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SENATOR CHILES: Do you feel that you can maintain your search and rescue standards with a 602 position cut?

ANSWER: The 602 position cut in search and rescue (SAR) was based on an earlier estimate. The current page 32 of our FY 1986 budget request accurately reflects that of 833 Coast Guard positions being cut, 414 are allocated to SAR. of this number, only 150 positions are being taken directly by the search and rescue program, and those are a result of the consolidation of Great Lakes stations. Search and rescue facilities in other areas of the country are not directly affected by these cuts. While there will be some increase in the average response time to calls for assistance in the areas of the Great Lakes where stations are being closed, we feel that the plan we have proposed minimizes the negative impact on responsiveness while achieving the required reductions. In general, we believe that there will be some increase in the average response time for cases in the affected areas. Since we always service lifethreatening cases first, this increase will mainly be seen in the waiting time for the less severe cases.

The remaining 264 position cuts affect support personnel whose indirect services are allocated to the benefit of the search and rescue program.


SENATOR CHILES: Admiral Gracey, since Coast Guard Admirals serve as NNBIS Regional and Deputy Coordinators, how would you evaluate the Coast Guard's experience with NNBIS? Do you have any suggestions that would improve the effectiveness of its operations?

ANSWER: The National Narcotics Border Interdiction System ( NNBIS) has proven to be a useful, positive vehicle in fostering interagency coordination and synergism. Intelligence information gathered by various agencies is used to determine the most effective use of available resources. NNBIS focuses on the macro view of drug interdiction. NNBIS suffered some growing pains, but has experienced many successes, notably the recent execution of Operations Hat Trick and Blue Lightning. These operations required the coordination of many U. S. agencies and the cooperation of several foreign governments. These operations demonstrated the effectiveness of coordinated efforts in stopping the flow of drugs into the country. The effectiveness of NNBIS operations will be enhanced by continued support of the Administration and involved agency heads.


SENATOR BYRD: I am advised that the current authorization for Coast Guard C-130 aircraft is 29. How many does the Coast Guard have in its current inventory.

ANSWER: There are currently 23 HC-130 aircraft in the Coast Guard inventory. Two additional aircraft funded in fiscal year 1985 are scheduled for delivery in November 1985. These will bring the total to 25. Our authorized level is 27 aircraft.

SENATOR BYRD: Has the Coast Guard asked for additional C-130 aircraft to fill out the full authorization? What happened to the additional request?

ANSWER: The Coast Guard Authorization Act of 1984, P.L. 98-557, authorized a fleet of 27 HC-130's. The Coast Guard originally requested $35.8 million in the FY 1986 budget to acquire two additional HC-130's to expand the fleet to what would have been 26 aircraft at that time. Subsequently, FY 1985 Congressional appropriations were provided to fund another aircraft, bringing the Coast Guard fleet to a total of 25. Given funding constraints and overall priorities of the Acquisition, Construction and Improvements appropriation, no funds for additional H-C130's were included in the Congressional stage of the budget.

SENATOR BYRD: If the Committee should decide to appropriate additional funds for two additional C-130 aircraft to strengthen the drug interdiction program currently being mounted by the Coast Guard, when would these aircraft be able to be deployed and how much would they cost?

ANSWER: The cost to procure two additional PILOC (Procurement in Lieu of Contract) HC-130 airframes including documentation and contract administration is $35.8 million. We would anticipate delivery of these aircraft during the fourth quarter 1987.

SENATOR BYRD: Give some details on how the two additional C-130 aircraft originally proposed by the Coast Guard for drug interdiction, search and rescue, etc. would be used if the Committee and the Congress should decide to provide the funds.

ANSWER: Two HC-130s would provide an additional 1,600 long range search (LRS) flight hours in support of various Coast Guard's missions.

The major portion of this flight hour increase would be used in the Enforcement of Laws and Treaties (ELT) mission. Additional LRS flight hours would improve the effectiveness of recent law enforcement initiatives. For example, Aerostat, which will significantly enhance the Coast Guard's ability to detect surface targets, cannot identify targets. Effective law enforcement requires rapid identification of targets as well. Hence, other resources, primarily aircraft, are needed for rapid target identification. Moreover, intelligence reports indicate that smugglers are diverting farther and farther offshore to avoid detection. These additional long range aircraft will substantially enhance our capability to counter this tactic.

Additional HC-130 aircraft would also increase the availability of LRS aircraft to respond to Search and Rescue (SAR) missions.


Senator CHILES. We will recess our hearings until Tuesday, April 30, when we will begin the last of our two hearings, April 30 and May 1, when the committee will hear from outside witnesses.

We stand in recess today.

[Whereupon, at 11:10 a.m., Wednesday, April 24, the subcommittee was recessed, to reconvene at 10 a.m., Tuesday, April 30.)



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