Developments in Aging

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vi. lappuse - ... to take such testimony, and to make such expenditures, as it deems advisable. The cost of stenographic services to report such hearings shall not be in excess of 25 cents per hundred words. The expenses of the committee, which shall not exceed $30,000, shall be paid from the contingent fund of the Senate upon vouchers approved by the chairman of the committee or the chairman of any duly authorized subcommittee thereof.
154. lappuse - ... titles III and VII of the Older Americans Act, title XX of the Social Security Act, and State and local appropriations.
v. lappuse - Senate, (2) to employ personnel, and (3) with the prior consent of the Government department or agency concerned and the Committee on Rules and Administration, to use on a reimbursable basis the services of personnel of any such department or agency.
260. lappuse - Act are — (1) to assist in the development of improved mass transportation facilities, equipment, techniques, and methods, with the cooperation of mass transportation companies both public and private; (2) to encourage the planning and establishment of areawide urban mass transportation systems needed for economical and desirable urban development...
191. lappuse - The primary objective of this title is the development of viable urban communities, by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment and expanding economic opportunities, principally for persons of low and moderate income.
122. lappuse - State recognized for purposes of areawide planning which includes one or more such units of general purpose local government when the State determines that the designation of such a regional planning and service area is necessary for, and will enhance, the effective administration of the programs authorized by this title...
vi. lappuse - Act of 1946, as amended), and (2) not to exceed $1,000 may be expended for the training of the professional staff of such committee (under procedures specified by section 202(j) of such act).
143. lappuse - ... that no supportive services including nutrition sewieesy or nutrition services, will be directly provided by the State agency or an area agency on aging, except where, in the judgment of the State agency, provision of such services by the State agency or an area agency on aging is necessary to assure an adequate supply of such services...
142. lappuse - All titles of the Older Americans Act should be administered through the Administration on Aging, State units on aging, and area agencies on aging...
124. lappuse - ... provide for the establishment of a comprehensive and coordinated system for the delivery of social services within the planning and service area covered by the plan...

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