Lapas attēli

taken in all respects as regards his duration of office to represent the person in whose stead he has been appointed. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 8.


6. The association may hold general meetings once in the Meetings of year and also such special meetings as the council may from time to time think proper; the annual general meeting shall he held on the third Tuesday in the month of June in each year or such other day near thereto as shall be determined by the council; and further upon the recommendation in writing of six members of the association entitled to vote requesting the council to convene a special general meeting of the association for the purpose specitied in the requisition ; such meeting shall be convened by the president within such reasonable time as the council shall see fit-they first giving such notice thereof as may be required by the bylaws of the corporation and the purpose for which the same is convened. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 9.

of council

7. The persons qualified to vote at elections of members of Election of the council shall be such persons as are at that time members of members the association and the time, place and manner of such elections shall be as laid down by the by laws of the corporation subject to the provisions of this Ordinance. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 10.

8. No person shall be eligible to be elected a member of the Unregistered council unless he be registered in pursuance of this Ordinance. Ineligible No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 11.


9. The charge and conduct of elections shall be under the Conduet of management of the registrar of the council. No. 22 of 1891-92,


$. 12.

10. Every person entitled to vote may vote for five persons. Votes No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 13.

11. Such votes shall be given by closed voting papers to be Method

of voting obtained from the registrar prior to the day of election in form A in schedule 1 hereto or to the like effect signed by the voter and delivered to the registrar on any of the twenty days preceding the day of election. Any voting papers delivered to the said registrar by post during the time aforesaid shall be deemed delivered to him. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 14.

of office

12. The five persons who have the highest number of votes Persons shall be the members of the council for the two years following the date of such election and until their successors are appointed. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 16.

13. Any person entitled to vote at any election shall be en- Voters present titled to be present at the opening of the voting papers at such election. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 17.

at count

14. In case of an equality of votes between two or more Equality persons which leaves the election of one or more of the mem

of votes

bers of the council undecided, the registrar shall in the presence of the scrutineers forthwith put into a box a number of papers with the names of the candidates having such equality of votes written thereon one for each candidate and the registrar in the presence of the scrutineers shall draw by chance from such ballot box one or more of such ballot papers sufficient to make up the required number and the persons whose names are upon such papers so drawn shall be such members. No. 22 of 189192, s. 18.


Officers to be elected

15. The council of the said corporation for the time being shall at their first meeting after the election of the council elect from among their members a president, a vice president and a registrar and such officers as the council may consider necessary. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 19.


Property of association

Sale or mortgage

16. The council of the association shall have the sole control and management of the real and personal property of such association subject to the bylaws thereof:

Provided always that no sale or mortgage of any such property shall be made except with the approbation and concurrence of a general meeting of the members of the said corporation specially called for such purpose.

No. 22 of 1891-92,

S. 24.


General rules and by laws

17. The council shall have power to make such bylaws, rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this Ordinance as they shall deem necessary for the carrying out of the objects of the association and from time to time may amend, revoke or substitute others in their stead; and such bylaws, rules and regulations may also be amended, altered or repealed in whole or in part at any annual general meeting of the association provided previous notice be given of the intention so to do, such notice to be given in accordance with the bylaws in force for the time being. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 25.


Registry to be kept

18. It shall be the duty of the registrar to make and keep a correct register in accordance with the provisions hereof of all persons who are registered under the provisions hereof and to enter their qualifications opposite the names of all registered persons who shall have filed a statement of such and from time to time make the necessary alterations in the address of persons so registered. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 20.

Persons entitled to admission

19. The registrar shall admit upon the register of the Pharmaceutical Association of the North-West Territories:

(1) Any person possessing a diploma or certificate of admission to practise as a pharmaceutical chemist in any part of Her Majesty's dominions by any pharmaceutical association or college of pharmacy empowered by law to grant such diploma or certificate;

(2) Any person who shall produce satisfactory evidence that he has been engaged in the actual practise of the profession of chemist and druggist, or dispensing chemist or apothecary, either as clerk or manager, for at least four years prior to the twenty-fifth day of January, 1892, and who was at that time a resident of the Territories;

(3) Any person complying with section 22 of this Ordinance. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 21.

right to

20. No names shall be entered in the register except author- Evidence of ised to be registered nor except the registrar is satisfied by admission proper evidence that the person claiming is entitled to be registered, and any appeal from the decision of the registrar may Appeals from be decided by the council of the association, and any entry registrar which shall be proved to the satisfaction of the council to have Fraudulent been fraudulently or incorrectly made may be amended or entries erased in the register by order of such council. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 22.

21. Upon any person being registered as aforesaid he shall Certificate of be entitled to receive a certiticate in form B in schedule 1 here. registration to, or to the like effect, under the corporate seal of the association and signed by the registrar, and shall lie entitled to receive a similar certificate annually upon payment of a fee to be determined by the council. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 27.


22. Every candidate for examination shall produce evidence Examination that he has served at least four years in a drug store, and shall of students pass an examination which shall embrace chemistry, pharmacy, botany, materia medica, reading and translating prescriptions and practical dispepsing; and after passing this examination and producing the required certiticates shall be registered a pharmaceutical chemist. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 4.

23. The examination referred to shall take place and be Rules for regulated by such rules, regulations or bylaws as may be in examinations force at the tine such examination is heli; and all candidates for the same shall pay such fees as may be imposed by any such rules, regulations or bylaws. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 5.

24. The council of the association shall have authority, not- Examinations withstanding anything contained in this Orlinance, to prescribe the subjects upon which candidates for competency shall be examined and to establish a senle of fees to be paid by persons Fees applying for examination. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 23.


25. The several articles named or described in schedules Poisons

2 and 3 hereto shall be deemed to be poisonous within the meaning of the provisions hereof, and the council of the association may from time to time by resolution declare that any other article in such resolution named ought to be deemed a poison within the meaning hereof; and thereupon the said association shall submit the same to the approval of the Lieutenant Gorernor in Council; and if such approval shall be given then such resolution and approval shall be advertised in The North-West Territories Gazette, and on the expiration of two inonths from such advertisement the article named in the resolution shall be deemed to be “poison” within the meaning hereof and the same shall be subject to the provisions herein contained. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 29; No.38 of 1897, s. 27 (1).

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Sale of poisons

26. It shall be unlawful to sell any poison named in the first part of said schedule 2, either by wholesale or retail, unless the bottle, vessel, wrapper or cover in which such poison is contained is distinctly labelled with the name of the article and the word “poison", and if sold by retail then also with the name and address of the establishment in which such poison is sold; and it shall be unlawful to sell any poison mentioned in the first part of schedule 2 to any person unknown to the seller unless introduced by some person known to the seller; and on every sale of such article the person actually selling the same shall before delivery make an entry in a book to be kept for that purpose in form C in schedule 1 hereto stating the date of such sale, the name and address of the purchaser, the name and quantity of the article sold, the purpose for which it is stated by the purchaser to be required, and the name of the person, if any, who introiluced him, to which entry the signature of the purchaser shall be affixed :

(2) Any person selling the drugs mentioned in schedule 3 hereto shall also comply with the provisions of this section. No. 22 of 1991-92, s. 30.




Rights of registered persons


27. Any person registered and no other shall be entitled a "Pharmaceutical chemist;" and no other person except a pharmaceutical chemist as aforesaid, or his employee or employees,

shall be authorised to compound prescriptions of legally authorFees to be paid ised or other medical practitioners or of other persons; and no

person shall be entitled to take part in any of the proceedings of the said association who is in default in respect to any fee payable by him by virtue hereof. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 26. .

28. It shall be unlawful for any person to keep open shop for retailing, dispensing or compounding poisons other than those contained in schedule 3 hereto, or to assume the title “ Chemist and Druggist” or “ Pharmaceutical Chemist” or

Druggist” or “Pharmacist” or “ Apothecary” or “ Dispensing Chemist (I)ruggist)" in any part of the North-West Territories unless such person shall be a member of the association hereby incorporated. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 28.

Prohibitions against non members

of charges


29. No person selling any article or articies in violation of No recovery the provisions of this Ordinance shall recover any charges in where respect thereof in any court of law or equity nor shall any violated branch drug business be carried on by a pharmaceutical chemist Branch unless he employs in it a duly registered pharmaceutical chemist. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 33.


30. Any person transgressing any of the provisions herein Penalties contained, or selling any poison in violation thereof, shall for the tirst offence incur a penalty not exceeding $100 and costs of prosecution : and for each offence subsequent to such conviction a penalty not exceeding $200 and costs of prosecution, to be recovered in a summary manner before any justice of the peace. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 31.

31. In any prosecution hereunder it shall be incumbent on Prosecutions the defendant todirove that he is entitled to sell or keep open shop for compounding medicines or retailing poisons and to assume the title of cheinist and druggist or other like title to the like effect; and the production of a certiticate purporting to Evidence be under the hand of the registrar and under the seal of the said association showing that he is so entitled shall be prima facie evidence that he is so entitled. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 32.


32. L'pon the resolution of the council of the association Removal from being passed declaring that any person, in consequence of his register for

improper conviction for any offence or offences against the provisions conduct hereof, is in the opinion of such council unfit to be on the register the Lieutenant Governor may direct that the name of such person shall be erased from such register, and it shall be the duty of the registrar to erase the same accordingly. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 35; No. 38 of 1897, s. 27 (2).


33. Nothing herein contained shall extend to interfere with Exceptions in the privileges conferred upon physicians and surgeons by any Medical Ordinance relating to the practise of medicine and surgery in practitioners, the North-West Territories, and they may be registered as pharmaceutical chemists without undergoing examination ; nor Sale to shall it prevent any person whatever from selling goods of any Prugkists or kind to any person ligally authorised to carry on the business reterinaries of an apothecary, chemist or druggist, or the profession of a doctor of medicine, physician or surgeon, nor to veterinary surgeons ; nor to prevent the members of such professions supplying to their patients such medicine as they may require; and

certain cases


upon the decease of any person legally authorised and Executors of actually carrying on the business of chemist and druggist at chemist the time of his death it shall be lawful for the executors, administrators or trustee or trustees of the estate of such persons to continue sach business so long only as such business shall be bona fide conducted by a pharmaceutical chemist. No. 22 of 1891-92, s. 34.


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