Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

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589. lappuse - Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow. Nor ever wind blows loudly; but it lies Deep-meadow'd, happy, fair with orchard lawns And bowery hollows crown'd with summer sea, Where I will heal me of my grievous wound.
701. lappuse - Science seems to me to teach in the highest and strongest manner the great truth which is embodied in the Christian conception of entire surrender to the will of God. Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.
706. lappuse - To do this effectually it is necessary to be fully possessed of only two beliefs : the first, that the order of nature is ascertainable by our faculties to an extent which is practically unlimited ; the second, that our volition counts for something as a condition of the course of events.
3. lappuse - Goode, the Assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, in charge of the National Museum.
142. lappuse - They have likewise discovered two lesser stars, or satellites, which revolve about Mars; whereof the innermost is distant from the centre of the primary planet exactly three of his diameters, and the outermost, five; the former revolves in the space of ten hours, and the latter in twenty-one and a half...
720. lappuse - I have searched over the grounds of my belief, and if wife and child and name and fame were all to be lost to me one after the other as the penalty, still I will not lie.
xxxii. lappuse - for continuing ethnological researches among the American Indians, under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees and the purchase of necessary books and periodicals, fifty thousand dollars, of which sum not exceeding one thousand five hundred dollars may be used for rent of building" (sundry civil act, March 3, 1901 ) $50, 000.
702. lappuse - ... without which the whole fabric of modern English society would collapse into a mass of stagnant and starving pauperism, — that all these pillars of our State are but the ripples and the bubbles upon the surface of that great spiritual stream, the springs of which, only, he and his fellows were privileged to see; and seeing, to recognize as that which it behoved them above all things to keep pure and undefiled.
241. lappuse - A unit of heat originally defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water through 1° C (the gram-calorie or small calorie). Several calories are now in use: International Steam Table calorie = 4.1868 joules, mean calorie = 4.19002 joules, thermochemical calorie = 4.184 joules, 15° C calorie = 4.18580 joules, 20° C calorie = 4.1890 joules.
702. lappuse - Divine judgment, than the fire was the work of any political, or of any religious, sect ; but that they were themselves the authors of both plague and fire, and that they must look to themselves to prevent the recurrence...

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