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North CAROLINA, number of witnesses to | Notice of NON-PAYMENT, common carrier
wills necessary in, 788. .

has a right to modify his liability by,
mechanics’ liens, abstract of law of, 769.

Note, promissory, differs from bill of ex- of carrier's liability, may be indirectly
change, 163

brought home to a person, 270.
indorsed in blank always transferable by general, will be enough to give to agents
delivery, 171.

of insurer in case of loss, 425.
when incomplete and invalid, 171.
to a fictitious payee with same name in-

dorsed by maker, will be held the mak. Obligee, one to whom the obligor is boun
er's own note, 171.

in a bond, 105.
payable to different persons, in the alter- Obligor, one bound by a bond. 105.
native, not good, 172.

held to pay so much only as will indez .
payable at any place should be demanded

nify the obligee, 106.
there, 185.

OFFICERS OF Ship, not salvors, 344.
when not presented for payment, all par- Ohio, law as to rights of married women in
ties but acceptor or maker are dis-

in, 205.

charged, 185.

days of grace allowed, and legal holidays
sale of, when amounting to usury, 306, 307.
Notice, of protest, must be given, even to statute of limitations in, 294.
one who has knowledge, 187.

usury laws of, 311.
no particular form of necessary, 187.

number of witnesses and acknowledg:
if letters be put in the office, any miscar.

ment required to deeds of land executed
riage does not affect the party giving

in, 541.
notice, 187.

abstract of laws relating to collection and
should be sent by public post, 187.

recovery of debts in, 739.
should be sent to place of business or res-

chattel mortgages, statute of, 662
idence of party notified, 188.

number of witnesses to wills, 788.
of non payment, should be sent in reason.

mechanics' liens, abstract of law of, 770.
able time, 188.

OKLAHOMA, abstract of laws, 54, 205, 294,
right to, may be waived by agreement,

311, 541, 660, 740, 770, 789.

OREGON, law as to rights of married women
death or severe illness is excuse for delay

days of grace allowed, and legal holidays
want of, may be cured by express promise

in, 205.
to pay, 191.

statute of limitations in, 295.
NOTICE OF NON-PAYMENT, there is no pre- usury law of, 311.
sumption of, 189.

number of witnesses and acknowledgment
each party receiving, has a day before he required to deeds of land executed in,

is to send it forward, 188.
should be given only by a party liable on abstract of laws relating to collection and
the instrument, 189.

recovery of debts in, 741.
must be given to every antecedent party chattel mortgages regulated by statute in,
who is to be held, 189.

may be given to a party personally or his number of witnesses to wills necessary in,

agent, 189.
may be given to either of partners jointly mechanics' liens, abstract of law of, 770.

liable; if not partners, then to each Owner may recover goods from an honest
one, 190.

purchaser who has bought from one
one transferring, without indorsement by with defective title, 119.
delivery, is not generally entitled to

to, cannot recover from one who bought in

good faith from one who bought fraud.
to agent is notice to the principal, 189.

ulently from the owner, 219.

in, 54.

of, 191.



UWNERS, when bound by master's acts, 346, | PARTNERship, is not credited by single joint

transaction, 229.
when liable for injuries done by master, all persons competent to do business on

their own account may enter into, 229.
of sacrificed property acquire claim for when created, 228.
contribution, 403.

no especial form is necessary for, 229.

may be formed how, 229.

usually is but one business name to a,
PARTNERS, liability and authority k egin when,


principal test of, is participation in profits,
may share the profits or losses as they 231.
choose, 229.

may hold real as well as personal estate,
persons may be liable as, to third persons

who are not as between themselves, 230.

can have no seal at law, 236.
who is a secret, dormant, or nominal, 230.

money lent one partner for partnership
factors, brokers, etc., are not partners

purposes, makes a debt of the, 237.
with those employing them, 231.

firm is liable only to one who deals with
may dissolve the partnership at pleasure

a partner in good faith, 238.
when working no disadvantage to the

may be liable for injury caused by crimi.
others, 231.

nal acts of a partner, 238.
dissolution occurs by death of a general

funds of, must first be applied to partner.
or special, 232.

ship debts, 241.
dissolution also when one partner's whole

creditors cannot attach private property
interest is sold on execution, 233.

till private creditors are satisfied, 241.
dormant or secret partner is not liable for

property goes, in case of death of one
debts contracted after his retirement,

partner, to the others, only for purpose

of settlement, 243.
should give notice of retirement, 233.

limited, requisites of, 244.

effect of dissolution of, 243.
each one is agent for all, 234.
one cannot bind the firm by a guaranty, a

dissolution of, held to avoid policy of in-
letter of credit, or submission to arbi-

surance, 424.
tration without authority, 235.

Part OWNERS OF Ships, rights and obliga.

tions of, 323
may bind the firm by instrument under
seal, 235.

of ships, not necessarily partners, 323.
must act as such, to bind the firm, 236.

may sell his share of ship, 323.
reception of a new, makes a new firm, 237.

all are liable for repairs to ship, 323.
borrowing money for partnership pur-

ship's husband, is commonly one of, 324
poses creates a partnership debt, 237. PASSAGE-MONEY, rules of, analogous to those
obtaining credit for partnership purposes

of freight, 334.
makes the firm liable, 237.

PASSENGERS, may be salvor, 344.
partner in general cannot sue another for PATENTS, the law of, 664.

claim growing out of partnership inter- what may be patented, 664.
ests, 239.

who is entitled to a patent, 664.
either may sue for balance on adjustment what will prevent the granting of a patent,
of accounts, 239.

may sue his copartner for money ad- mode of proceeding to obtain a patent,

vanced before partnership formed, 239. 665.
who pays more than his share of a debt applications; what, and how to be made,
must charge the firm, 240.

the firm may sue for goods sold in the

specifications; what, and how to be made,
name of one, 240.

surviving, are tenants in common only oath, or affirmation; what, and how to be

with representatives of deceased, 243. made, 668.

in, 205.

PATENTS, foreigners; what they must do, 669. | PAYMENT, every demand for should be made

drawings; how they must be made and at the proper place, 185.
sent to the patent-office, 669.

part, takes debt from under statute of
model; how it must be made and sent to limitation, 281.
the patent-office, 670.

debtor may appropriate, to any one of
examination, when, and how made in the several debts, 281.
patent-office, 670.

PENALTY, of a bond, 105.
appeals to the examiners-in-chief, 672. for not signing shipping articles, 350.
appeals to the Supreme Court of the Dis- for discharging seamen without their con-
trict of Columbia, 673.

sent, 353.
rules regulating the above appeals, 673. PENNSYLVANIA, law as to rights of married
interferences, 674.

women in, 54.
re-issues, and surrender, 675.

days of grace allowed, and legal holidays
disclaimers, 678.
extensions, 678.

statute of limitations in, 299.
designs, how they may be patented, 678. usury laws of, 311.
foreign patents, do not prevent taking number of witnesses and acknowledgment
one here, 681.

required to deeds of land executed in.
caveats, 681.

assignments and grants of patent-rights, abstract of laws relating to collection and

recovery of debts in, 742.
fees payable to the patent-office; what, chattel mortgages, regulated by statute
and how payable, 687.

in, 661.
testimony,how taken and transmitted, 688. number of witnesses to wills necessary in,
PATENT Law of the Dominion of Canada, 789.

mechanics' liens, abstract of law of, 771.
PAYEE, of bill of exchange, 167.

PERILS, of the sea, 388.
of promissory note, 166.

by fire, 389.
must be designated, 170.

Pilots, responsibilities of, 353.
PAYMENT, how may be made, 147.

Place, what is meant by law of, 312.
negotiable bill or note, is not an absolute, general principles of law of, 312.

law of, influencing contracts, 314.
appropriation of, among several debts, Policy, of insurance, 370.

subsequent additions to, 371.
may be appropriated at time of, by payor, of insurance, how affected by assignment

impossibility of presenting a bill for, ex. of insurance, assignment of, 372.
cuse some delay, 183.

of insurance, when altered, 371.
tinc of, in negotiable pare, must not de- when open or valued, 372.
pend on a contingency, 168.

wager, 372.
of negotiable paper, must be in money, value insured in an open, 373.

memorandum in, 379.
of bills, notes, etc., is to be demanded

express warranty in, 379.
promptly, though need not be done in- embraces what perils, 387.
stantly, 184.

providing against barratry by cause in, 390
demand of, is sufficient, if made at usual

liberty, 393.
residence or place of business of pryer, as to total loss, in the provisions of the

what constitutes demand, and refusal of valuation in the, generally determines the

estimate of the loss, 398.
bankruptcy or insolvency no excuse for of fire insurance, what recessary to exo
not demanding, 183.

cutinn of, 407.
bills on demand should be presented in a rhen daknyad, and amour out bound

reasonable time for, 184.




Policy, subsequent ratification by an agent, | Policy, how affected by the words "at,"
what effect, 408.

“ to," and "at and from,” 394.
of fire insurance, how constructed as to on goods attaches when, 394.
description, 408.

Port, what is meant by, in policy, 394.
intention must be expressed in, 408. Power, to sell, implies power to warrant,
words “stock in trade" include what in, etc., 209.

of ship-master, 346–350.
memorandum on back of, 409.

of attorney, custom-house, 366.
mistake in, 409.

PREMIUM, when due and how paid, 385.
when some parts written, some printed, when may be returned, 385.

how paid in case of life insurance, 431.
containing scale of premiums, 410.

in case of life insurance when paid, 431.
when void, for false statement of appli. extra required in what cases, 433.
cant, 410.

PRESENTMENT, for acceptance, 180.
how affected by greater hazard for a time, should be made during business hours,

when made by consignee will be construed should be made to drawee or his agent,
to cover his interest only, when no in-

terest is expressed, 415.

for demand of payment, 182.
by commission merchant, in his own for demand of payment, same for notes

name, when it may cover goods of vari. and bills, 182.
ous consignors, 415.

for demand of payment, universal rule of
provisions against double insurance, 416. law merchant in regard to, 184.
when separate statements are part of, PRESUMPTION OF LAW, affecting contracts

how, 801.
indorsement made upon, may take effect PRINCIPAL is bound by acts of the agent,

as part of, though made before executed,

may confer authority on agent how, 209.
when statement not construed as part of, has power of revocation in general, 213.

when undisclosed, may show that the
difference between marine and fire, 419.

nominal party was actually his agent,
when avoided by misrepresentations or 216.
concealments, 419.

is responsible for injuries resulting from
always avoided by warranty broken, 419. a fraudulent representation of the
parties may make a valued, 422.
is personal contract between the parties, bound by payment of money to an

agent only when done in regular course
against fire, contains provision against of business, 216.
assignment, 424.

not responsible for criminal acts, unless
production of, certificate of loss, is condi. he expressly commanded them, 217.
tion precedent to payment, 424.

who accepts the benefit of an act done by
difference of adjustment between marine his agent discharges him from respon.

sibility therefor, 217.
assignment of, should be made on it, 429. general rule is, he may revoke his agent's
assent of insurers had best be obtained authority at pleasure, 220.
to assignment of, 429.

cannot revoke authority given to factor
time of death in case of life insurance has after advances made, 222.

important effect on payment of the, Profits, how valued and insured, 373.

PROMISE, of promissory note, 168.
restrictions on the life insured in the, 432. must be supported by a consideration, 97.
when avoided by death by suicide, 433. to pay another's debt when original, when
takes effect from date, 394.

collateral, 143, 144.
never attaches in case of unreasonable in negotiable paper, must be absolute,
delay in sailing, 394.


207, 208.

agent, 216.

and fire, 425.


ship, 233.

PROMISE, barred under statute of limitations,


Real PROPERTY, may be held by partner.
sufficient to take case from statute
of limitations, 280.

oral bargain for, of no effect, 450.
new, not implied from mere acknowledg.

REASONABLE TIME, allowed by law for an
ment, 280.

acceptance of an offer ; what this time
implied by part payment, 281.

is, 70.
PROMISE, can never be enforced by one who

RECEIPTS, definition of, 150.
knew the performance thereof impossi-

open to explanation or contradiction, 151.
ble, 101.
cannot be enforced when supported only RECORDING of deeds, essentials of, 444.

in deed, may be shown not for value, 446
by a valueless consideration, though it

RECOVERY OF DEBTS, attachment, trustee
was at first apparently good, 102.

process, garnishee process, homestead,
when severable, what may or may not be

and exemption from execution, 703.
enforced, 102.

RECOVERY OF DEBTS, abstract of the laws
for work to be done, when broken without

of the States respecting: 705.
good cause by promisor, he cannot

REGISTRATION OF Ships, 318-320.
recover, 102.

RELEASE, differs from receipt, 151.
PROMISOR, of promissory note, 166.

in the nature of a contract, requires con
PROMISSORY Note, differs from bill of ex. sideration, 151.
change, 166.

Repairs, of ship, 340.
is what, 167.

value of old material should be deducted
not negotiable when, 168.

in case of, 404.
on demand is considered as intended as a how affecting insurer and insured, 413.
continuing security, 180.

REPRESENTATION, and warranty, 417.
PROPERTY, legal meaning of word, 117.

differs from a warranty, 418.
of partnership is bound to pay partner- how affecting the policy, 417.
ship debts, 241.

if in writing or in parol, 419.
insured, description of, 386.

in case of life insurance, 434-438.
insured must contribute to general aver- RETRACT, when and how one may retract his
age when, 402.

offer, 71.
claim for contribution acquired by owners REVOCATION is in general within the power
of sacrificed, 403.

of the principal, 213.
under insurance, effect of alterations on, of submission may be made by eithe

party, 254.
PROPOSALS, of insurance, 370.

of submission, the other party has dan
Protest, and notice, 186–191.

ages for, 254.
demand and, must be made according to of submission, notice must be given of, 255.

law of the place where the bill is pay- of submission, bankruptcy does not amount
able, 186.

to, 255.
loss of bill no excuse for not protesting, of an offer, when, how, by whom, 71.

REVOCATION or Wills, 780.
should be made on day of demand and RHODE ISLAND, law as to rights of married
refusal, 186.

women in, 55.
Notice of, various incidents of, 186–190. days of grace allowed, and legal holidays
Provision by statute in behalf of seamen, in, 206.

statute of limitations in, 295.
of seamen provided by owner, 351.

usury laws of, 311.
Public PROPERTY, retained for contribution,

number of witnesses and acknowledgment

required to deeds of land executed in,
PURPOSE and use of this book (chap. i), 23. 541.

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