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DR. STEPHEN J. MAHER, New Haven. . Term expires July 1, 1923 WALLACE S. ALLIS, Norwich..... Term expires July 1, 1919 Arthur R. KIMBALL, Waterbury..... Term expires July 1, 1921



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State of Connecticut

To His Excellency, Marcus H. Holcomb, Governor, and to the

General Assembly: The closing of the period of two years, covered by this report, found the Connecticut campaign against tuberculosis suffering, like so many other of the State's ordinary activities, from the paralyzing effects of war and pestilence.

The first of these terrible afflictions has now disappeared, but in order to appreciate the importance of the doings herein recorded, it is necessary, in these happier days, to remember that the war took from our sanatoria more than half of our staff of physicians, many of our nurses and orderlies and farm hands, and made necessary the increasing of salaries and wages, and the paying of extraordinary prices for food and for construction material, and that the influenza epidemic caused us to erect a quarantine in all our institutions, and incapacitated and even killed nurses, kitchen help, and patients. Bearing these points in mind, the readers of this report must agree, that in the war against tuberculosis, Connecticut continues to "carry on.” She has kept her patients supplied with as good food and as many comforts as in times of peace. She has increased the capacity of her sanatoria nearly one third. She has secured the site for her long-desired seaside sanatorium for her children suffering from bone and glandular tuberculosis. She has increased the fire protection at the sanatoria. She has supplied tuberculosis experts to the draft boards. She has given moral and financial encouragement to the visiting tuberculosis nurses and dispensaries of the State. She has supplied factories and schools and societies and newspapers with anti-tuberculosis literature. She has supplied moving picture films on tuberculosis to the principal theaters of the State. She has aroused among the physicians of the State and, in fact, among all of the thoughtful and large-hearted citizens of the State, such a sympathetic interest in her campaign against tuberculosis, as would not have been possible a few years ago, and is hardly to be duplicated in any other community of this or any other country.

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