Compilation of Regulations Published in Code of Federal Regulations: Title 45 - Public Welfare, Subtitle B - Dept of Health and Human Services, General Administration Parts 70 and 74 : Chapter II- Office of Family Assistance (Assistance Programs).

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Department of Health and Human Services, Social Security Administration, Office of Family Assistance, 1980

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1. lappuse - dependent child" means a needy child under the age of sixteen, or under the age of eighteen if found by the State agency to be regularly attending school, who has been deprived of parental support or care by reason of the death, continued absence from the home, or physical or mental incapacity of a parent...
28. lappuse - Subpart 1-15.2, is that type of research which is directed toward increase of knowledge in science. In such research, the primary aim of the investigator is a fuller knowledge or understanding of the subject under study, rather than any practical application thereof.
26. lappuse - Depreciation. (a) Depreciation is a charge to current operations which distributes the cost of a tangible capital asset, less estimated residual value, over the estimated useful life of the asset in a systematic and logical manner.
11. lappuse - Any other consistent method productive of an annual allowance which, when added to all allowances for the period commencing with the use of the property and including the current year, does not during the first two-thirds of the useful life of the property...
22. lappuse - These standards should apply irrespective of whether a particular item of cost is properly treated as direct cost or indirect cost. Failure to mention a particular item of cost in the standards is not intended to imply that it is either allowable or unallowable; rather determination as to...
5. lappuse - ... has been deprived of parental support or care by reason of the death, continued absence from the home, or physical or mental incapacity of a parent, and who is living with his father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, stepfather, stepmother, stepbrother, stepsister, uncle, or aunt, in a place of residence maintained by one or more of such relatives as his or their own home; (b) The term aid to dependent children means money payments with respect to a dependent child or dependent...
9. lappuse - Bonding costs. (a) Bonding costs arise when the Government requires assurance against financial loss to itself or others by reason of the act or default of the contractor. They arise also in instances where the contractor requires similar assurance. Included are such bonds as bid, performance, payment, advance payment, infringement, and fidelity bonds.
20. lappuse - ... is one which, because of its incurrence for common or joint objectives, is not readily subject to treatment as a direct cost. Minor direct cost items may be considered to be indirect costs for reasons of practicality. After direct costs have been determined and charged directly to the contract or other work as appropriate, indirect costs are those remaining to be allocated to the several classes of work.
17. lappuse - As used in this part, words importing the singular number may extend and be applied to several persons or things, and vice versa.

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