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(1) Such remarks on the progress of the organisation and

use to which it has been put as the directors are en-
abled to offer. No. 17 of 1890, s. 8.

be audited

10. There shall also be presented at the annual meeting a Financial detailed statement of the receipts and disbursements of the statement to institute during the year which said statement shall be audited by the auditor in that behalf before being subunitted to the said meeting. No. 17 of 1890, s. 9.

11. The said report and statement if approved by the Certified copy meeting shall be entered in the journals of the institute kept report to be for such purpose and signed by the president or vice-president sent to as being a correct entry and a true copy thereof certified by secretary the president and secretary for the time being shall be forwarded to the Territorial secretary within one month from the date of such meeting. No. 17 of 1890, s. 10; No. 38 of 1897, s. 37 (6).



12. The officers shall give such information as in their officers to power lies that the Territorinl secretary may from time to time sire require touching the interest and condition of the objects of the organisation in their locality. No. 17 of 1890, s. 11; No. 38 of 1897, s. 37 (7).

13. The funds of the institute however derived may be ex- Application pended for any object not inconsistent with those authorised of funds by this Ordinance ; provided that not more than one quarter of the amount received shall be expended for the purpose of a reading room. No. 17 of 1890, s. 12.

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14. Each institute formed under this Ordinance shall be a Institute to be corporation with a corporate seal under the name of The

a corporation Mechanics' and Literary Institute of (inserting the distinguishirg name of the institute) and shall Powers have power to acquire, hold, sell, mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of or encumber real estate and other properties real and personal. No. 17 of 1890, s. 14.


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We, the undersigned, respectively residing in the (town, village, township or townships, and if the lutter give the range) of in the listrict of

agree to form ourselves into an institute under the provisions of The Mechanics' and Literary Institutes Ordinance, under the name of “The Mechanics' and Literary Institute of and we respectively promise to pay to the treasurer of the said

institute annually as long as we continue members thereof, the
sums set opposite our respective names and to conform our-
selves to the bylaws and regulations of the said institute and
we hereby state that we purpose carrying on the objects of our
organisation at the town (or village) of
(or on the
quarter of Section



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I of

one of the subscribers to the above declaration hereby certify that the sum of at least one dollar has been paid by each of the above subscribers as his first annual subscription to the proposed mechanics' and literary institute of

; and that I hold on behalf of the said proposed institute the several amounts so paid.

(Subscriber's signature.)

I, the above named

do solemnly declare that the facts set forth by me in the foregoing certificate signed by me are true ; and I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath and by virtue of The Canada Evidence Act 1893. Declared before me at this

(Subscriber's signature.) 1

(Signature of officer receiving declaration.)

day of


An Ordinance respecting Cemeteries.


sent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:


1. This Ordinance may be cited as TheCemetery Ordinance." Short title R.O. c. 24, s. 1.


2. All companies formed under the provisions of chapter Continuation 24 of The Revised Ordinances 1888, intituled: An Ordinance

of companies to incorporate Companies for the Establishment of Cemeteries, or of any amendment thereto, in existence as such are hereby continued as bodies politic and corporate and they shall be subject to the provisions of this Ordinance. No. 23 of 1896, s. 9.

3. Any number of persons not less than ten may form Conditions of themselves into a company for the purpose of establishing one incorporation or more public cemeteries outside the limits of any town or village or within such limits if permission be given by by law of such town or village for such establishment within its limits, who have (a) Subscribed stock to an amount adequate to the pur

chase of the ground required for such cemetery ; and
(6) Executed an instrument according to the form in the

fifth section of this Ordinance contained ; and
(c) Paid to the treasurer of th proposed company twenty-

five per cent of the capital stock intended to be

raised ; and
(d) Deposited such instrument, or a duplicate thereof, to-

gether with a receipt from the treasurer for the first
instalment of twenty-five per cent., in the office of the
Territorial secretary. R.O. c. 24, s. 2; No. 23 of 1896,
ss. 1, 2; No. 38 of 1897, s. 38 (1, 2).

secretary to receive notice

4. Notice of the formation of the proposed company shall Territorial be forth with given by the Territorial secretary in the official gazette setting forth the name of the said company and the of proposed

of persons constituting the same and from and after the date of company the publication of such notice the persons therein named and their successors shall be a body corporate and politic under the name mentioned therein and as such body corporate and politic shall have all rights and be subject to all the liabilities of a corporation and shall have full power to acquire, hold and Powers alienate both real and personal estate for all the purposes of the company. No. 23 of 1896, s. 2; No. 38 of 1897, s. 38 (3).

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Form of instrument

day of

5. The instrument referred to in section 3 of this Ordi-
nance may be in the form following:

"Be it remembered that on this
in the year of Our Lord one thousand
we the undersigned shareholders met at

the North-West Territories and resolved to form ourselves into
a cemetery company to be called The

Cemetery Company under the provisions of The Cemetery Ordinance : and we do hereby agree that the capital stock of the said com

dollars to be divided into shares dollars each entitling the holder to one hundred superficial feet; and we the undersigned shareholders do hereby agree to accept and take the number of shares set by us opposite our respective signatures; and we do hereby agree to pay the calls thereon according to the provisions of the said Ordinance and the rules and regulations and bylaws of the company to be inade in that behalf.

pany shall be


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Continuation of trustees

6. Trustees appointed under the provisions of Ordinance No. 5 of 1892 intituled : An Ordinance respecting the Holding of Cemeteries in Trust for Religious Bodies and in existence at the time of the coming into force hereof are hereby continued and shall be subject to the provisions of this Ordinance affecting trustees appointed hereunder. No. 5 of 1892.

Organisation of board of trustees

7. When any one or more religious societies or congregations in the Territories desire to take a conveyance or transfer of land for the purpose of establishing a cemetery for the use of such society or congregation or for the use in common of such societies or congregations such society or congregation or societies or congregations, as the case may be, may appoint trustees to whom and their successors to be appointed in such manner and subject to such regulations as may be specified in the deed of conveyance or transfer, the land requisite for the purpose aforesaid may be conveyed and such trustees and their successors in perpetual succession by the name expressed in the

deed may take, hold and possess the land and maintain and defend all actions or suits for the protection thereof or of their property therein:

Provided that such land shall not be within the limits of a Land to be town unless permission be given by bylaw of the said town for outside town such establishment within the limits. No 5 of 1892, s. 1; No. 25 of 1898, ss. 1, 3.

of successors to trustees

8. If the deed of conveyance or transfer of such land does Appointment not specify the manner in which the successors to the trustees therein named are to be appointed the society or congregation or societies or congregations for whose use such land is held may enter into an agreement with each other in writing in such manner as may seem to them best and such agreement shall specify the manner in which the successors of the trustees for the term then being are to be appointed and such agreement indorsed on or annexed to a certified copy of the transfer or deed of conveyance under which the land is held for the use of the said society or congregation or societies or congregations and signed by the accredited agents of such society or congregation or societies or congregations shall govern and regulate the manner in which the successors of the trustees named in the original grant, conveyance or transfer shall be appointed and the regulations to which they shall be subject. No. 5 of 1892, s. 1 (1); No. 25 of 1898, s. 1.

land to be

9. Such trustees shall within twelve months after the exe- Transfer of cution of the deed of conveyance or transfer cause the deed or

registered transfer to be registered in the land titles office of the land registration district within which the land is situated, otherwise the said deed shall be roid. No. 5 of 1892, s. 2; No. 25 of 1898, s. 1.

10. The trustees and their successors shall thenceforth hold Purposes

of land and convey the land for the purpose exclusively of a cemetery or place for the burial of the dead. No. 5 of 1892, s. 3.


11. From and out of the proceeds of the sales of burial sites Interest on made by the company the company may pay to its share- paid up stock holders who may not desire to take land in the cemetery to the full extent of the stock subscribed and paid for by them interest on their paid up stock not represented by land in the cemetery at such rate as may be agreed on not exceeding eight per centum per annum and may also repay to such shareholders the amount of paid up stock held by them not represented by land in the cemetery.

(2) Every such shareholder of the said company shall be Rights of taken to be a shareholder and shall be entitled to all the rights of shareholders in respect of the shares of the capital stock of the company held by him and fully paid up and which are not represented by land in the cemetery until such shares are repaid to him by the company ; and upon the repayment to him of


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