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Now the condition of this

obligation is that if the principal faithfully discharges the duties of the said office and duly accounts for all money's and property which come into his custody by virtue of the said office, this obligation shall be void.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of


Now the condition of the above obligation is such that if the principal so appointed to the said office or employment as aforesaid, do and shall from time to time and at all times, so long as he shall hold the said office or employinent or be and remain charged with the actual discharge of the duties appertaining thereto, or any of them, faithfully, honestly, and diligently do, perform, fulfill and discharge all and every such duties, in every respect in accordance with the laws now in force in that behalf, as also all and singular such other duties as by competent authority in that behalf now are or hereafter shall or may be attached to the said office or employment, or imposed upon or required to be performed by the incumbent for the time being of the said office or employment, whether such last mentioned duties are regulated or imposed by any Ordinance or Ordinances of the Territories heretofore passed or that may hereafter be passed by the Legislative Assembly of the said Territories or by any Order or regulations made under any such Ordinance, and whether such duties are extended, increased or otherwise varied or altered by any such Ordinance or Ordinances so to be passed, or by any such Order or regulations as aforesaid, or are regulated or imposed, or are extended, increased or otherwise varied or altered by competent authority, and shall duly account for and pay over all such moneys or securities for money or valuable securities or property as shall come into his hands, custody or control by

virtue of or in consequence of his holding the said office;

And further, if the principal, upon his removal from, or his resignation of the said office or employment, or if in the event of his death during his tenure of the said office or

employment, his legal representatives, or some or one of them, do and shall quietly surrender and deliver up the saine, and all the moneys, securities for money, valuable securities, or property, books, papers, instruments, instructions, maps, plans, letters and writings, and other things whatever, which then may be, or ought to be, in his possession, custody or keeping, by virtue of or in consequence of his holding the said office, or relating or in anywise appertaining thereto, then the above obligation shall be null and. void and of no effect: otherwise the same shall be and remain in full force and virtue.

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North-West Territories, make oath and say that I was personally present, and did see

the obligors in the above bond or writing obligatory named, duly execute the said instrument by signing, sealing and, as their respective acts and deeds, delivering the same, and that I am a subscribing witness to such execution.

[blocks in formation]

(A separate affidarit in this form shall be made by a witness to the execution of each obligor, if the same person does not witness the execution by all of them.)


North-West Terri

tories, to wit:


I, A.B., one of the sureties in the annexed bond named, make oath and say, as follows:

1. I am seized and possessed to my own and personal) estate at

Territories of the actual value of $

use of real (or real

in the North-West

over and above

all charges upon or incumbrances affecting the same.

2. My post office address is as follows:

[blocks in formation]

(A separate affidavit to be made by each surety.)


The indorsement on the bond shall show: 1. The date of its receipt by the Territorial Secretary. 2. The names of the principal and sureties, and the amount for which each is bound. 3. The date of the bond. 4. The office for the faithful discharge of the duties whereof it is given. 5. The registration number. 6. The folio on which it is entered in the register of bonds. R.O. c. 4.


An Ordinance respecting the Registration of Births,
Marriages and Deaths.

HE Lieutenant Governor by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Territories enacts as follows:


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1. This Ordinance may be cited as The Vital Statistics Short title Ordinance." No. 34 of 1897, s. 1.


2. In this Ordinance unless the context otherwise requires

1. The expression "minister" means the member of the "Minister" Executive Council administering this Ordinance;

2. The expression "department" means the department pre- "Department" sided over by the minister administering this Ordinance ;

3. The expression "occupier" where used in sections eight "Occupier" and twelve of this Ordinance shall be construed to include the master, governor, keeper, warden or superintendent of a gaol, prison, penitentiary, lunatic asylum, poor asylum, hospital or other public or private charitable institution. of 1897, s. 2.


tion by

3. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may direct this Ordi- Administra nance to be administered by any member of the Executive Territorial Council by name or otherwise; and in the absence of any such secretary direction the Ordinance shall be administered by the Territorial secretary. No. 34 of 1897, s. 3.


4. For the purposes of this Ordinance the Lieutenant Gover- Registration nor in Council shall establish divisions for the registration of divisions births, marriages and deaths occurring within the limits of such divisions and shall appoint registrars therefor. No. 34 of Registrars 1897, s. 4.

5. The department shall from time to time supply the Forms registrars with the forms necessary for the discharge of the duties herein imposed on them; and it shall be the duty of such registrars to apply to the department for the issue of such forms whenever they may require them.

(2) The costs and expenses of such forms and the expenses attendant upon the distribution thereof shall be paid out of the general revenue fund of the Territories.

Monthly returns

Registrar's fees

(3) In case of the termination of the appointment of any registrar by death, resignation or otherwise, all such forms and other matters pertaining to his duties under this Ordinance. in his possession or that of his representative shall be forthwith delivered to his successor. No. 34 of 1897, s. 5.

6. Each registrar shall within the first week of each month in every year transmit to the department duly certified under his hand the forms containing the original entries of all births, marriages or deaths reported to him during the previous month. No. 34 of 1897, s. 6,

7. Each registrar shall receive a fee to be paid out of the general revenue fund of the Territories of twenty-five cents for each birth, marriage or death reported to him and duly returned to the departinent as herein provided. No. 34 of 1897, s. 7.

Persons to


8. The father of any child born in the Territories or (in case register births of his death or absence) the mother or (in case of the death or inability of both parents) any person standing in the place of the parents or if there is no such person then the occupier of the house or tenement in which to his knowledge the child was born or the nurse present at the birth shall within one month from the date of the birth give notice thereof to the registrar of the division in which the child was born, giving as far as possible the particulars required in form A in the schedule to this Ordinance with such additional information as may be required by the minister from time to time. No. 34 of 1897, s. 8.

Registration of illegitimate children


9. In registering the birth of an illegitimate child, it shall not be lawful for the name of any person to be entered as the father un ess at the joint request of the mother and of the person acknowledging himself to be the father; and in all cases of the registration of the birth of illegitimate children the registrar shall write the word "Illegitimate" in the column set apart for the name of the child and immediately under the name if any. No. 34 of 1897, s. 9.

10. When the birth of any child has been registered and the name (if any) by which it was registered has been altered or (if it was registered without a name) when a name is given it, the parent or guardian of the child or other person procuring such name to be altered or given may within two years next after the date of the birth deliver to the department a certificate signed by the clergyman or person who performed the rite of baptism upon which the name was given or altered or (if the child is not baptised) signed by the father, mother or guardian of the child or other person procuring the name of the child to be given or altered; and the necessary alterations shall be made in margin of the form containing the original

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