The Jewess, by the author of 'Letters from the Baltic'.

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130. lappuse - SWITZERLAND; described in a Series of Letters. By A LADY. 2 vols post 8vo, 18s. AN ARCHITECTURAL TOUR IN NORMANDY, with some Remarks on Norman Architecture.
1. lappuse - THE JEWESS: A TALE FROM THE SHORES OF THE BALTIC. UPON the eastern shores of the Gulf of Finland, at the distance of about a hundred wersts from the ancient city of Narva, lies an estate called Kunda, equally rich in the beauties of nature and the relics of antiquity. Here vegetation of a more varied and luxuriant character is found than usually occurs in this northern latitude ; the oak and the beech, intermingled with rich plots of grass, grow at the very edge of the waves, and there being no tides...
130. lappuse - Narrative of a yacht voyage in the Mediterranean during the years 184041.
130. lappuse - FRAGMENTS from GERMAN PROSE WRITERS. Translated and Illustrated with original Biographical Notices. By SARAH AUSTIN. Post 8vo, 10*.

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