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5. The object of societies organised under this Ordinance Objects of shall be to encourage improvement in agriculture :

(a) By importing or otherwise procuring seeds, plants and animals of new and valuable kinds;

(6) By awarding prizes for excellence in the raising or introduction of stock, the invention or improvement of agricultural implements or machines, the production of grain and all kinds of vegetables, plants, flowers and fruits, home manufactures and works of art and generally foc excellence in any agricultural production or operation ;

(c) By offering prizes for essays on questions of scientific inquiry relating to agriculture and the best systems of protection against prairie fires;

(d) By holding meetings for the discussion of and hearing lectures on subjects connected with the theory and practice of improved husbandry or other industrial purposes;

(e) By taking such steps as may be considered necessary to prevent the spread of noxious weeds. No. 20 of 1892, s. 5; No. 27 of 1894, s. 3; No. 19 of 1895.

6. The funds of the society however derived may be ex- Expenditure pended for any object not inconsistent with those hereby of funds authorised. No. 20 of 1892, s. 6.



7. The annual meeting of every society shall be held during Annual the months of January, February or March in each year on the meeting call of the president who shall give eight days' written or printed public notice thereof, the place of meeting having been previously fixed at a meeting of the directors, when there shall Procedure be elected a president, two vice presidents and not less than therent seven directors and an auditor and the place for holding the the annual exhibition shall be also then decided and the persuns entitled to vote at such meeting shall be paid up members for the ensuing year.

(a) The notice of meeting provided in this section shall be How called given by publishing the same in the nearest newspaper or by posting it in five conspicuous places near the place of meeting one of which shall be the post office if there is one within the district. No. 20 of 1892, s. 7; No. 40 of 1898, s. 5.

8. A meeting of the officers shall be held at the close of the Appointment annual meeting for the appointment of a secretary treasurer or and treasurer a secretary and treasurer. No. 20 of 1892, s. 7 (1)

9. Every treasurer shall before entering upon his duties as Treasurer to such give security to the directors by a bond signed and ac-kive security knowledged before a magistrate and such security shall be given by at least two solvent sureties jointly and severally to the

satisfaction of the board of directors and to the amount of any moneys for which the treasurer may at times be responsible whether arising from the society's funds or from any particular contribution or donation paid into his hands for the support or benefit of the society, and such security shall be renewed at the beginning of each year or renewed at other times or changed whenever renewal or change is required by the board of di. rectors. Such bond may be in form C in the schedule hereto and shall be forwarded immediately to the commissioner of agriculture. No. 20 of 1892, s. 7; No. 11 of 1893, s. 1; No. 38 of 1897, s. 39 (3).


10. It shall be the duty of the secretary treasurer or treasurer to hand over all books of account and prize lists if any to the auditor for the purpose of audit at least ten days previous to the annual meeting. No. 20 of 1892, s. 7; No. 11 of 1893, s. 2; No. 38 of 1897, s. 39 (4).

Meetings of officers

11. Meetings of officers shall be held pursuant to adjournment or called by written notice given by authority of the president or in his absence of the senior vice president at least ten days before the day appointed and at any meeting five shall be a quorum. No. 20 of 1892, s. 8.

Annual report 12. The officers and directors shall in addition to the ordirequired

nary duties of management cause to be prepared and present at the annual meeting a report in which shall be stated the names of all members of the society with the amount paid by each set opposite his name, a balance sheet showing the financial standing of the society for the past year, such balance sheet to be in form B in the schedule hereto, together with such remarks and suggestions upon agriculture in the district as the directors are enabled to offer. No. 20 of 1892, s. 9.


Copy of report 13. The said report and statement if approved by the to be rent to ineeting shall be entered in the society's journal kept for such

purpose and signed by the president or in his absence by the vice president as being a correct entry; and a true copy thereof certified by the president and secretary for the time being together with a copy of the society's prize list if any shall be

, sent to the commissioner of agriculture on or before the fifteenth day of April next following such meeting. No. 20 of 1892, s. 10; No. 38 of 1897, s. 39 (5).


Detailed statement of income

14. The secretary treasurer of each agricultural society shall on or before the 20th day of October in each year transmit to the commissioner of agriculture a statement verified by statutory declaration showing in detail the cash receipts of the society from all sources and any action taken by the society under the provisions of section 5 of this Ordinance. No 27 of 1891, s. 1; No. 38 of 1897, s. 39 (6).

Grants, how apportioned

GRANTS IN AID OF SOCIETIES. 15. The Territorial treasurer shall apportion among the

societies whose statements have been transmitted as provided in the last preceding section and received by the commissioner of agriculture on or before the thirtieth day of November next following, the grant made by the Legislative Assembly for agricultural societies in an ounts equal to the fees paid by the members as shown in the financial statement :

Provided that the amount paid to any one society shall not exceed $150. No. 27 of 1894, s. 2; No. 38 of 1897, s. 39 (7).

16. In case the grant made by the Legislative Assembly Insufficiency

of grant shall not be sufficient to cover the total amount of such apportionment the apportionment shall be made pro rata on the same basis. No. 27 of 1894, s. 2 (1).

17. No society shall participate in the apportionment which Grant has not at least fifty bona fide members. No. 27 of 1894, s. 2, requirement (2); No. 38 of 1897, s. 39 (8): No. 40 of 1898, s. 5.


18. The said officers and directors shall answer and give Information to

be supplied such information as the commissioner of agriculture may from time to time require touching the interest or condition of agriculture in their districts. No. 20 of 1892, s. 11; No. 40 of 1898, s. 5.


19. Each society formed under this Ordinance shall be a Society a corporation with a corporate seal under the name of “The corporation Agricultural Society of (inserting the name of the society)” and Seal shall have power to acquire, bold, sell, mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of or encumber real estate and other properties society real and personal. No. 20 of 1892, s. 12.

Powers of



Declaration as to organisation

We, the undersigned, each being resident within the Territories and over eighteen years of age, agree to form ourselves into a society under the provisions of The Agricultural Societies Ordinance under the name of name of society) and we respectively promise to pay to the treasurer of the said society annually as long as we continue members thereof the suis set opposite our respective names and to conform ourselves to the bylaws and regulations of the said society;

And we hereby name (specifying the place) as the place where the meetings of the society shall be held ;

And we hereby state that we have not previously signed any declaration for the establishment of an existing agricultural society under the said Ordinance or any other Ordinance.

[blocks in formation]



of one of the subscribers to the above declaration hereby certify that the sum of at least $1 has been paid by each of the above subscribers as his first annual subscription to the proposed agricultural society of (insert name of society); and that I hold on behalf of the said proposed society the several amounts so paid.

(Signature of subsoriber.)

Declaration of truth of certificate

I (nume of person signing the certificate) above named do
solemnly declare that the facts set forth in the aforegoing cer-
titicate are true and I make this solemn declaration conscien-
tiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the
same force and effect as if made under oath and by virtue of
The Canada Evidence Act 189.5.
Declared before me at

in the North-West Territories

day (Signature of subscriber.) of

A.D. 1


Balance sheet of the

agricultural society Balance sheet for the twelve months ended 31st December, 1

[blocks in formation]

We, the undersigned, auditors duly appointed by the agricultural society under the provisions of the Ordinance in that behalf, hereby certify that we have duly examined every item of receipt and expenditure of the aforementioned society for the twelve months ended 31st December, 1

as shown in the account books of the said society and have found the same to be correct in every particular; and the foregoing statement is a true abstract thereof.


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