Lapas attēli

homes. We would invite you to come to see our projects in Paia, Kahului and Lahaina, to determine whether effective use of prior programs was made.

Although housing may not be directly related to the problem, it is nevertheless true that if adequate housing for employees is provided in the community, it will remove an obviously uneconomical burden from the

industry. Please permit me to summarize:

(1) We are interested in protecting and preserving the pineapple industry, in guaranteeing job security for our people, and for insuring the viability of the agricultural sector of our economy.

(2) We are not in favor of supporting programs which will potentially provide risk capital to go outside of the State, for the benefit only of those who may not necessarily share the same commitment to Hawaii as we here this morning do.

(3) We believe that the government, private industry and labor must sit down together, and lay the cards on the table. Frankly, we do not share the long-range optimistic outlook for the industry that others might. Until a realistic appraisal can be made, we believe that it will be difficult to arrive at meaningful solutions.

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