Journal of the Patent Office Society, 2. sējums

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Patent Office Society., 1919

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328. lappuse - enacted "That all applications for patents shall be completed and prepared for examination within two years after the filing of the petition, and In default thereof, they shall be regarded as abandoned by the parties thereto; unless It be shown to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of Patents that the delay was unavoidable."
145. lappuse - therein, if patented, may be used by the Government or any of its officers or employees in the prosecution of work for the Government, or by any other person in the United States, without the payment to him of any royalty thereon, which stipulation shall be included in the patent." A
454. lappuse - 23, 25, 26, 27, and 28 (as to class (b) marks only) of the Act approved February 20, 1905, entitled "An Act to authorize the registration of trade-marks used in commerce with foreign nations or among the several States, or with Indian tribes, and to protect the same," as amended to date, and the provisions of section 2 of
299. lappuse - Statutes, in the Treasury of the United States in such manner as the Secretary of the Treasury shall direct. "SEC. 4936. The Commissioner of Patents is authorized to pay back any sum or sums of money paid to him by any person by mistake or in excess of the fee required by law."
359. lappuse - 91. The application for a reissue must be accompanied by the original patent and an offer to surrender the same, or, if the original be lost, by an affidavit to that effect, and a certified copy of the patent. If a reissue be refused, the original patent will be returned to applicant upon his request.
106. lappuse - No amendment can be made in appealed cases between the filing of the examiner's statement of the grounds of his decision (Rule 135) and the decision of the appellate tribunal. After decision on appeal amendments can only be made as provided in Rule 140, or to carry into effect a recommendation under Rule 139.
553. lappuse - provides that "the complainant shall be entitled to recover In addition to the profits to be accounted for by the defendant, the damages the complainant has sustained thereby, and the Court shall assess the same or cause the same to be assessed under
464. lappuse - Upon the failure of any applicant to make the claim suggested within the time specified, such failure or refusal shall be taken without further action as a disclaimer of the invention covered by the claim, and the issue of the patent to the applicant whose application is in condition for allowance will not be
299. lappuse - 25 cents. "For recording every assignment, agreement, power of attorney, or other paper of three hundred words or under, $1; of over three hundred and under one thousand words, $2; and for each additional thousand words or fraction thereof, $1; for each additional
207. lappuse - in applications for patents for designs are substantially the same as in applications for other patents. Since a design patent gives to the patentee the exclusive right to make, use, and vend articles having the appearance of that disclosed, and since the appearance can be disclosed only by a picture of the article, the claim

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