana Coal Co. (C. C. A. Va.)..1017
Burnett, Tom Ung Chai v. (C. C. A. Ha-

Collegiate World Pub. Co. v. Du Pont Pub. Co. (C. C. A. Ill.).


Columbia Ry.. Gas & Electric Co., In re (D. C. S. C.).



Columbia, The (C. C. A. N. Y.)


Burton, Haas v. (C. C. A. La.).


Columbia, The (D. C. N. Y.)


Business Men's Assur. Co. of America, Benash v. (C. C. A. Neb.)

Commercial Bank & Trust Co. v. Dooly


(C. C. A. Fla.)


Calfee v. Blair (C. C. A.).

[blocks in formation]


California Packing Corporation, Basile v. (C. C. A. Cal.).

Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Kosmerl v. (C. C. A.)..



Callahan, Armour & Co. v. (C. C. A. W.


[blocks in formation]

Cambridge Electric Light Co. v. Atwill (D. C. Mass.).


Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Lavenstein Corporation v. (C. C. A.). Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Wheeling Tile Co. v. (C. C. A.).. Conenaught, The (C. C. Á. N. Y.).





Canavello, McKenzie Engraving Co. v. (C. C. A. N. Y.).


Carbice Corporation of America, American Patents Development Corporation v. (D.

Consolidation Coal Co., Societa Commerciale di Navigazione v. (C. C. A. Va.).... 590 Consolidation Coal Co. v. Yonts (C. C. A.

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C. N. Y.).



Cargo of Steel Rails, Solberg v. (D. C. Mass.)

Continental Ins. Co. of City of New York v. Fortner (C. C. A. Ky.).



Cooper v. American Stores Co. (D. C. Pa.) 916

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