Lapas attēli

reported to him to be in an unsafe condition and to notify in writing the owner or person using such boiler to make such repairs as he may deem necessary in order to render such boiler serviceable and safe for use, No. 10 of 1898, s. 12.

Unsafe boiler not to be used

13. Any boiler declared to be unsafe by an inspector shall not be used until such repairs as are ordered by the inspector have been made and any person operating a boiler declared to be unsafe by an inspector before the repairs ordered by the inspector are completed shall be guilty of an offence and upon summary conviction thereof liable to a penalty of $50. No. 10 of 1898, s. 13.


Provision of fusible plug

14. Every steam boiler shall be provided with a fusible plug of good banca tin inserted in the fues, crown sheet or other part of the boiler most exposed to the heat of the furnace when the water therein falls below the prescribed limit so that the plug will fuse and put the fire out. No. 10 of 1898, s. 14.

Steam gauge

15. Every steam boiler shall be provided with a reliable steam guage of approved make. No. 10 of 1898, s. 15.

Inspector to have free access for inspection

16. The owner or operator of any steam boiler shall allow the inspector free access to the same and shall furnish water and fill the boiler to permit of the hydrostatic test being made and when necessary shall remove any jacket or covering from the boiler as directed by the inspector. He shall also assist the inspector in making his inspection and shall point out any defect that he may know of or believe to exist in the boiler or machinery connected therewith. No. 10 of 1898, s. 16.

Owner or operator to assist inspector

Boilers in course of construction

17. Inspectors shall have the right at all reasonable hours

to examine boilers in course of construction or undergoing or repair inay repair and to refuse to grant a certificate of inspection for any

boiler found to be improperly constructed or repaired or of which permission to make such inspection has been refused. No. 10 of 1898, s. 17.

Record to be kept

18. Every inspector shall keep a true record of all boilers inspected and all repairs ordered by him, of all boilers condemned by him as unsafe, of all accidents to boilers in his district whether by explosion or otherwise and of all casualties in connection with boilers in his district. No. 10 of 1898, s. 18.

Annual report

19. Every inspector shall render annually on or before the thirty-tirst day of January in each year a concise report to the commissioner of all inspections made by him during the preceding year and of all accidents and casualties that may have happened connected with the operation of steam boilers within his district. No. 10 of 1898, s. 19.


Operating boilers

20. Any person not holding a final or provisional certificate of qualification as an engineer under this Ordinance who at any time after six months after the 19th day of September 1898 without operates any steam boiler or is in charge of any steain boiler while in operation whether as owner or as engineer shall be liable on summary conviction to a penalty of not less than Penalty $5 and not more than $50. No. 10 of 1898, s. 20.


21. The holder of a certificate of qualification as an engineer Certificates froin any incorporated body authorised to grant such certificates who hold of qualification for operating steam boilers and engines or from certificates of the Dominion or any Provincial government or from any competent authority in any other portion of the British Enipire or the United States shall be entitled upon making application to the commissioner and upon payment of a fee of $3 to obtain a certificate of qualification as an engineer and to be registered under the provisions of this Ordinance.

(2) Any person who on the 19th day of September 1898 Provisional had been during two years engaged in the operation of any steam boiler or boilers, upon producing a certificate of his uniform good conduct and sobriety from the owner or owners by whom he had been enıployed (if he be not himself the owner) and also from some responsible person not connected with the business of such owner or owners and a resident in the district in which such boiler or boilers have been so operated, shall be entitled upon making application to the commissioner within six months after the said date and up in payment of $3 to receive a provisional certificate of qualitication for any period not exceeding one year.

(3) The holder of a provisional certificate of qu»lification Final may at any time after the issue of such certificate upon the holders of reconinendation of an inspector be granted a final certificate of provisional qualification as an engineer and be registered under the provisions of this Ordinance upon payment of a fee of $3.

(4) Before issuing a recommendation for the registration of Examination and issue of a final certiticate to the holder of any provisional provisional certiticate as provided by subsection 3 of this section the certificate inspector shall thoroughly examine the bolder of such provisional certificate as to his knowledge of the construction, care and operation of stationary steam boilers and engines and shall satisfy himself of the competency of the holder of such provisional certificate before recommending that he be registered and granted a final certificate under the provisions of this Ordinance.

(5) The commissioner may upon due cause being shown Cancellation cancel any certificate issued under the provisions of this Ordi- of certificate

No. 10 of 1898, s. 21.



22. Any candidate who considers he hus been unfairly Appeal from dealt with by any inspector may appeal in writing to the inspector commissioner setting forth such grievance and the commissioner shall at once cause such charge to be investigated and shall give a decision in the matter which shall be final. No. 10 of 1898, s. 22.

Certificate to be posted or produced to inspector

23. Every person holding a certificate under this Ordinance shall expose it in some conspicuous place in the engine or boiler room in which he is employed or cause it to be attachel to the engine or boiler which he is in charge of and in default shall be liable upon summary conviction to a penalty of not less than $5 and not more than $20.

(2) If such person be employed in charge of a portable engine and boiler he shall produce his certificate for inspection on being required so to do by any inspector.

(33) The absence of such certificate or its nonproduction on demand shall be prima facie evidence that the person operating the engine and boiler has no certificate. No. 10 of 1898,

Ibsence or nonproduction of certificate

S. 23.

Year's service requisite

Examination to follow

24. Any person (other than those mentioned in section 21 of this Ordinance) who may desire to qualify for registration and to obtain a certificate entitling him to operate steam boilers and engines connected therewith in the Territories shall serve twelve months as assistant to the holder of a final certificate issued in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance and at the expiration of such term shall pass an examination before one of the inspectors appointed under this Ordinance to prove that he has the necessary knowledge of the construction, care and operation of stationary steam boilers and engines connected therewith; if the inspector conducting such examination is satistied as to the knowledge and qualitication of the candidate and also to his having served the terin of twelve months as herein provided he shall issue a certificate to that effect. Upon filing this certificate with the commis. sioner and paying a fee of $3 the candidate shall be duly registered and granted a final certificate.

(2) Each candidate examined by an inspector as above provided shall pay such inspector a fee of $3 for such examination. No. 10 of 1898, s. 24.


Persons acting in absence

23. In case any owner of a steam boiler shows to the satisof certified faction of an inspector that lie is unable by reason of some engineer

unforeseen occurrence to immediately secure the services of a duly qualified person to operate such boiler the inspector may grant a perinit to any person producing satisfactory evidence of good conduct and sobriety to operate such boiler for a period of ninety days from the date of such application and in such case no penalty shall be incurred by reason of operating such

steam boiler during the period covered by such permit. Fee for permit (2) A fee of $3 shall be paid to the inspector for every such

permit issued by him. No. 10 of 1898, s. 25.


Regulations and forms


26. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may from time to time make such regulations and prescribe such forms as may deemed necessary for the proper carrying into effect of the provisions of this Ordinance. No. 10 of 1898, s. 26.


27. The fees payable under this Ordinance shall be paid into Fees the general revenue fund. No. 10 of 1898, s. 27.


28. Any person guilty of a breach of any of the provisions Penalties of this Ordinance for which no provision is herein made shall on suminary conviction thereof be liable to a penalty not exceeding $50. No. 10 of 1899, s. 28.




I hereby certify that I have this day inspected the steam boiler and steam connections owned by of

in the district of

and described as follows:

and having applied hydrostatic pressure, hainmer test and carefully examined the said boiler and connections have found the same in

condition and therefore authorise a steam pressure of

pounds as a working pressure for the said boiler and no more.

[blocks in formation]


An Ordinance respecting Ferries.

HE Lieutenant Governor by and with the advice and con-

seut of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:


Short title

1. This Ordinance may be cited as “The Ferries Ordinance." No. 29 of 1897, s. 1.


Interpretation 2. In this Ordinance unless the context otherwise requiresCommis- 1. The expression “commissioner" means the Commissioner sioner"

of Public Works of the Territories; “Ferry" 2. The expression “ferry” or

“ ferries” means any scow, barge or boat used for the purpose of carrying passengers, freight, vehicles or animals across any river or other body of

water; “Licensee" 3. The expression “ licensee" means any person or persons

holding a license to operate a ferry in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance. No. 29 of 1897, s. 2.

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Issue of license

3. Sulvject to the provisions of this Ordinance the commissioner may at any time issue a license to any person or persons for the establishment and operation of a ferry or ferries on any river, stream or other body of water in the Territories granting the exclusive right to maintain and operate the said ferry or ferries within the limits specified in such license and upon such terms as to him may seem fit. No. 29 of 1897, s. 3.

Terms of license

4. No license shall be granted for –

(a) A longer term than three years ;
(6) Any exclusive right for a greater limit than three

miles up and three miles down the stream measured
along the stream from the point at which the ferry is

operated as specified in the license ; (c) Any ferry of which the scow, barge or boat is not of

sufficient capacity to carry safely one waggon containing three thousand pounds together with two horses or other draught animals attached thereto. No. 29 of 1897, s. 4.

Size of ferry and limits of operation.

5. Every ferry license granted shall specify the kind and size of scow, barge or boat to be used in such ferrying, the limits of the stream, river or other body of water within whichi such ferry is to be operated, the period of time covered by such

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