Parliamentary Papers, 36. sējums

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39. lappuse - And the patent so reissued, together with the corrected description and specification, shall have the same effect and operation in law, on the trial of all actions hereafter commenced for causes subsequently accruing, as though the same had been originally filed in such corrected form, before the issuing of the original patent.
95. lappuse - I mean stock to remain in this country, to the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.
36. lappuse - That any person or persons having discovered or invented any new and useful art, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement on any art, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter...
101. lappuse - File one of said certificates in the clerk's office and file the other for record in the office of the recorder of the county in which the...
65. lappuse - Mechanical Drawing. A Text-book of Geometrical Drawing for the use of Mechanics and Schools, in w.hich the Definitions and Rules of Geometry are familiarly explained; the Practical Problems are arranged from the most simple to the more complex, and in their description technicalities are avoided as much as possible. With illustrations for drawing Plans, Sections, and Elevations of Railways...
101. lappuse - The partners shall publish the terms of the partnership when registered, for at least six weeks immediately after such registry, in two newspapers, to be designated by the clerk of the county in which such registry shall be made, and to he published in the senate district in which their business shall be carried on : and if such publication be not made, the partnership shall be deemed general.
3. lappuse - Avorking boy developes rapidly into the skilled artizan, and having once mastered one part of his business, he is never content until he has mastered all. Doing one mechanical operation well, and only that one, does not satisfy him or his employer. He is ambitious to do something more than a set task, and, therefore, he must learn all.
58. lappuse - That the standard for both gold and silver coins of the United States shall be such that of one thousand parts by weight nine hundred shall be of pure metal and one hundred of alloy...
101. lappuse - The names of all the general and special partners interested therein, distinguishing which are general and which are special partners, and their respective places of residence :
101. lappuse - A special partner may from time to time examine into the state and progress of the partnership concerns, and may advise as to their management, but he shall not transact any business on account of the partnership nor be employed for that purpose as agent, attorney or otherwise. If he shall interfere contrary to these provisions he shall be deemed a general partner.

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