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Treasurer's bond

are held

Know all men by these presents that A. B., Treasurer of (here insert name of the agricultural society in full), C. D., of

and E. F., of and firmly bound unto the directors of the said society or to their successors, in the penal sum of dollars, to be well and truly paid to the said directors or their successors for which payment we bind ourselves and each of us respectively binds himself and his respective heirs, executors and administrators firmly by these presents. Dated this

1 The condition of the above bond or obligation is such that if the above bounden

his heirs, executors and administrators do and shall well and truly account for and renit to the directors of the said society all moneys belonging to such society coming into his hands without any deduction, defalcation or abatement whatsoever then the said bond or obligation to be void otherwise to be and to remain in full force and virtue.

Signed, sealed, etc., etc.

day of


An Ordinance respecting Municipalties.

THE Lieutenant Governor by and with the advice and con

sent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:




1. This Ordinance may be cited as The Municipal Or- Short title dinance." No. 8 of 1897, s. 1.


2. Unless otherwise declared or indicated by the context, Interpretation whenever any of the following expressions occur in this Or clauses dinance the meanings hereinafter expressed shall attach to the same, namely:

1. “Municipality” means any locality the inhabitants of "Mun!çiwhich are incorporated a rural municipality or town :

pality" 2. “Council” means the municipal council;

"Council” 3. “Mayor" means the head of the council of a town muni-“ Mayor" cipality and reeze means the head of the council of a rural “Reeve" municipality or the person filling for the time being the position of mayor or reeve:

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estate," etc.

4. “Land,” “real property” and “real estate” respectively “Land," etc. shall include all buildings or other things erected upon or affixed to the land and all machinery or other things so fised to any buildings as to form in law part of the realty and all mines, minerals, quarries, fossils in and under the same except mines belonging to Her Majesty ;

5. Personal estate" and "personal property include all “Personal goods, chattels, shares in incorporated companies, interest on mortgages, dividends from bank stock, income and all other property except land and real estate and real property as above defined and except property herein expressly exempted ;

6. “ Elector” means any person entitled for the time being “Elector" to vote at any municipal election or in respect of any by law in the municipality or polling subdivision as the case may be ; 7. “Owner” or “proprietor” means any person who has the "Owner"

** Proprietor” ownership or use of any taxable property or has an agreement for purchase of the same;

8. “Househol·ler” means the occupier of a house but shall “Householder" not mean or include any person who is a mere lodger or boarder in a house;

9. “Occupant” means a person who possesses, holds or oc- "Decupant " cupies any land under any title whatsoever or even without

* Lot"

11. “

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title or is occupying lands of the Crown under any style of location, agreement or tenure whatever;

10. “Lot” means one of the subdivisions into which a piece or parcel of land has been divided into smaller parcels for purposes of sale, including the buildings and other improvements thereon ;

Revised assessment roll” means the assessment roll as finally passed by the court of revision and certified by the clerk, notwithstanding that an appeal to a judge in respect thereof may be pending and after the decision of any such appeal the said expression shall mean the said roll with any amendments made thereto by the judge : 12. “ Taxable person ” means(a) Any person receiving an annual income or the owner

of any personal property not exempted from taxation; (b) The owner of lands not exempt from taxation where

the same are occupied by the owner or unoccupied,

otherwise the occupant; 13. “ Judge” means a judge of the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories ;

14. “ Highway,” “ road” or “ bridge” means a public highway, road or bridge respectively ;

15. “ Drainage” shall be held to include and to have always included sewerage and sewage;

16. “Resident” shall mean a person residing within the limits of the municipality. No. 8 of 1897, s. 2; No. 26 of 1898,

. s. 1(1, 2).


* Bridge"
* Drainage"

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Part 1.

Municipal Organisation.


and obligations of

3. Every municipality in the North-West Territories is here- General rightby declared a body corporate and subject to all the liabilities il of a corporation with full power to acquire, hold and alienate municipalities both real and personal estate for all municipal purposes and by the same name they and their successors shall have perpetual succession and shall have power to sue and be liable to be sued, implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, in all courts and in all actions, causes and suits at law and in equity whatsoever: and they shall have a common seal with power to alter and modify the same at their pleasure ; and they shall be in law capable of receiving by donation, acquiring, holding, disposing of and conveying any property real or movable for the use of said municipality and of becoming parties to any contracts or agreements in the management of the affairs of the said municipality. No. 8 of 1897, s. 3; No. 26 of 1898, s. 1 (3).

4. The head and members of the council and the officers, Existing bylaws, contracts, property, assets and liabilities of every chicers, etc.. municipal corporation when this Ordinance takes effect shall continued be deemed the head and members of the council and all bylaws, contracts, property, assets and liabilities of such council or municipal corporation shall be subject to the provisions of this Ordinance. No. 8 of 1897, s. 4 ; No. 26 of 1898, s. 1 (4).



5. In the case of towns the name of the body corporate shall Town

municipalities be “ The Town of (numing the same).” No. 8 of 1897, s. 5.

6. In the case of rural municipalities the name of the body Rural corporate shall be “ The municipality of (naming the sume).

" municipalities No. 8 of 1897, s. 6.

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7. The council of every town shall consist of the mayor, Town councils who shall be the head thereof, and six councillors. No. 8 of 1897, s. 7.


8. The council of every rural municipality shall consist of Rural a reeve and four councillors.

municipal (2) Should for any reason any municipality be or become insufficiently represented as required respectively by this Ordinance the Lieutenant Governor in Council may make such appointments for office as shall till the requirements of sections 7 and 8 of this Ordinance. No. 8 of 1897, s. 8.


9. The persons eligible for election as mayors, reeves and Qualifications councillors shall be natural born or naturalised subjects of Her of mayors,

reeves, councillors

Majesty and males of the full age of twenty-one yeare able to read and write, not subject to any disqualification under this Ordinance and qualitied as follows:

(a) In towns, being resident within the municipality or within two miles of the limits of the municipality, the owner at the time of the election of freehold, leasehold or partly freehold and partly leasehold real estate rated in their own names on the last revised assessment roll of the municipality to at least the value following, over and above all charges, liens, and encumbrances affecting the same: freehold $500, leasehold $1,500.

(6) In rural municipalities, being resident within the municipality and the owner at the time of the election of real estate of not less than $400 within the municipality rated in their own names on the last revised assessment roll of the municipality. No. 8 of 1897, ss. 9, 10, 11.


10. No judge of any court of civil jurisdiction, no gaoler for commentors or keeper of any house of correction, no sheriff, deputy councillors

sherift, sheriff's bailiff or constable in any town, no assessor, secretary-treasurer or other paid oflicial of the municipality, no bailiil, no inspector of licenses, no person having by himself or his partner an interest in any contract with or on behalf of the corporation or being indebted to the municipality, and no surety for an oflicer or an employee of the municipality, and no person who shall have been convicted of treason or an offense punishable with death or imprisonment for more than five years in any court of law within Her Majesty's dominions, shall be qualified to be a member of the council of any municipality

(2) No person shall be held to be disqualified from being

elected a member of the council of any municipality by reason disqualified

of his being a shareholder in any incorporated company having dealinys or contracts with the council of such municipality or by having a lense of twenty-one years or upwards of any property from the municipality; but no such leaseholder shail vote in the council on any question affecting any lease from the municipality and no such shareholder on any question affecting the company. No. 8 of 1897, s. 12; No. 26 of 1898, s. 1 (5).

Shareholders not


Voters' list

1. The secretary treasurer shall on or before the first day of September in each year prepare a voters' list which shall be an alphabetical list of electors and which shall comprise the names of those persons duly qualified to vote at municipal elections in the municipality and shall post the same in a conspicuous place in his office ; such list shall contain opposite the name of each elector a short description of the real property in respect of which he is entitled to vote or if on personalty or income the words “personalty” or “income" as the case may be. No. 8 of 1897, s. 50: No. 26 of 1898, s. 1 (1:3).


12. Any person who has been resident in the municipality

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