Water Pollution Control Act: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Rivers and Harbors of the Committee on Public Works, House of Representatives, Eighty-fourth Congress, First and Second Sessions, on S. 890 and H. R. 9540, to Extend and Strengthen the Water Pollution Control Act. July 20, 1955, March 12, 13, 14, and 15, 1956

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Committee Serial No. 84-17. Considers legislation to authorize continued Federal-state cooperation in development of comprehensive programs for control of pollution in interstate waters, and to establish a Water Pollution Control Advisory Board.

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97. lappuse - The court, giving due consideration to the practicability and to the physical and economic feasibility of securing abatement of any pollution proved, shall have jurisdiction to enter such judgment, and orders enforcing such judgment, as the public interest and the equities of the case may require.
4. lappuse - ... the court the record of the further proceedings. Such new or modified findings of fact shall likewise be conclusive if supported by substantial evidence.
16. lappuse - Code. (b) The findings of fact by the Commissioner, if supported by substantial evidence, shall be conclusive; but the court, for good cause shown, may remand the case to the...
14. lappuse - It is the policy of the Congress to recognize, preserve, and protect the primary responsibilities and rights of States to prevent, reduce, and eliminate pollution...
8. lappuse - Congress to recognize, preserve, and protect the primary responsibilities and rights of the States in preventing and controlling water pollution...
2. lappuse - In the development of such comprehensive programs due regard shall be given to the improvements which are necessary to conserve such waters for public water supplies, propagation of fish and aquatic life and wildlife, recreational purposes, and agricultural, industrial, and other legitimate use.
20. lappuse - ... the district court of the United States for any district in which such person is found or resides or...
293. lappuse - Welfare, but not exceeding $50 per diem, including travel time, and while away from their homes or regular places of business they may be allowed travel expenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, as authorized by law (5 USC 73b-2) for persons in the Government service employed intermittently.
107. lappuse - As used in this section the term "construction" includes preliminary planning to determine the economic and engineering feasibility of treatment works, the engineering, architectural, legal, fiscal, and economic investigations and studies, surveys, designs, plans, working drawings, specifications, procedures, and other action necessary to the construction of treatment works ; and the...
10. lappuse - The findings of fact by the Surgeon General, unless substantially contrary to the weight of the evidence, shall be conclusive...

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