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New Orleans, May 4th, 1846.
De it resolved, That this Chamber highly approves of the COMMERCIAL RE-
VIEW, a periodica, established in this city by J. D. B. De Bow, Esq., and recom-
mends it to the patronage of the commercial community.

SAMUEL J. PETERS, President.
CHARLES Briggs, Secrctary.
Sir: I prefix a copy of a resolution, passed unanimously at a meeting of the
Chamber of Commerce of this city, last evening.

Respectfully, CHARLES BRIGGS, S.C.
To J. D. B. De Bow, Esq.


Charleston, October 26th, 1846. At a meeting of the Chamber, held this evening, the following resolutions were, after a few preparatory remarks, introduced by Col. J. Gadsden, and being seconded, were adopted by the Chamber.

Resolved, That the COMMERCIAL Review, edited in New Orleans by our fellowcitizen, J. D. B. De Bow, Esq., is a work well calculated to exercise a most favorable influence on the Commercial interests of the South and West.

Resolved, That the zeal and talent with which it has been commenced, and the able articles which have appeared in its pages (as foreshadowing on the future the promises of the past), strongly recommend the Review to the patronage of the Southern community, and that the Chamber of Commerce of Charleston feel gracified at the opportunity of presenting to the public this testimony in its favor. On motion of A. Moise, jr., Esq., Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to Mr. De Bow,

and that they be published in the daily newspapers of the city. Extract from the minutes.

William B. Heriot, Secretary.


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Columbia, S. C., May, 1846. On motion of A. G. Summer, Esq.,

Resolved, That it is with pleasure we learn our late fellow-citizen, J. D. B. De Bow, Esq., now of New Orleans, hereafter intends to devote a large portion of the COMMERCIAL Review to the railroad interest in the South; we therefore heariily recommend that work to the patronage of those persons interested in such enterprises.




JANUARY, 1846—JANUARY, 1847.


BY THE EDITOR. Position Commercial Review, v. i., 1. Agricultural Associations, v. i., 161. Convention of South and West, v. i., 7. International Rights, Peace and War, Miss, and Atlantic Railroad, v. i., 21. v. i., 193. Home and Foreign Grain Market, v. i., The Cotton Plant, v. i., 289. 33.

The State of Louisiana, v. i., 380. New Orleans and Charleston, v. i., 44. Importance of Statistics, v.'i., 465. The Mississippi, v. i., 51.

Indian Corn, v. i., 465. The Consular System, v. i., 56. Marine Insurance, v. ii., 1.

The Warehousing Policy, v. i., 61. American Legislation, Science, Art, and * Oregon and California, v. i., 64.

Agriculture, v. ii., 75, Post Office Reform, v. i., 69.

Coins, Weights, and Measures, v. ii., History of Commerce, v. i., 97.

283. Morse's Magnetic Telegraph, v. i., 132. Moral Advance of New Orleans, v. ii., Commercial Polity, v. i., 141.

348. Cities of the Miss. and Ohio, v. i., 145. Progress of American Commerce, v. ii, Commerce of the Lakes, v. i., 158.

367. By Hon. Joel R. POINSETT, of South Carolina. The Mexican War, v. ii., 21.

Mexico and the Mexicans, v. ii., 164. The Republic of Mexico, v. ii., 27. Our Army in Mexico, v. ii., 429.

By ROBERT GREENHOW, State Department, Washington, D. C. Expedition St. Denis to Mexico. v. ii., Abrogation Treaties by War, v. ii., 215.

245. By Hon. B. F. PORTER, of Alabama. Sources of Louisiana Law, v. i., 374. Pledge or Mortgage, v. ii., 224. Elementa Juris Civilis, v. ii., 24. The Civil Law, v. ii., 243. Utility, Studies, &c., Legal Profession, Slavery, Ancient and Modern, v. ii., 351. v. ii., 142.

Sealed Instruments, v. ii., 431.

By J. P. BENJAMIN, New Orleans. Blockade, v. i., 498.

Louisiana Sugar, v. ii., 322.

By E. J. FORSTALL, New Orleans. Louisiana Sugar, v. i., 53.

French Colonial Records, v. i., 473. Antiquities of Louisiana, v. i., 238. Louisiana, v. i., 519. French Colonial Records, v. i., 357. Commercial Spirit of the South, by Col. J. GADSDEN, Charleston, S. C., v. ii., 119. The Rice Plant, by R. F. W. ALLSTON, of South Carolina, v. i., 320.

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The Bill of Exchange and Bill of Lading, Hon. Geo. Eustis, New Orleans, v. i., 534.
Admiralty Jurisdiction, by Hon. T. H. McCALEB, v. ii., 179.
Reminiscences of the West, by MAUNSEL White, Esq., New Orleans, v. ii., 177.
Divorce, by WHEELOCK S. Upton, Esq., v. ii., 155.
Louisiana Legislature,
The Cotton Caterpillar,
Interest, Exchange, and Stock-Jobbing, by Dr. D. McCAULEY, v. i., 369.
Popular Delusions in Education,
The Cotton Culture, by R. ABBEY, Esq., Yazoo, Miss., v. ii., 132.
Agriculture and Manufactures, by John Pope, Tennessee, v. i., 227.
Military and Naval Resources South and West, by L. Troost, Mobile, v. i., 251.
Mexico, socially and politically, by Gustavus Schmidt, New Orleans, v. i., 117.
New Orleans, by Wm. L. HODGE, New Orleans, v. ii., 53.
Revival of Roman Baths, by Albert W. ELY, M. D., N. O., v. ii., 223.
Privateering, by A. H., of New Orleans, v. i., 515.
History and Doctrine Bills of Exchange, by S. F. GLENN, New Orleans, v. i., 153.
Peruvian Cotton,

v. ii., 439.
City of Nashville, by MILTON A. HAYNES, Tennessee, v. i., 502.
Uses Bill of Lading, by P. C. WRIGHT, New Orleans, v. ii., 46.
The Tobacco Trade, by a New ORLEANS MERCHANT, v. ii., 42.
Cotton Gins, by D. Pratt, Alabama, v. ii., 153.
Contract of Marriage under Common and Civil Law, v. ii., 238.
West India Sugar, v. ii., 267.
Indiana, by CarNAHAN & Porter, Indianopolis, v. i., 512.
Remedy for the Cotton Planters, by a SOUTHWESTERN PLANTER, V. i., 434.
Commerce and the Fine Arts, G. Čook, New Orleans, v. i., 269.
American Tobacco, by J. S. Duke, New Orleans, v. ii., 248.
Coffee and the Coffee Trade,

«' 303.
Sedimentary Deposites of the Mississippi, by Prof. J. L. RIDDELL, N. O., v. ii., 433.
Contract of Sale, by Hon. F. X. MARTIN & M. GREINER, v. ii., 345.

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Atlantic and Miss. Railroad, v. i., 21. Art and Agriculture, v. ii., 96.
Agriculture South and West, v. i., 73, Arts, Useful and Fine, v. ii., 99.

Authors, Protection of, v. ii., 95.
Agriculture of Louisiana, v. i., 75. Anastatic Printing, v. ii., 111.

Society of Louisiana, v. i., 161. Admiralty Courts, v. ii., 179.
is Schools, v. i., 456.
« Life, v. ii., 114.

Baltimore, Trade of, v. i., 79; v. ii., 412.
" Classes, v. ii., 116.


v. i., 6.
Agricultural products U. S., v. ii., 117. Baconian Philosophy, v. i., 132.
Ancient Maritime Law, v. i., 142. Bills of Exchange, &c., v. i., 153, 533 ;
Alabama Finances, v. i., 187.

v. ji., 64.
Commerce of, v. ii., 402. Bills of Lading, v. i., 535; v. ii., 64.
Ambassadors, v. i., 207.

Buffalo, N. Y., v. i., 159.
Armistice, v. i., 215.

Baton Rouge Fair, v. i., 162.
Army in Mexico, v. ii., 426.

Banks of New Orleans, v. i., 174.
Alliances of States, v. i., 216.

Bank Stocks, v. i., 373.
Armory, Western v. i., 267.

Notes and Specie, v. ii., 287.
Artesian Wells, v. i., 455.

Banks in U. S., v. i., 287.
American Railroads,.v. i., 460.

Boston, Commerce of, v. i., 185, 483; 5.
American Commerce, 17th century, v. ii. 409.
ii., 369.

Belligerents, Duties of, v. i., 216.
American Commerce to the Revolution, Blockade, v. i., 226, 498.
v. ii., 370.

British Cotton Trade, v. i., 312.
American Commerce to 1790, v. ii., 374. Restrictive Policy, v. ii., 371.

to 1812, v. ii., 375. Provinces, their trade, v. ii., 390.



to 1846, v. ii., 381. Burr's Plot, v. i., 407.
legislation, science, art, and Barratry, v. ii., 15.
agriculture, v. ii., 75.

Barter, v. ii., 285.
Average, v. ii., 17.

Balances of Trade, v. ii., 372.
Abandonment in Insurance, v. ii., 19. Barley Crop, U. S., v. ii., 117.



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Buckwheat Crop, U. S., v. ii., 116. Civilizing effects of Commerce, v. i.,
Bagging, Cotton and Hemp, v. ii., 140. 114.
Beet Inspection, v. ii., 360.

Colonial Law of Spain, v. i., 120.
Bathing, History and advantage of, v. Cincinnati, Trade, &c., of, v. i., 255, 155.
ii., 228.

Chicago, Ill., v. i., 158.
Bullion, v. ii., 290.

Cleveland, Ohio, v. i., 159.
Berlin Decrees, v. ii., 379.

Chamber of Commerce, N. O., v. i.
Bread Stuffs, v. ii., 385.

171, 173.
Book Table of Editor, v. ii., 443. Commissions on Produce, N. 0., 171,

Cuba, Custom House, v. i., 180.
Commercial Review, Position, v. i., 1.

commerce of, v. i., 181.
Commerce Jurisprudence, v. i., 72, 169. Conflict of Laws, v. i., 204.

of Antiquity, v. i., 97. Contracts under Law of Nations, v. i.
History of, v. i., 98.

Confiscation in War, v. i., 211.
Great Britain, v. i., 105. Coasting Trade in war, v. i., 218.
between the States, v. ii., 67. Carrying trade in war, v. i., 221.
American, its progress, v. ii., Contraband, v. i., 224.

Chagres, steamers to, v. i., 264
Commerce of Europe, v. ii., 400. Carolina, rice exports, v. i., 351; ii., 415.
Convention South and West, v. i., 7. Copyright laws, v. i., 96.
Calhoun, Hon. J. C., at Memphis, v. i., Canals, northern, v. i., 481.

14; Report on Memphis Memorial, v. Corporations, v. i., 511.
ii., 23, 410.

Crabgrass, v. ii., 137.
Charleston and Georgia Railroad, v. i., Collisions of vessels, v. ii., 179.

Coal trade, v. ii., 210.
Charleston, Trade of, vi., 45, 79; Cham- Caterpillar, natúre, &c., of, v. ii., 277,

ber of Commerce, v. i., 449 ; rates, 354.
commissions, &c., at, v. i., 449; his. Coins, Weights and Measures, v. ii.,284.
tory of, v. ii., 130, 412; Commerce of, Currency of the world, v. ii., 285,
v. ii., 414.

Coins, ancient and Modern, v. ii., 299.
Corn Laws of Great Britain, v. i., 34; Coffee and the coffee trade, v. ii., 303;
v. ii., 376.

West India, v. ii., 305.
Corn Exports U. S., from 1791, v. i., 473. trade of world, v. ii., 311.
u trade of New Orleans, v. i., 488.

consumed in U. S., v. ii., 315.
Crops of Grain in U. S., v. i., 42. Cod-fishery, U. S., v. ii., 376.
Consular System, v. i., 56.
Consuls, American and Foreign, v. i., Discovery of the Mississippi, v. 1,51.
57, 208.

Debts of the States, v. i., 82.
California, advantages, &c., of, v. i., 65. to alien enemies, v. i., 212.

history and trade of, v. i., 654 Detroit, v. ii., 158.
Cotton, South Carolina report on, v. i., Dahlonega mint, v. i., 196.

73; imported into Europe, v. i., 74; Domicile in war, v. i., 217.
consumption in Europe, .v. i., 274; Duelling in Louisiana, v. i., 427.
culture of, v. i., 230; v. ii., 122; over Distilleries, v. i., 479.
production, v. i., 231; crops of, v. i., Divorce in Louisiana, v. ii., 155.
234; v. ii., 363, 387; consumption of, Drainage sugar lands, v. ii., 328.
in O. S., v. i., 235; planter's conven- Denmark, our trade with, v. ii., 395.
tion, v. i., 237; trade of Great Britain, Delta of the Mississippi, v. ii., 434.
v. i., 283.
Cotton Plant, history of, v. i., 291; in- Education in New Orleans, v. i., 83.

in /
troduction into Europe, v. i., 297; in-

popular errors in, v. ii., 528.
troduction into U. S., v. i., 299; first Exploring expedition, v. i., 96.
exportation U. S., v. i., 302; varieties East India Cotton, v. i., 318.
of, v. i., 303; Sea Island, v. i. 304; crop Egyptian cotton, v. i., 314.
of world, v. i., 307; mode of planting, Exchanges, ancient, v. ii., 284.
v. ii., 133; seed, v. ii., 134, 279; im- Enemies' property insured, v. ii., 10.
plements of planting, v. ii., 135; bales Enterprise South, v. ii., 127.
iron bound, v. ii., 139.

Expedition from St. Denis to Mexico,
Cities, health of American, v. i., 81. v. ii., 215.

Foreign, v. i., 82. Evaporation sugar pans, v. ii., 341.
Chinese Tarift; v. i., 89; cotton, v. i., Embargo, v. ii., 380.

285; trade with U. S., v. ii., 395. Editor's note, v. i., 288, 384, 545; iing
Constitution U. S., v. ii., 77.

219, 282, 366.
Louisiana, v. i., 95.
Carthage, trade of, v. i., 101.

French edition Review, v. ii.

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