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The first thing I want to do, by request, this morning is to present to you a statement left with me for that purpose by Mr. M. Llewllyn Raney, the chairman of the copyright committee of the American Library Association and the librarian of the Johns Hopkins University. It is very brief and I will read it. It is dated April 6, 1926, and reads as follows:

The American Library Association is not yet directly concerned with radio legislation, but as its members are large users of the products of authorship it can not remain unmoved when the rights of authors, so hard to win, are imperiled. Copyright means what it says, i. e., the exclusive right to multiply copies. It is the author's constitutional right. If he alone has the privilege for a term to publish, he can charge what he likes, whether by himself or in company with others. If he abuses this privilege by exorbitant prices, then the purchasers should either let his work alone or so starve him to terms, or organize for effective bargaining with him and his associates. There is no more reasonw hy Congress should interfere in this economic adjustment than fix prices in any other direction. Paternalistic and sumptuary legislation is their business.

At the outset I would like to do what we have always done before in hearings, and that is introduce the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, and in the introduction to offer for the record a list of its members, its officers, and its directors, together with its complete personnel. I might say in introducting it, that the membership has shown constant growth during the entire history of the society, since the year of its organization in 1914, and that in that history it has had but two resignations. That should in a word answer the accusations that we induce our members to continue their membership by subjecting them to some sort of internal pressure, making it unwise for them to resign.

The list of membership referred to is as follows:

Abrahams, Maurice (Inc.).
Belwin (Inc.).

Bond, Carrie Jacobs & Sons.

Breau & Tobias (Inc.).

Chappell-Harms (Inc.)

Clark & Leslie (Inc.).

Denton & Haskins Music Co.

Dixon-Lane Music Publishing Co.
Feist, Leo (Inc.).

J. Fischer & Bro.

Sam Fox Publishing Co.

Gamble Hinged Music Co.
H. W. Gray Co.

Harms (Inc.).

Charles K. Harris.

R. L. Huntzinger (Inc.).

Ross Jungnickel (Inc.).

Edward B. Marks Music Co.

Jack Mills (Inc.).

William A. Pond & Son.

G. Ricordi & Co. (Inc.).
Will Rossiter.

Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. (Inc.).
Skidmore Music Co. (Inc.).
Victoria Publishing Co.


Harry Von Tilzer Music Publishing Co.
Whith-Smith Music Publishing Co.
M. Witmark & Sons.

Ager, Yellen Bornstein (Inc.).
Berlin, Irving (Inc.).

Boston Music Co.

Broadway Music Corporation.
Church, John Co., The.

Curtis, L. B., music publishers.
Ditson, Oliver, Co.

Enoch & Sons.

Fischer, Carl (Inc.).

Harold Flammer (Inc.).

Forster Music Publisher (Inc.).

Estate of Hamilton S. Gordon.
Handy Bros. Music Co. (Inc.)
Harms, T. B., Co.

F. B. Haviland Publishing Co.
Walter Jacobs (Inc.).

Kendis, Brockman Music Co. (Inc.).
McKinley Music Co.

E. T. Paull Music Co.
Jerome H. Remick & Co.
Robbins-Engel (Inc.).
G. Schirmer (Inc.).
Sherman, Clay & Co.
Stark & Cowan (Inc.).
Villa Moret (Inc.).

Weil, Milton, Music Co. (Inc.).
Williams, Clarence, Music Publishing

Maurice Abrahams.

Milton Ager.
Fred E. Ahlert.

Harry Akst.

Frank H. Anderson.

Lily Strickland Anderson.

Harry Archer.

Gus Arnheim.
Harold Atteridge.
Leopold Auer.

Gene Austin.
William Axt.
Frederick Ayres.
Abel Baer.

Katharine Bainbridge.
Ernest R. Ball.
Maurice Baron.
Ted Barron.

Philip H. Batholomae.
Marshall Bartholomew.
Billy Baskette.

Karolyn Wells Bassett.
Charles A. Bayha.
Mrs. H. H. A. Beach.
George J. Bennett.
David Berg.
Irenee Berge.
Arthur Bergh.
Irving Berlin.
Irving Bibo.

Ben Black.

Eubie Blake.

Walter Blaufuss.

Marty Bloom.

Carrie Jacobs Bond.
Josef Barissoff.
George Botsford.
Frederick V. Bowers.
Robert Hood Bowers.
John W. Bratton.
Lew Breau.

James A. Brennan.
J. Keirn Brennan.
Ernest Breuer.
Ethel Bridges.

George H. Broadhurst.

James Brockman.
Bertrand Brown.
Lew Brown.

Lewis J. Browne.
Alfred Bryan.
Simon Bucharoff.
Gene Buck.
Joseph A. Burke.
Harry T. Burleigh.
Annelu Burns.
R. H. Burnside.

[blocks in formation]


Monte Carlo.
Earl Carroll.
Harry Carroll.
Sidney Clare.

Amy Ashmore Clark.
Grant Clarke.
Richard Coburn.
George M. Cohan.
Henry R. Cohen.
Chester Cohn.
Will Collins.
Edw. E. Confrey.
Pierre Connor.
Con. Conrad.
Philip D. Cook.
Will Maion Cook.
Harold Cool.

C. Whitney Coombs.
Bud Cooper.
Joe Cooper.
J. Fred Coots.
San Coslow.
Rubey Cowan.
Henry Creamer.
Bainbridge Crist.
Frank Crumit.
Paul Cunningham.
Pearl G. Curran.
Billy Curtis.
William Daly.

Walter Danrosch.
Charles N. Daniels.
Irwin Dash.
Lee Davis.
Benny Davis.
J. Carlyle Davis.
Lou Davis.
Eli Dawson.
Harry De Costs.

Mme. Fred. De Gressac.

Vaughn De Leath.
Harry Delf.

Jessie L. Deppen-Ball.
Peter De Rose.
Bud G. DeSylva.
Nathaniel Dett.
Cal. De Voll.
Will Dillon.
Harold Dixon.
Mort Dixon.

Walter Donaldson.
Will Donaldson.
Dorothy Donnelly.
David Dryer.

A. Dubin.

Wm. C. Duncan.
James P. Dunn.
Hal Dyson.

Harry Edelheit.

N. Shepard Edmonds.

Clara Edwards.

Gus Edwards.

Leo Edwards.

John C. Egan.
Raymond B. Egan.

[blocks in formation]

Sammy Fain.

Roland Farley.
G. H. Federlein.
Buddy Fields.
Ted Fiorito.
Fred Fisher.
Mark Fisher.

William Arms Fisher.
Leon Flatow.
Neville Fleeson.
Dorothy Forster.

B. Sherman Fowler.
Blanche Franklyn.
Nahan Franko.
Arthur Freed.

Freer, Eleanor Everest.

Hugo Frey.
Martin Fried.
Anatol Friedland.
Cliff Friend.

Rudolf Friml.
Billy Frisch.

Est. of Louis A. Hirsch.

Samuel R. Gaines.
William H. Gardner.
Lloyd Fry Garrett.
Clarence Gaskill.
Byron Gay.

Lewis E. Gensler.
Alex Gerber.
George Gershwib.
I. B. Greshwin.
L. Wolfe Gilbert.
Haven Gillespie.
Marian E. Gillespie.
James R. Gillette.
Sol. Ginsberg.
Jesse G. M. Glick.
Jack Glogau.
Leopold Godowsky.
E. Ray Goetz.
Joe Gold.

John L. Golden.

Edwin Franko Goldman.

Alfred Goodman.

Frank Goodman.

[blocks in formation]

Jascha Gurewich.
Henry Hadley.

Walter G. Haenschen.
Milt Hagen.

Clude Hager.

Carl Hahn.

Bernard Hamblen.

Oscar Hammerstein, 2d.

Lou Handman.
William C. Handy.
James F. Hanley.
Bert Hanlon.
Otto A. Harbach.
Charles K. Harris.
Victor Harris.
Lorenz Hart.
Arthur Hartmann.
Norah Lee Haymond.
John E. Hazzard.
William H. Heagney.
Salvo Hein.

Ray Henderson.

Est. of Victor Herbert.
Louis Herscher.

Frank E. Hersom.
Cliff Hess.

Art Hickman.

Walter Hirsch.

George V. Hobart.

Sidney Holden.

Abraham Holzmann.

Sidney Homer.

Brian Hooker.

Lucius Hosmer.

Joseph E. Howard.

Raymond Hubbell.
Rupert Hughes.

Bruno Huhn.

Henry Holden Huss.
Frederick Jacobi.
Billy James.
Elsie Janis.
Werner Janssen.
Harry Jentes.
William Jerome.

Arnold Johnson.

Horace Johnson.
Howard E. Johnson.
James P. Johnson.
Gordon Johnstone.
Thomas A. Johnstone.
Will B. Johnstone.
Al Jolson.
Isham Jones.
Stephen Jones.
Gus Kahn.
Bert Kalmar.
Mel B. Kaufman.

James Kendis.
Jerome D. Kern.
Wm. B. Kernell.
Harry D. Kerr.
Robert A. King.
Raymond W. Klages.
F. Henri Klickman.
Helen Boardman Knox.
Ted Koehler.

Max Kortlander.
A. Walter Kramer.
Fritz Kreisler.
Lada, Anton.

Mahew Lester Lake.
Arthur J. Lamb.
J. Bodewalt Lampe.
Eastwood Lane.
Arthur Lange.
Henry W. Lange.
Paul Lannin.
Edward Laska.
Turner Layton.
Edgar Leslie.
Boris Levenson.

Harold Levey.

Roger Lewis.

Samuel M. Lewis.

Benton Ley.

Georga A. Little. George A. Lockhart.

Frederick Knight Logan.
Virginia K. Logan.
Abe Kyman.

Darl MacBoyle.

James G. MacDermid.

Ballard MacDonald.

Estate of Glen MacDonough.

Edward Madden.

Frank Magine.

Jack Mahoney.

Mme. Manna-Zucca.
Frederick H. Martens.
Joseph McCarthy.
George B. McConnell.
Jimmie McHugh.
Frank W. McKee.
William McKenna.
R. C. McPherson.
George Merle.
Jack Meskill.
George W. Meyer.

Joseph Kaufmann Meyer.
Walter E. Miles.
Ned Miller.
Sidney D. Mitchell.
James V. Monaco.
Elizabeth Evelyn Moore.
Leslie F. Moore.
McElbert Moore.
Carey Morgan.
Melville Morris.

Estate of Theodore Morse.
Otto Motzan.

Kenneth M. Murchison.
Ed. G. Nelson.

Arthur Nevin.

Mrs. Ethelbert Nevin.
Jack Norworth.

Anna Caldwell O'Dea.
Geoffrey O'Hara.
Chauncey Olcott.
Abe Olman.
Harold Orlob.

Nat Osborne.

H. O. Osgood.
Adjorjan Otbos.



Harry Owens.
Herman Paley.
Zoel Parenteau.
Dailey Paskman.
Harry Pease.

Raymond W. Peck.
Arthur A. Penn.
William H. Penn.
Ray Perkins.
Sam A. Perry.
Fred Phillips.
Al. Piantadosi.
Maceo Pinkard.
Eugenio Di Pirani.
Alfred Pochon.

Lew Pollock.

Alice Barnett Price.
Georgie Price.

Max Prival.

Sergei Rachmaninoff.
Erno Rapee.
Ruth Rapoport.
William Raskin.
Lieut. Gitz Rice.
Hugo Riesenfeld.
Dave Ringle.
Harold Robe.
Charles J. Roberts.
Lee S. Roberts.

J. Russel Robinson.
Alfred G. Robyn.
Howard E. Rogers.
James H. Roger's.
Richard Rodgers.
Caro Roma.
Sigmund Romberg.
Charles O. Roos.
Billy Rose.

Ed Rose.

Vincent Rose.

Walter L. Rosemont.
Joe Rosey.
Charles Rosoff.
M. E. Rourke.
Maurie Rubens.
Harry Ruby.
Herman Ruby.
Bert L. Rule.
Carl Rupp.
Dan Russo.
Ben Ryan.

Louis Victor Saar.
Gustav Saenger.
Floyd J. St. Clair.
Lazare Saminsky.
Alma M. Sanders.
Joseph H. Santley.
Henry W. Santly.
Lester Santly.
Domenico Savino.
Bob Schafer.
Erwin Schmidt.
Chris Schonberg.
John Schonberger.
William Schroeder.
Ira Schuster.
Jean Schwartz.

[blocks in formation]

Harry Tobias.

Wm. G. Tracey
Joseph Trent.
George J. Trinkaus.
John Aloysius Tucker.

Roy Turk.

Daniel S. Twohig.
Egbert Van Alstyle.
Frederick W. Vanderpool.
Nat Vincent.

Eric Von Der Golts, jr.

Albert Von Tilzer.
Harry Von Tilzer.
Brandon J. Walsh.

Sam Ward.
Claude Warford.
Harry Warren.
Kenneth S. Webb.
Roy Webb.

Harold Weeks.
John Barnes Wells.
Percy Wendling.

Percy Wenrich.
Louis Weslyn.
Eugene West.
Frank Westphal.
Clarence C. White.
Willy White.

Emerson Whithorne.
Richard A. Whiting.
Bud Wilkie.
Sam Williams.
Spencer Williams.
W. R. Williams.
Al Wilson.
Irving M. Wilson.
Mortimer Wilson.
Jesse M. Winne.
Felix Winternitz.
P. C. Wodehouse.
D. Cyrus Wood.
Leo Wood.

R. Huntington Woodman.
Harry M. Woods.

Ed Wynn.

Jack Yellen.

Vincent Youmans.

Joseph Young.

J. S. Zamecnik.

Next I want to introduce for the record the form of agreement between the society and its members under which it secures the right to do police duty for them, to protect their rights against infringers, all and sundry.

(The agreement above referred to is follows:)

Agreement made between the undersigned (for brevity called "owner") and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (for brevity called "society") in consideration of the premises and of the mutual covenants hereinafter contained, as follows:

The owner sells, assigns, transfers, and sets over unto the society for the term hereof the entire exclusive right of public performance (as hereinafter defined) in each musical work:

Of which the owner is a copyright proprietor; or

Which the owner, alone, jointly, or in collaboration with others, wrote, composed, published, acquired, or owns; or


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