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a violation of any provision of this Act who is the holder of any form of license issued thereunder shall thereupon forfeit said license and shall surrender it upon demand of any person authorized by the commission to receive it, and upon a second conviction he shall not be entitled to, nor shall he be granted, a license of such form for a period of one year from date of such forfeiture, and upon a third or successive conviction for a period of five years from the date of such forfeiture; and any cooperative store operated exclusively by and for native Indians, Eskimos, or half-breeds, or any store operated by missions exclusively for native Indians, Eskimos, or half-breeds, without a license as provided in this Act, upon a second or third conviction for violation of this Act, shall not be entitled to engage in the business of dealing in furs for such time as the court before whom such conviction is had may decide: Provided, That such prohibition shall not be imposed for the first conviction, nor for a period in excess of one year from date of the second conviction, nor for a period in excess of five years from date of the third or any subsequent conviction; that all moneys from fines shall be transmitted by the clerk of the court to the executive officer to be disposed of as are other receipts of the commission.

That any licensed guide who shall fail or refuse to report promptly to the commission any violation of this Act of which he may have knowledge shall be guilty of a violation of this Act, and in addition thereto shall have his license revoked and shall be ineligible to act as a licensed guide for a period of five years from the time of his conviction therefor, or of the establishment to the satisfaction of the commission of definite proof of such offense. (Jan. 13, 1925, sec. 15, 43 Stat. 747; Feb. 14, 1931, sec. 13, 46 Stat. 1114: 48 U. S. C., sec. 202.)

2043. Administration of oaths for purposes of prosecution—coordination of fiscal business.—That such officers, agents, or employees of the Secretary of Agriculture or the Alaska Game Commission as may be designated in writing by said Secretary or commission for the purpose are hereby authorized and empowered to administer to or take from any person, an oath, affirmation, or affidavit whenever such oath, affirmation, or affidavit is for use in any prosecution or proceeding under or in the enforcement of this Act; and, in order to coordinate the fiscal business of the United States Department of Agriculture and the Alaska Game Commission in Alaska, the ex officio commissioner of said department in Alaska designated by the Secretary of Agriculture pursuant to the authority contained in the Act of February 10, 1927 (44 Stat., pt. 2, p. 1068) [5 U. S. C., sec. 120), with the approval of said commission, may assign a bonded disbursing officer of said department stationed in Alaska to perform and discharge, without additional compensation, so much of the duties imposed and conferred upon the executive officer of said commission by this Act as consist of the disbursement and receipt of public funds; and during the continuation of such assignment of the bond of such executive officer required by section 6 of this Act [48 U. S. C., sec. 193] shall be reduced to $1,000, and the bond of the disbursing officer so assigned shall be increased by the amount of $20,000, the premium for such additional amount to be paid as provided for in said section 6 of this Act. (Jan. 13, 1925, sec. 16, 43 Stat. 747; Feb. 14, 1931, sec. 14, 46 Stat. 1114; 48 U. S. C., sec. 202a.)

2044. That nothing in this Act contained shall be construed as repealing or modifying in any manner section 6 of the Act of Congress approved February 26, 1917 (Thirty-ninth Statutes at Large, page 938), entitled "An Act to establish the Mount McKinley National Park in the Territory of Alaska.” (Jan. 13, 1925, sec. 17, 43 Stat. 747; 48 U. S. C., sec. 203.)

2045. Date effective.-- That the provisions of this Act relating to the creation and organization of the commission and with respect to making or adopting regulations shall take effect on its passage and approval; all other provisions of this Act shall take effect ninety days from the date of the publication of regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture. (Jan. 13, 1925, sec. 18, 43 Stat. 747.)


2046. Bigamists, etc., ineligible for office.—That no polygamist, bigamist, or any person cohabiting with more than one woman, and no woman cohabiting with any of the persons described as aforesaid in this section, in any Territory or other place over which the United States have exclusive jurisdiction, shall be entitled to vote at any election held in any such Territory or other place, or be eligible for election or appointment to or be entitled to hold any office or place of public trust, honor, or emolument in, under, or for any such Territory or place, or under the United States. (Mar. 22, 1882, sec. 8, 22 Stat. 31; 48 U.S. C., sec. 1461.)


COUNCIL OF NATIONAL DEFENSE 2047. Secretary of Agriculture a member of the Council of National Defense.—That a Council of National Defense is hereby established, for the coordination of industries and resources for the national security and welfare, to consist of the Secretary of War, the Secretary of the Navy, the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Commerce, and the Secretary of Labor.

That the Council of National Defense shall nominate to the President, and the President shall appoint, an advisory commission, consisting of not more than seven persons, each of whom shall have special knowledge of some industry, public utility, or the development of some natural resource, or be otherwise specially qualified, in the opinion of the council, for the performance of the duties hereinafter provided. The members of the advisory commission shall serve without compensation, but shall be allowed actual expenses of travel and subsistence when attending meetings of the commission or engaged in investigations pertaining to its activities. The advisory commission shall hold such meetings as shall be called by the council or be provided by the rules and regulations adopted by the council for the conduct of its work.

That it shall be the duty of the Council of National Defense to supervise and direct investigations and make recommendations to the President and the heads of executive departments as to the location of railroads with reference to the frontier of the United States so as to render possible expeditious concentration of troops and supplies to points of defense; the coordination of military, industrial, and commercial purposes in the location of extensive highways and branch lines of railroad; the utilization of waterways; the mobilization of military and naval resources for defense; the increase of domestic production of articles and materials essential to the support of armies and of the people during the interruption of foreign commerce; the development of seagoing transportation; data as to the amounts, location, methods and means of production, and availability of military supplies; the giving of information to producers and manufacturers as to the class of supplies needed by the military and other services of the Government, the requirements relating thereto, and the creation of relations which will render possible in time of need the immediate concentration and utilization of the resources of the Nation.

That the Council of National Defense shall adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of its work, which rules and regulations shall be subject to the approval of the President, and shall provide for the work of the advisory commission to the end that the special knowledge of such commission may be developed by suitable investigation, research, and inquiry and made available in conference and report for the use of the council; and the council may organize subordinate bodies for its assistance in special investigations, either by the employment of experts or by the creation of committees of specially qualified persons to serve without compensation, but to direct the investigations of experts so employed.

That the sum of $200,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be immediately available for experimental work and investigations undertaken by the council, by the advisory commission, or subordinate bodies, for the employment of a director, expert and clerical expenses and supplies, and for the necessary expenses of members of the advisory commission or subordinate bodies going to and attending meetings of the commission or subordinate bodies. Reports shall be submitted by all subordinate bodies and by the advisory commission to the council, and from time to time the council shall report to the President or to the heads of executive departments upon special inquiries or subjects appropriate thereto, and an annual report to the Congress shall be submitted through the President, including as full a statement of the activities of the

council and the agencies subordinate to it as is consistent with the public interest, including an itemized account of the expenditures made by the council or authorized by it, in as full detail as the public interest will permit: Provided, however, That when deemed proper the President may authorize, in amounts stipulated by him, unvouchered expenditures and report the gross sums so authorized not itemized. (Aug. 29, 1916, sec. 2, 39 Stat. 649; 50 U. S. C., secs. 1-5.)

ARSENALS, ARMORIES, ARMS, AND WAR MATERIALS GENERALLY 2048. Arms and ammunition issued to protect public property.—That upon the request of the head of any department, the Secretary of War be, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to issue arms and ammunition whenever they may be required for the protection of the public money and property, and they may be delivered to any officer of the department designated by the head of such department, to be accounted for to the Secretary of War, and to be returned when the necessity for their use has expired. Arms and ammunition here

tofore furnished to any department by the War Department for which the War Department has not been reimbursed, may be receipted for under the provisions of this act. (Mar. 3, 1879, 20 Stat. 412; 50 U.S. C., sec. 61.)

2049. Payment for transfer of ordnance or stores by War Department to bureaus or departments.—That hereafter when authorized transfers or sales of ordnance or ordnance stores are made to another bureau of the War Department, or to another executive department of the Government, payment therefor shall be made by the proper disbursing officer of the bureau, office, or department concerned. When the transaction is between two bureaus of the War Department, the price to be charged shall be the cost price of the stores, including the cost of inspection. When the transaction is between the Ordnance Department and another executive department of the Government the price to be charged shall include the cost price of the stores and the costs of inspection and transportation. (Aug. 24, 1912, 37 Stat. 589; 50 U. S. C., sec. 75.)

AIRCRAFT 2050. Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.—An Advisory Committee for Aeronautics is hereby established, and the President is authorized to appoint not to exceed twelve members, to consist of two members from the War Department, from the office in charge of military aeronautics; two members from the Navy Department, from the office in charge of naval aeronautics; a representative each of the Smithsonian Institution, of the United States Weather Bureau, and of the United States Bureau of Standards; together with not more than five additional persons who shall be acquainted with the needs of aeronautical science, either civil or military, or skilled in aeronautical engineering or its allied sciences: Provided, That the members of the Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, as such, shall serve without compensation: Provided further, That it shall be the duty of the Advisory Committee for Aeronautics to supervise and direct the scientific study of the problems of flight, with a view to their practical solution, and to determine the problems which should be experimentally attacked, and to discuss their solution and their application to practical questions. In the event of a laboratory or laboratories, either in whole or in part, being placed under the direction of the committee, the committee may direct and conduct research and experiment in aeronautics in such laboratory or laboratories: And provided further, That rules and regulations for the conduct of the work of the committee shall be formulated by the committee and approved by the President.

That an annual report to the Congress shall be submitted through the President, including an itemized statement of expenditures. (Mar. 3, 1915, 38 Stat. 930; 50 U.S. C., secs. 151, 153.)

2051. Same; increase of membership.—That the membership of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics is hereby increased from twelve members to fifteen members: Provided, That the three additional members to be appointed by the President shall be acquainted with the needs of aeronautical science, either civil or military, or skilled in aeronautical engineering or its allied sciences, and shall serve as such without compensation. (Mar. 2, 1929, 45 Stat. 1451; 50 U. S. C., sec. 151a.)


Absaroka National Forest, acquisition of land..

Absence, leaves of, regulation --

5, 6
Accountants, compensation, authorization necessary--

Accounting Division, for highway accounts, establishment--

Accounting Office, General. See General Accounting Office.
audit and settlement.

delinquency in rendering, report by Secretary of Treasury-

Accounts and Disbursements, Division of, employees, details for duty- 31
Acknowledgments taken before notary public, authorization.--

Act of March 2, 1887, application in States having experiment stations
separate from agricultural colleges.-

Act of April 18, 1900, purpose-----

Act of March 3, 1905, extension to carriers in interstate commerce-

Act of March 16, 1906, appropriations, restrictions---

Act of February 25, 1920, application to mineral and mining lands.

Act of March 20, 1922, provisions, extension---

266-267, 268-269
Act of February 24, 1925, appropriations, restrictions.--

Actions, legal, survival after decease of claimant or defendant.

Actuaries, Board of, duties and compensation----

Admiralty jurisdiction of United States, offenses within.-

insecticides or fungicides, prohibition.-

notice given by Secretary--

Advances of public money-
field parties and explorers.

fighting forest fires_

authorization --

for supplies or services.--

use of names of Government officials, prohibition..

Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.--

Aeronautics. See Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.
Affidavit, no consideration paid for appointment..

Affidavits, administering in Department of Agriculture..

associations, regulation by Secretary of Agriculture---

census, scope of inquiry---

colleges. See Colleges, agricultural.
extension work. See Extension work, agricultural.
industries, report by consuls ---

containing oil or gas, preference right to permits or leases.

open to homestead entry, provisions----

347–348, 352
problems, research into laws and principles

authorization of associations of..

consumption, fund for increasing-

38 39
exportation, fund for increasing-

producers' associations

storage in licensed warehouses, regulations-

Agricultural Adjustment Act, contracts----

Agricultural Economics, Bureau of, powers and duties_


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