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22. Such association shall be composed of at least twenty- Number of five persons and every member thereof shall pay annually a Fees sum not less than $1 to the funds of the association and any Declaration person hereafter becoming a member shall sign a declaration in form in the schedule hereto, which declaration shall be written and signed in the book kept by the association for the purpose of entering therein the minutes of their proceedings. No. 15 of 1891-2, ss. 1, 2, 3.

23. Such association shall have power and authority to Government

of association make bylaws, to prescribe the mode or manner of admission of new members, to regulate the election of its officers and generally the administration of its affairs and property. No. 15 of 1891-2, s. 5; No. 38 of 1897, s. 36 (1).

24. The officers and directors of such association shall pre- Annual report pare and present at its annual meeting a detailed report of their operations during the past year indicating the names of all the members of the association, the amount subscribed and paid by each, the names of the factories, creameries, inventions, improvements and products which deserve public notice, and giving all the information which they deem useful to the interests of the dairy industry, and a copy of the said report shall be sent to the Territorial secretary. No. 15 of 1891-2, s. 7; No. 38 of 1897, s. 36 (2).

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North-West Territories.

To Wit: We

do hereby certify that we desire to form a company or association, pursuant to the provisions of part 1 of The Dairymen's Ordinance. The corporate name of the association is to be

and the objects for which the association is to be formed are The capital stock of the association is to consist of shares of

dollars each, and the number of shares shall be

(or limited only as may be provided by the rules of the association).

has been appointed provisional secretary of the said association, and his post office address is

And the name of the place (or places) where the operations of the said association are to be carried on is (or are) Dated this

A.D. 1 (names of persons signing declaration.) On the

A.D. 1 before me personally appeared

day of

day of

to ne known to be the individuals described in the foregoing declaration and they severally before me signed the said declaration and acknowledged that they signed the same for the purposes therein mentioned.

Signature of officer before whom declaration made.



the provisional secretary of the butter and cheese manufacturing association mentioned in the accompanying declaration signed before

Esquire, (style of officer), and dated the

dar of

A.D. 1 , do solemnly declare that the subscribers to such declaration have respectively subscribed to the said association the amount set opposite to their respective names in the second column of the statement hereinafter written and each subscriber has paid on account of his subscription the amount set opposite to his name in the third column of such statement and each such subscription has been paid in cash or otherwise as stated in the fourth column of such statement.

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And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath and by virtue of The Canada Evidence Act 1893. Declared before me at

in the North-West Territories, this

day of A.D. 1

G. H.

I. J., Provisional Secretary. Signature of officer before whom declaration maile.



We the undersigned agree to becoine members of The Dairymen's Association of the North-West Territories” and we hereby severally agree to pay to the treasurer yearly while we continue members of the association the sums set opposite to our respective names hereunder. We further


to conform to the rules and bylaws of the said association.


Sec., Tp., Rg.

P.O. Address. Am't Subscribed


An Ordinance respecting Benevolent and other


HE Lieutenant Governor by and with the advice and con

sent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:


Power to form societies for certain purposes

1. Any five or more persons of full age may become incorporated under this Ordinance for any benevolent or provident purpose or for any other purpose not illegal save and except for the purpose of trade or business or any purpose provided for by any of the Ordinances mentioned in the schedule hereto. No. 19 of 1891-2, s. 1.

Mode of

2. The proceedings to obtain incorporation shall be as fol

incorporation lows:

1. Such persons shall make and sign a declaration in writing setting forth the intended corporate name of the society the purpose of the society, the names of those who are to be the first trustees or managing officers, the mode in which their successors are to be appointed and such other particulars and provisions as the society may think fit provided that the said particulars and provisions are not contrary to law;

2. The declaration may be made and signed in duplicate or in as many parts as may be required ;

3. The said declaration may be produced to any judge of the Supreme Court of the North-West Territories and if the saine appears to him to be in conformity with this Ordinance he shall indorse thereon a certificate to that effect;

4. One of the original parts of the said declaration shall be filed in the office of the registrar of the said Supreme Court at Regina and the fee of fifty cents shall accompany such filing;

5. When these directions shall have been complied with the persons who signed the declaration shall thereby become and they, their associates and successors, shall thenceforward be a body corporate and politic and shall have the powers, rights and immunities vested by law in such bodies. No. 19 of 1891-2, s. 2.

Societies may establish branches

3. The society so incorporated inay from tire to time have or establish and maintain any number of branches thereof to promote the objects of the society. No. 19 of 1891-2, s. 3.


4. The society may from time to time appoint trustees, a treasurer, a secretary and other officers for conducting its affairs and for the discipline and management of the society ;


or of

and may from time to time make bylaws, rules and regulations By laws and for the government and for conducting the affairs of the society

any branches thereof; and may from time to time alter or rescind such bylaws, rules or regulations. No. 19 of 18912, s. 4.

5. Any two or more societies or branches of a society may Different unite and form one society or branch for the purpose of erect- braincices or ing buildings for the use of the societies or branches and, if may unite they so desire, for other purposes, on such terms as may be agreed upon by authority of a resolution assented to by a majority of the members of each of the said societies or branches proposed to be united :

Provided that every such resolution is passed at a general meeting of each of the societies or branches concerned in such union, to be specially called for that purpose. No. 19 of 18912, s. 5.

persons under

6. A person under the age of twenty-one years, elected or Liability of admitted as a member of a society, or appointed to any office age therein, shall be liable to the payment of fees and otherwise under the rules of the society as if he were of full age. No. 19 of 1891-2, s. 6.

from claims
of creditors

wrong person

7. When under the rules of the society money of the society Benefits to becomes payable to or for the use or benefit of a member members thereof such money shall be free from all claims by the credi- Exemption tors of such member; and when on the death of a member of a society any sum of money becomes payable under the rules of the society, the same shall be paid by the treasurer or other officer of the society to the person or persons entitled under the rules thereof or shall be applied by the society as may be provided by such rules; and such money shall be, to the extent of $2,000, free from all claims by the personal representative or creditors of the deceased ; and in case any sum is paid in good Payınent in faith to the person who appears to the treasurer or other officer opon fajith som to be entitled to receive the same, or is applied in good faith for the purposes by the rules provided, no action shall be brought against the society or such treasurer or officer in respect thereof; but nevertheless if it subsequently appears that such money has been paid to the wrong person the person entitled thereto may recover the amount with interest from the person who has wrongfully received it. No. 19 of 1891-2, s. 7.

8. No society or branch incorporated under this Ordinance Powers of shall be entitled to acquire or hold as purchasers or otherwise holding lands any lands or tenements or any interests therein exceeding in the whole at any one time the annual value of $5,000 nor shall the society or branch be entitled to purchase land except for the actual use and occupation of the society for the purposes of the society. No. 19 of 1891-2, s. 8.

9. Any such society or branch may from time to time take Powers as to by gift, devise or bequest, any lands or tenements or any in- taking and

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