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Secretary of the Interior---

Cecil D. Andrus

Office of Hearings and Appeals---- David B. Graham, Director

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For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office

Washington, D.C. 20402


This volume of Decisions of the Department of the Interior covers the period from January 1, 1978 to December 31, 1978. It includes the most important administrative decisions and legal opinions that were rendered by officials of the Department during the period.

The Honorable Cecil D. Andrus, served as Secretary of the Interior during the period covered by this volume; Mr. James A. Joseph, served as Under Secretary; Ms. Joan Davenport, Messrs. Robert Herbst, Guy Martin, Larry Meierotto, Forrest Girard served as Assistant Secretaries of the Interior; Mr. Leo Krulitz, served as Solicitor. Mr. David B. Graham served as Director, Office of Hearings and Appeals.

This volume will be cited within the Department of the Interior as "85 I.D."

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Page 60—Right col., par. 2, line 9 correct to read : 77-1 BCA par. 12,298.
Page 161–Title of Decision and running headings for pp. 161 through 165, cor-

rect to read : Island Creek Coal Co.
Page 190—Left col., par. 5, line 2, correct 90 Stat. 2279 to read : 90 Stat. 2779.
Page 255—Footnote 2, line 3 correct to read : 1914, 38 Stat. 686;
Page 257–Footnote 5, line 1, correct to read: See 89 Stat. 1049 (Dec. 27, 1975).
Page 269—Footnote 41, last line, correct to read : discussed at p. 270, infra.
Page 272—Footnote 50, line 12, correct to read : 356 F. Supp. 148, 151 (D.C. Ha.


Footnote 51, line 3, correct to read: Hawaii 1973). Page 318—Footnote 48A, line 17, correct to read : 411 U.S. 917 (1973); McDade

v. Morton, 353 Page 418-Left col., line 7, correct to read : 30 U.S.C. 226(c) (1970). Page 429Footnote 6, line 2, correct to read: Trust, Inc. 544 F. 2d 1067 (10th

Cir. 1976)





349 403 438

294 31

107 347

380 171 207

A&J Construction Co., Inc.-... 468 CSH Contractors, Inc., Appeal
Alaska, State of, Appeal of. 219 of...e
Apache Mining Co.

Appeal of Alaska, State of ------ 219 Dean, John R..
Appeal of Briles Wing & Helicop-
ter, Inc.-

77 Environmental Associates, - Inc., Appeal of California Earth

Appeal of Sciences Corp--

75 Estate of Ashley, Charles D--Appeal of Cook Inlet Region, Inc. 462 Estate of Phillips, Ellen.--Appeal of CSH Contractors, Inc. 146 Estate of Robinson, Clark Appeal of Environmental As

Joseph. sociates, Inc.

349 Estate of Sheldon, Dorthy-----Appeal of Evergreen Engineering, Evergreen Engineering, Inc., Inc.--

107 Appeal of..
Appeal of J.A. La Porte, Inc.--- 242 Exxon Corp--
Appeal of Kodiak Island Setnet-
ters Ass'n.---

200 Feinberg, Milton D., Benson J.
Appeal of Paug-Vik, Inc., Ltd.. 229 Lamp...
Appeal of Sierra Construction Foote Mineral Co.

192 Full Circle, Inc.
Appeal of System Technology
Associates, Inc.--

12 G.T.S. Co., Inc.Appeal of Tanacross, Inc.

97 Appeal of Watson, Donald A.-- 27

Island Creek Coal Co.----Appeal of W. F. Sigler & Associates.

41, 167

J. A. LaPorte, Inc., Appeal of...

JB&C Co., Appeal of --Appeal of Zurn Engineers.


Jones-O'Brien, Inc.---
Appeals of JB&C Co...
Armco Steel Corp. (On Recon-

Kodiak Island Setnetters Ass'n, sideration).


Appeal of ... Ashley, Charles D., Estate of..--- 403

Mobil Oil CorpBriles Wing & Helicopter, Inc.,


Frank & Wanita, Appeal of .-


United States v. Burn Construction Co.----- 353

Pack, D. E. (On ReconsideraCalifornia Earth Sciences Corp.,

tion). Appeal of.

75 Paug-Vik, Inc., Ltd., Appeal of. Continental Telephone of the Pennsylvania Drilling Co.-West.



242 67 89





408 229 384 438

186 Phillips, Ellen, Estate of Cook Inlet Region, Inc., Appeal Pipeline Petroleum Corp-... of...

462 Provinse, David A.

70 154

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