Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering, 21. sējums

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Eugene Franz Roeber, Howard Coon Parmelee
McGraw Hill Company, 1919

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290. lappuse - Congress shall have power to promote the progress of science and the useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries, and to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers.
414. lappuse - New times demand new measures and new men ; The world advances, and in time outgrows The laws that in our father's day were best ; And, doubtless, after us, some purer scheme Will be shaped out by wiser men than we, Made wiser by the steady growth of truth.
98. lappuse - Without the consent of the Attorney-General, no action shall be brought against the Commission or against any member thereof for anything done or omitted in the exercise of his office.
414. lappuse - The time is ripe, and rotten-ripe, for change ; Then let it come : I have no dread of what Is called for by the instinct of mankind; Nor think I that God's world will fall apart, Because we tear a parchment more or less.
146. lappuse - ... producing or preparing to produce, either manganese, chrome, pyrites, or tungsten in compliance with the request or demand of the Department of the Interior, the War Industries Board, the War Trade Board, the Shipping Board, or the Emergency Fleet Corporation to supply the urgent needs of the Nation in the prosecution of the war...
119. lappuse - That on and after the day following the passage of this Act, except as otherwise specially provided for in this Act, there shall be levied, collected, and paid upon all articles when imported from any foreign country into the United States or into any of its possessions (except the Philippine Islands and the islands of Guam and Tutuila...
283. lappuse - Resolved, by the American Federation of Labor in convention assembled, that a broad program of scientific and technical research is of major importance to the national welfare.
431. lappuse - Council for Professional Development, the recognized accrediting body of the engineering profession, composed of representatives of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, the...
228. lappuse - Full information and application blanks may be obtained from the United States Civil Service Commission, Washington, DC, or the secretary of the board of US civil-service examiners at the post office or customhouse in any city.
283. lappuse - Federation is instructed to transmit copies of this resolution to the President of the United States, to the President pro tempore of the Senate, and to the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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