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tions shall be deemed a violation of sections 12 and 14 of the Immigration Act of 1917 (39 Stat. 882, 884; 8 U. S. C. 148, 150), and punishable as therein provided.*

107.14 Information required; foreign officials. The only statistical information required concerning foreign officials duly accredited by their governments, including diplomatic and consular officers, their suites, families, or guests, is their names and titles. (Sec. 3, 39 Stat. 875; 8 U. S. C. 136 (r))

107.15 Report of illness en route. The ship's surgeon, or if no surgeon, the master, shall furnish to the officials in charge at the port of arrival a full and complete report of all injuries, diseases, illness, births, and deaths developing or occurring during the voyage. (Sec. 13, 39 Stat. 884; 8 U. S. C. 149)

107.16 Data concerning cost of transportation. Transportation companies shall furnish the officers in charge at ports of entry, within two days after request therefor, with the original transportation contracts of all rejected aliens whose cases are covered by the provisions of section 9 of the Immigration Act of 1917 (48 Stat. 166; 8 U. S. C. 145), and/or section 16 of the Immigration Act of 1924 (43 Stat. 163; 8 U. S. C. 216), such contracts showing the exact amounts paid for transportation from the "initial point of departure", which point shall be stated, to the foreign port of embarkation, from the latter to the United States port of arrival, and from the port of arrival to inland point of destination, respectively, and also the amount paid for head tax.


107.17 Manifests of aliens from foreign contiguous territory. Aliens seeking to enter the United States from foreign contiguous territory shall, upon arrival, be inspected by the proper immigration officials, who shall, at the time of such inspection, prepare a manifest (Form I-448) which shall, in answer to questions propounded to the alien, contain full and accurate information concerning such alien as follows: Full name, age, and sex; whether married or single; calling or occupation; personal description (including height, complexion, color of hair and eyes); whether able to read or write, or reason for exemption; nationality; race; place of birth; country of last permanent residence; name and address of nearest relative in the country from which the alien came; seaport and date of landing and name of steamship; final destination; by whom transportation paid; whether in possession of $50, and if less, how much; whether going to join a relative or friend, and if so, name and address of such relative or friend; whether ever before in the United States, and if so, when and where; purpose in coming to United States and length of time intending to remain, and whether intending to become a citizen. Immigration officials shall state, in the space provided therefor in such manifest, whether alien is an immigrant or nonimmigrant, the character of head-tax assessment, and, if exempt from head tax, the reason therefor, and also the action taken as a result of such inspection and the immigration official making the inspection shall sign such manifest when completed.* (Sec. 12, 39 Stat. 882; Sec. 3, 43 Stat. 154, 47 Stat. 607, 84 Stat. 711; Sec. 328 (a), 54 Stat. 1151; 8 U. S. C. 148, 203, 728a)

*For statutory citation, see note to § 107.1.



110.1 Ports of entry for aliens. 110.2 Immigration stations in Canada.

110.3 Designated ports of entry by aircraft.

110.4 Admissibility; prompt determination.

110.5 Admissibility of steerage passengers; determination. 110.6 Aliens coming for employment while residing in contiguous territory; classification. 110.7 Inspection postponed; disability of alien. 110.8 Inspection postponed; members of family. 110.9 Inspection postponed; accompanying alien.

110.10 Inspection not postponed. 110.13 Immigrants having expired documents.

110.14 Visas and permits; record of action of immigration officer at port.

110.15 Visas; disposition of when holder admitted..

110.16 Visas; disposition of when holder excluded. 110.17 Permits to reenter; disposition. 110.18 Visas and reentry permits; surrender subsequent to entry. 110.19 Permit to reenter; notation on passport when allen admitted. 3

110.20 Immigrant aliens liable to be excluded as public charges; admission under bond exacted at ports. 110.21 Immigrant bonds; approval, cancellation, and violation. 110.27 Definitions of "status" in relation to nonimmigrants and students.

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110.28 Officials, visitors, traders; de-
termination of admissibil-
110.29 Officials,

visitors, traders;
period and conditions of ad-
110.30 Visitors and traders; nota-
tion to be made on pass-
110.81 Officials,

traders, visitors; change of status, conditions.


110.33 Nonimmigrant bonds, approval and cancelation.

110.84 Traders not contract labor


110.35 Definition of Chinese persons entry of such persons who were born in the barred zone.

110.36 Nonquota status; by relationship to citizen, or by former citizenship.

110.37 Nonquota status on basis of former residence.

110.38 Lawful admission; when presumed.

110.39 Nonquota status; by country
of birth or by relationship
to certain nonquota immi-

110.40 Nonquota status; ministers
and professors; students.
110.41 Nonquota status; failure to
prove on primary inspec-
110.42 Financial status.

110.43 Reading test; aliens subject

110.44 Reading test; general method
of application.
110.45 Reading test; exceptional
method of application,
110.46 Reading test; failure to read ;

110.47 Exemptions from reading
110.48 Unaccompanied children; ad-

110.49 Unaccompanied children; ex-
ceptional cases.

110.50 Stowaways.

110.51 Aliens previously rejected; exclusion; permission to reapply.

110.52 Aliens previously arrested and deported; exclusion; permission to reapply. 110.53 Immigrants, possessing proper documents, but who entered without examination; procedure.

110.54 Resident aliens' border crossing identification cards; qualifications necessary to obtain.



Sec. 110.55 Resident aliens' border cross

Newfoundland, or Mexico ing identification cards; ap

and domiciled therein, or plication and preparation.

British subjects domiciled 110.56 Resident aliens' border cross

in Canada or Newfounding identification cards;


110.61 Nonresident allens' border 110.57 Resident aliens' border cross

crossing identification ing identification cards; pe

cards; issuance by immiriod of validity; Issuance,

grant inspectors to nonresi. revalidation, and cancela

dent aliens who are citi. tion discretionary.

zens of Canada, Newfound110.58 Resident aliens' border cross

land, or Mexico and domiing identification cards; re

ciled therein, or British entry of holders.

subjects domiciled in Can110.60 Nonresident aliens' border

ada or Newfoundland. crossing identification 110.62 Nonresident aliens' border cards; temporary admis

crossing identification sion of nonresident aliens

cards; revalidation and rewho are citizens of Canada,

placement. $ 110.1 Ports of entry for aliens. The following are desig. nated ports of entry for aliens, such ports being listed according to the numerical order of the Field Service district in which they are located :

* Sections 110.1 to 110.62, inclusive, issued under the authority contained in sec. 23, 39 Stat. 892, 8 U. S. C. 102; sec. 24, 43 Stat. 166, 8 U. S. C. 222; sec. 1, Reorg. Plan No. V, 5 F. R. 2223 ; sec. 37 (a), 54 Stat. 675, 8 U. S. C. 458; 8 CFR 90.1. Statutes interpreted or applied and statutes giving special authority are listed in parentheses at the end of specific sections.

District No. 1.-St. Albans, Vermont Calais, Maine

Morristown, N. Y. Coburn Gore, Maine

Ogdensburg, N. Y. Eastport, Maine

Rooseveltown, N. Y. Fort Fairfield, Maine

Rouses Point, N. Y. Fort Kent, Maine

Thousand Islands Bridge, N. Y. Houlton, Maine

Trout River, N. Y. Jackman, Maine

Waddington, N. Y. Limestone, Maine

Alburg, Vt. Lubec, Maine

Alburg Springs, Vt. Madawaska, Maine

Beebe Plain, Vt. Robbinston, Maine (June-Sept.) Beecher Falls, Vt. Vanceboro, Maine

Canaan, Vt. Van Buren, Maine

Derby Line, Vt. Connecticult Lakes, N. H.

East Richford, Vt. Alexandria Bay, N. Y.

Highgate Springs, Vt. Cape Vincent, N. Y.

Morges Line, Vt. Champlain, N. Y,

Newport, Vt. Chateaugay, N. Y.

Norton, Vt. Clayton, N. Y.

North Troy, Vt. Fort Covington, N. Y.

Richford, Vt. Malone, N. Y.

St. Albans, Vt. Mooers, N. Y.

West Berkshire, Vt

District No. 2.-Boston, Mass. Portland, Maine

New Bedford, Mass. Boston, Mass.

Providence, R. I. Gloucester, Mass.


District No. 8.—New York, New York

New York, N. Y.

District No. 4.-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pa. (The port of Philadelphia includes, among others, the port facilities at Trenton, Camden, Gloucester City, Paulsboro, Gibbstown, and Deepwater Point, New Jersey; Chester and Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania; and Wilmington, Delaware.)

District No. 5.–Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore, Md.

Newport News, Va. Morehead City, N. O.

Norfolk, Va. Wilmington, N. C.

District No. 6.-Atlanta, Georgia Mobile, Ala.

Acecibo, P. R. Apalachicola, Fla.

Arroyo, P. R. Boca Grande, Fla.

Ensenada, P. R. Fernandina, Fla.

Fajardo, P. R. Fort Pierce, Fla.

Hunacao, P. R. Jacksonville, Fla.

Jobas, P. R. Key West, Fla.

Mayaguez, P. R. Miami, Fla.

Ponce, P. R. Panama City, Fla.

San Juan, P. R. Pensacola, Fla.

Charleston, S. C. Port Everglades, Fla.

Georgetown, S. C. St. Augustine, Fla.

Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Tampa, Fla.

Islands. West Palm Beach, Fla.

Frederiksted, St. Croix, Virgin Brunswick, Ga.

Islands. Savannah, Ga.

Cruz Bay, St. John, Virgin Islands. New Orleans, La.

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, Virgin Gulfport, Miss.

Islands. Aguadilla, P. R.

District No. 7.-Buffalo, New York Buffalo, N. Y.

Youngstown, N. Y. Lewiston, N. Y.

Cleveland, Ohio Niagara Falls, N. Y.

Erle. Pa. Rochester, N. Y.

Algonac, Mich.
Isle Royal, Mich.
Detroit, Mich.
Marine City, Mich.
Marysville, Mich.
Port Huron, Mich.

District No. 8.—Detroit, Michigan

Roberts Landing, Mich.
St. Clair, Mich.
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Sandusky, Ohio.
Toledo, Ohio.

District No. 9.–Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Ill.

Hannah, N. Dak. Baudette, Minn.

Hansboro, N. Dak, Duluth, Minn.

Maida, N. Dak. International Falls, Minn.

Neche, N. Dak. Noyes, Minn.

Noonan, N. Dak. Pigeon River, Minn.

Northgate, N. Dak. Pine Creek, Minn.

Pembina, N. Dak. Ranier, Minn,

Portal, N. Dak. Roseau, Minn.

St. John, N. Dak. Warroad, Minn.

Sarles, N. Dak. Ambrose, N. Dak.

Sherwood, N. Dak. Antler, N. Dak.

Walhalla, N. Dak. Carbury, N. Dak.

Westhope, N. Dak. Dunseith, N. Dak.

Green Bay, Wis. Fortuna, N. Dak.

Milwaukee, Wis

Eastport, Idaho
Porthill, Idaho
Babb, Mont.
Del Bonita, Mont.
Havre, Mont.
Loring, Mont.
Opheim, Mont.
Raymond, Mont.
Rooseville, Mont.
Scobey, Mont.

Ketchikan, Alaska.
Skagway, Alaska.
Astoria, Oreg.
Marshfield, Oreg.
Portland, Oreg.
Aberdeen, Wash.
Anacortes, Wash.
Bellingham, Wash.
Blaine, Wash.
Edmonds, Wash.

District No. 10.-Spokane, Washington

Sweetgrass, Mont.
Turner, Mont.
Whitetail, Mont.
Danville, Wash.
Ferry, Wash.
Laurier, Wash.

Metaline Falls, Wash.

Oroville, Wash.

Northport, Wash.

District No. 12.-Seattle, Washington

District No. 13.-San Francisco, California

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Everett, Wash.
Longview, Wash.
Lynden, Wash.
Olympia, Wash.
Port Angeles, Wash.
Port Townsend, Wash.
Seattle, Wash.
South Bend, Wash.

Sumas, Wash.
Tacoma, Wash.

Honolulu, T. H.
Kahului, T. H.
Port Allen, T. H.

Eureka, Calif.

San Francisco, Calif.
Hila, T. H.

Beaumont, Tex.
Brownsville, Tex.
Corpus Christi, Tex.
Del Rio, Tex.
Eagle Pass, Tex.
Freeport, Tex.
Galveston, Tex.
Hidalgo, Tex.

District No. 14.-San Antonio, Texas

Houston, Tex.
Laredo, Tex.

Douglas, Ariz.
Naco, Ariz.
Nogales, Ariz.

Sasabe, Ariz.

Sonoyta, Ariz. (Sonoyta Gate).

San Luis, Ariz.
Andrade, Calif.

Calexico, Calif.
Los Angeles, Calif.
Port Hueneme, Calif.

District No. 16.-Los

District No. 15.-El Paso, Texas

Port Arthur, Tex.
Rio Grande City, Tex.
Roma, Tex.

Thayer, Tex.
Zapata, Tex.

Columbus, N. Mex.
El Paso, Tex.

Fabens, Tex. (limited).
Presidio, Tex.
Ysleta, Tex. (limited).

Angeles, California
San Diego, Calif.
San Luis Obispo, Calif.
San Pedro, Calif.
San Ysidro, Calif.
Tecate, Calif.

110.2 Immigration stations in Canada. The following United States immigration stations are located in Canada: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Montreal and Quebec, Province of Quebec; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Victoria, Vancouver, and Sydney, British Columbia.

*For statutory citation, see note to § 110.1.

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